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Guizhou literature net || those inner empty space (outside three) Long Jinfa

Source: Guizhou Literature Network Author: Founder Date: 2022-04-08    

Those empty Spaces inside

The window opens the enclosed body

You can discover the imaginary clouds

Like an ignorant wind

Always in the old house

Hang around

Make me feel

Plows and harrows that have been used for years

Still there

Even if everything rusts

But the cows that ploughed the fields

Be out of sight

I wonder where it went 


Only the grass he had eaten was still green

Give the slopes back to steep life

Open one's eyes

It was another dream

This is more and more homesickness


Miss in the book

Follow the arrangement of imagery

Words obeyed the command of writing

They're all in the ethics of emotions

Unified deployment, step by step


This amazing background

The poet describes the flower season

Why am I reading it now

I smell the beginning again

The meaning of the vicissitudes of life


A palace long conceived

A hut in the jungle

Built deep in the mountains

Through years of rain and wind

Also bear the suffering of the years


Where my ancestors lived

A growing old lake

Only now hum

The music still beats intoxicating rhythm


Revel in your greetings

The one you don't know

Let me feel more and more

Since I've known you

I got this inexplicable thrill

You smile a little

It brings a lot of happiness


The ones with their hands up

Only I know

You are in my heart

Like a love is brewing


    About the author: Long Jin-fa, a genuine farmer, has been fond of literature since childhood, loves everything presented by nature, and also likes to arrange emotions into dreams with words, so that the so-called sorrow and joy can eat fireworks, has published more than 300 works in various newspapers and periodicals, and is already a member of Xianning Writers Association。



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