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The soul of Women's painting - Guo Jing

Source: Guizhou Literature Network Author: Founder Date: 2021-06-29    

The soul of Women's painting - Guo Jing


Cross the river with red sails



       Thick and faint ink, precipitate the beauty of the world。Between the square inches, it shows faith and love。   

       Guo Jing is good at painting flowers and birds. She uses Zhang Daqian's magnificent artistic personality and the style skills of many famous artists to inherit the artistic essence of Chinese painting and promote the truth, kindness and beauty in life。

       She wrote a tree and grass, spontaneous nature, I forget two things;A flower and a bird, fresh and elegant, full of interest。 

       Peony, graceful and elegant, fresh and tender, is a kind of mood, an emotion, a kind of attachment to the world, extremely upward prosperity and rendering。

       Lotus flowers, or in full bloom or in bud, large lotus, with ink, set off the pure style of lotus mud does not dye, giving people a strong perspective impact。 

       Bamboo bird diagram, dynamic and static combination, both form and spirit。In the meantime, the birds flew happily, and their cries could be heard。  

       Fruit painting, Liao Liao several strokes, will be the grapes of the full fullness of the water spirit of the painting incisively and vividly, that a harvest of joy, that a mature charm, that a mature and look forward to the light shy, light sadness, light lingering in the heart。

       The shrimp she painted is the inheritance of the mantle of the old man Baishi, fresh and agile, transparent, and gives people a pleasant and nourishing enjoyment in the movement。 

       Guo Jing always lets the creatures in her paintings show their individuality, and let the positive qi fuse in the scroll, raising the light of the spirit of all things。