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Guizhou Literature website || Visit Zhao Xinggui's Shanwowo Tea garden Zhao Chaolong

Source: Guizhou Literature Network Author: Founder Date: 2022-08-05    

    Perhaps because of my love of tea, I have always had great respect for the tea garden, whether it is environmental selection, planting, management, picking and processing,Even soaking, tasting, are careful to live,Not without respect。I once wrote an essay entitled "Tea makes good mountains and good water", which said that four conditions must be met when drinking tea,If these four conditions are missing,Even the best tea in the world is tasteless。In my opinion, tea makes good landscapes, good tea, good mountains, good water and good mood, are the four conditions that must be met when drinking tea, and none is indispensable,Only with these four conditions, when drinking tea will be delicious。

                      image.png                                          The picture shows local farmers making green tea                                        


    Today I'm not talking about drinking tea, but the growing environment of fine tea。

    Last summer and autumn, when I was staying in my hometown, many villagers told me about the tea fields of those mountain dens in Gaofeng Village, saying that the white tea and green tea produced in those mountain dens is really exciting and delicious, and advised me to take time to have a look。I know what they are talking about is Zhao Xinggui, Huang Chaohua's tea garden, in my memory,Gao Feng is Lijiapo where I used to cut wood when I was a child,To cut wood, you have to go to places twenty or thirty miles away, either to Li Jiabo, or to Sijiao Mountain, or to Miao Ba, or to Hanpo Ling,But I went to the most is Lijiapo, where the mountains are large, mountains set mountains,The forest is deep and there is more wood, and the choice of chopping wood is larger。Barren, barren!It is the image of Lijiapo Mountain Farm left to me when I was a child。Excellent tea plantations can be cultivated in those hills?My mind is full of doubts, and though my ears are listening, my heart is not。


The picture shows Zhao Xinggui processing plant white tea


    From people's mouths,I know that Zhao Xinggui and Huang Chaohua's tea gardens were established through the form of companies and farmers,The mountain beam is located in Sinan County Guanzhong Ba office Yingshan village and Sunjiaba town high peak village junction, there are hundreds of sizes of mountains, there are nearly 10,000 mu of mountain caves。

    Until I left my hometown last October, I did not put it into action, and naturally forgot it after returning to Guiyang。

    Tell the truth,I have visited many famous tea gardens, such as Longjing Mountain Tea Garden in Hangzhou, Bo-er Mountain Tea Garden in Yunnan, Puan Tea Garden, Meitan Tea Garden, Fenggang Tea Garden, Shiqian Tea Garden, etc. I really do not believe that the hundreds of mountain dens in Gao Feng can cultivate high-quality tea gardens?



The picture shows green tea of Zhao Xinggui processing plant

    今年6The middle of month,I went back to my hometown because of the compilation of the novella "Folk Ballads" and the creation of a novel,From the second day back home,People came to the old house one after another,He told me about Zhao Xinggui and Huang Chaohua's tea garden in the mountains,Persuaded me to make time for a walk,Or you'll regret it.。So I had the idea of going to Lijiapo to see those hills。



    720sundown,I called my cousin Zhao Chaoquan, who taught in Shaojiaqiao Middle School, and invited him to visit Zhao Xinggui and Huang Chaohua's tea garden,Cousin gladly invited,Said he'd pick me up in the morning。

    721Sunday morning,Four of us drove to Zhao Xinggui and Huang Chaohua's tea garden,I really do not believe that those barren and maggot-free mountain huts of the past can provide a good tea garden。

   My cousin says there are four ways to the tea garden,One is to walk the archway,The second is to walk the stone gate,Then go to Liu Jiazhai,Fourth, walk the temple dam, walk the archway closer,The other three roads are longer,But there's a little more to see。最后,The cousin chose to walk the archway, and he said he had walked this road before,riper。



    This is a winding mountain road, twists and turns, turns and turns, we in the shade of the appropriate mountain fog through, a bend and a turn all let people haveSuspected before no road, dark willow and bright flowersSense of。

    My cousin said that this was a mountain road that was more than twenty-four turns, and in these mountain dens, mountain fog covered them every day。sometimes,The fog was so thick that you could only see a few meters,Just turn on the headlights,Eyes and not more than ten meters, hit this mountain fog,The car can only crawl with its horn,With great care,Not take one's eyes off。

    According to my cousin, the fog gradually receded to the top of the mountain around 8 or 9 o 'clock every day,Around seven or eight o 'clock in the afternoon, he came out of those hilltop huts,It's all over the mountains。

    I took out my phone.,I looked at the time,It was exactly 9:03,Strange to say,The mountain fog gradually lightened up,Slowly back up the hill。Without the fog, our car was completely exposed to the bright sunlight。



    My cousin said that the difference between the season at the foot of the mountain and the huts on the top was one to two months,Same peach plum,It's May at the foot of the mountain,They don't eat at the top until June or July,Some crops stay up all night。

    From the face of my cousin,I read about the mystery of those hilltop caves in his heart。

    Perhaps it is the reason that there are many mountain switch junctions, and the cousin who is familiar with the route eventually took the switch and went around a few mountain dens before returning to the route we are going to。After returning to the right road, my cousin was relieved and blushed a little embarrassed to say that after a long time, there were too many forks, and some could not remember the route。

    It's not unusual to take a wrong turn。I smiled and said。Cousin nodded, did not say anything, more attentively drive。

    We passed through the mountains, the window full of mountains and mountains of green, let the human eye happy。

    At about eleven o 'clock, we came to a half-new wooden house, cousin said Zhao Xinggui lived in this house, parked the car in the courtyard dam, opened the door, a cool breeze hit, it was really cool。I got out of the car and went into the house, and what I saw was a house of fertilizer, tools, etc., which were used for the tea garden。Of course, what interests me most is a small piece of green bean field beside the courtyard dam, and the tender green beans tease my appetite。At the foot of the mountain, the green beans ended as early as a month ago, and the fruit is now hanging here, which has to let me sigh the difference in the climate of the mountain and the mountain。



    The man who did the work at the top of the house saw us and came over to tell us that the green beans were planted by the boss of Zhao Xinggui and began to knot, and told us that the boss of Zhao Xinggui went to the nearby tea field and asked us to call Zhao Xinggui。

    After his cousin called Zhao Xinggui, a short time later, Zhao Xinggui rode a motorcycle to come and asked me whether to have lunch first or to see the tea garden first, I said to visit the tea garden first。Let's have a look at some tea gardens nearby.So, we went to the nearby tea garden under the sun。

    From the swarthy face of Zhao Xinggui, I read that he was industrious, simple and shrewd. He grew up on the bank of the Wujiang River,As a soldier, learned medicine, and finally graduated from Zunyi Medical College, for his hometown, he gave up the opportunity to work outside, after returning to his hometown, he has served as the SLATE beach village branch secretary, Zhaojiaba village director, as the size of the village cadres for a total of 16 years。Built the SLATE Tan village branch two committees office building, built the village group road, led the hometown of the old folks out of poverty and get rich。Later, in order to develop the industry, in order to let the villagers completely eradicate poverty, he and Huang Chaohua put up capital, through the land transfer, let farmers buy shares in the land, set up a company, and built a tea garden in Gaofeng Village, in order to radiate the surrounding villages and common prosperity。

    At present, the tea garden has developed to more than 1,000 mu, and solved nearly 100 people's employment。



    From the mouth of my cousin, I also learned about Zhao Xinggui's ten thousand mu tea garden plan, which is Zhao Xinggui's ideal and pursuit。He said, life in the world, always do something for the people, what he has to do, is to take the high peak village as the center, radiation Miaoba, Shimenkan, Qinggang dam, Yangjiadu, Liujiazhai, Zhaojiaba, Lijiapo, Bijia Mountain in the mountain of the mountain caves, all built into high-quality tea gardens, to benefit this piece of yellow land。

    Following Zhao Xinggui, we visited more than a dozen shanty houses, including SAN Tai Shan, Lei Temple, Wong Yan Tou, So Jia Au, Luk Jia, Zhaishang, Ban Shui Shui, Bai Ying Shan, Shau Kei Wan, Si Kou Yan, Kun Shan, Triangulus Tree, Eight Feet, Ying Shan Hong and so on,A big mountain is a small mountain,There are even a few or a dozen small mountain dens in a mountain den,It gives people a kind of surprise and pleasure。

    The memories of childhood become clearer and clearer。



    The desolation of the past is gone,The hills were transformed into vibrant tea fields。In addition, every piece of tea is hidden in the green mountains, the sun and moon,Mountain mist wreathed, flow green dripping green, a clear fresh。

    Here, each piece of tea land is surrounded by green mountains, mountain mist, trees, four hours of climate, can be said to be not thick not light, not fast not slow, not hot not cold, high altitude, long sunshine, long fog cover, suitable for the growth of tea,It is the most ideal living environment for superior tea garden。

    Here, the mountain, trees, tea dissolve into one, the mountain Suckling tree, tea, tree, tea and moisten the mountain, the mountain green, green, complement each other, in the light and thick appropriate fog embellishment, flowing color, the essence of heaven and earth sun and moon。



    In such a realm, the tea garden does not want to be excellent。

    I marveled at Zhao Xinggui's vision毒辣Choose such an environment to serve tea gardens, accounting for the right time, geographical and human。

    The head of the sun, foot on the sun, bathed in the cool breeze, we a group of people in the flow of green dripping green forest path forward, two or three hours down, no one actually sweat。

    The sun is strong but not spicy, the sun is bright but not hot, the wind from the green between blowing, cool and faint, refreshing and refreshing, let me really experience a mountain nest of mild sunshine and cool breeze。

    Along the way, our group of people tut-tut praise, can not stop hearing。

    In fact, pieces of tea fields may not be able to serve high-quality tea gardens, but the small pieces of Zhao Xinggui and Huang Chaohua's mountain caves must be the most ideal growth environment for high-quality tea。

    Until two o 'clock in the afternoon, under the urging of several phone calls from the rice cook, we were reluctant to say goodbye to the tea garden。



    Came to the farm family for dinner,Paella is already on the table,A woman in her fifties cooked for us,姓杨,Xiaolan,blush,He looks like he's in his 40s,She doesn't look old,Perhaps it is the sake of the mountain years to raise people!Authentic farm food,Makes my eyes light up,But what made my eyes shine even more was a cup of green tea from this age-defying woman,A fragrant smell filled the nostrils.,Long taste,Wake up and be happy。

    I've had a lot of green tea before, but this is the first time I've had such a good tea。

    When I asked where the tea came from, the woman smiled and shyly told me that she had made it herself。She said that their tea making technology is from the boss Zhao Xinggui invited tea master hand to learn, now the village will make green tea, every household drink green tea, at the peak, green tea has become the villagers' daily life and welcome guests, is no longer mysterious。

    The woman who does not show her age also told me that the sisters in the village should take a bath and change their clothes before and after picking tea in the tea garden during the Qingming Festival, and they are not allowed to enter the tea field without taking a bath and changing their clothes, and every day the sun comes out of the mountain with dew, and the dew dries and stops picking。She said they called tea picking tea, with only the tenderest bud from each branch。This bud is used to make Mingqian green tea, and the older ones are used to make Maofeng。




    The woman who did not look old said that now, at the peak, the villagers would sing tea picking songs, and every morning, the mountains and mountains were filled with songs, male and female voices, long and short voices。

    I imagined the sun rising, the mountain mist, the people picking tea in the tea fields, and the joy with which they were filled。

    I looked at the smiling old woman and asked her to come to the scene for a few tea songs。

    The old woman gladly agreed. She drank her tea, cleared her throat, opened her throat, and sang joyfully:

    In March the partridge travels all over the mountains,

    The Wujiang River is green and faint in April,

    Picking tea sisters Chashan walk,

    The song of tea flies to the white clouds。

    The hare rushes across the slope in the grass,

    The treehead thrush left its nest,

    Wujiang carp jump out of the water,

    Listen to the sister tea picking song。


    Picking tea in spring and pumping tea buds,

    Wind blowing tea tree fragrance。

    Picking tea with a basket in hand,

    Basket after basket。


    The tea-picking girl is always busy,

    Pick tea early in the morning and transplant rice seedlings late,

    Get up early to pick tea dew,

    Late seedling with the moon。

    The sound of singing from behind the hills,

    Every family is jubilant。


    I could not help but cast an approving glance at Zhao Xinggui, the Wujiang man in front of me, who has fundamentally improved the living standards and quality of the peak people。



    Finally, Zhao Xinggui told me with a smile that his ideal is not only this mountain tea garden, three to five years later, he plans to develop the tertiary industry of tea, let the mountain tea into beauty, into health, into food, to benefit the people on both sides of the Wujiang River。

    Yesterday, and glad to hear Zhao Xinggui, Huang Chaohua company tea trademark registration success, name: pot Ling spring。


    I sincerely wish Zhao Xinggui's dream come true!Wish Hu Lingchun out of the mountains and Wujiang as soon as possible!

    Accompanied by her cousin Zhao Chaoquan, Guizhou Literature Network, Ms. Hu from the editorial department of Guizhou Literature, and Ms. Chen, a good friend of Ms. Hu, visited Shanwowo Tea Garden。

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