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"Ordinary World" not "ordinary"

Source: Guizhou Literature Network Author: Founder Date: 2021-06-25    

"Ordinary World" no“平凡

 Zhou Xinmin    方越

     Zhou Xinmin:The Ordinary World is a novel written by Lu Yao in the 1980s of last century。The novel is filled with Lu Yao's emotion and talent。这部小说曾获得过茅盾文学奖,在It was adapted into a television series of the same name in the early 1990s。即使Today, nearly three decades after the novel was published, its impact is still huge。This year, Ordinary World has been adapted again with the same title56 episodes of a television series"Was once again popular。In fact, different social groups, especially college students, have given high praise to Ordinary World。Tsinghua University even sends its admission letters to students with a copy of the Ordinary World.。So to speak,中国Contemporary literature史上It's hard to imagine a work that has been as consistent since its publication as Ordinary WorldMaking a lasting impact at all levels of society。Combining the novel Ordinary World with the two TV series of the same name, we will discuss this novel and two TV series, hoping to explore some dynamics of social culture from it。First, let's take a look at what kind of novel is Ordinary World。

    方越:In my opinion, The Ordinary World is a work that exhautes Lu Yao's life。Lu Yao insists on treating the creation with the heart of the world and launching it多部Realistic masterpiece。After the success of his novel Life, Lu Yao could rest easy and enjoy the glory and honor of real life, but he still has a literary dream in his heart, that is, he hopes to complete a novel of one million words before the age of 40。Lu Yao's creationIn The Ordinary World,He seldom enjoyed the leisurely leisure of the morningHis day begins at noonLu Yao will create until two or three in the morning to fall asleep every day, sometimes even until four or five, and it is common to sleep after dawn。In his own words: When life enters the noon, work requires me to be as youthful as the morning sun。Painstaking creation时期Lu Yao often does not eat breakfast, sleeps until noon to wake up to eat steamed bread rice soup, and then begins to read and write。Heavy writing and irregular eating life destroyed his health, which made his novel writing difficult to sustain many times。He had the idea of giving up halfway, but the mission was not complete, and he could not give up。After the first part of the Ordinary World was written, his body was overdrawn;After writing the second part, he was seriously ill and nearly died;The third book is finished, and the hands are finishedChicken feet, with white hair and wrinkles。By the time he wrote "Morning Begins at noon," Lu Yao was already lying in a hospital bed。Finish writing this essayThat yearLu Yao died。令人欣慰的是,在路遥去世前一年,他用青春和生命换来的自己的泣血之作The Ordinary World获得了第三届茅盾文学奖。

Zhou Xinmin: Lu Yao's creation of the Ordinary World is indeed a depletion of the Guanghua of life。It is the pursuit of this spirit that creates the spiritual value of the Ordinary World。This is also an important reason why Ordinary World moves people。Lu Yao devoted his life to creating the spiritual realm of the Ordinary World, which is completely different from the attitude of many writers in literary creation under the background of literature commercialization and literature entertainment。In an era where literature is increasingly regarded as a commodity, Lu Yao is undoubtedly a literary saint。We miss him today, definitely not just because of the Ordinary World, to a large extent, we are moved by the spirit of Lu Yao。Still, "Ordinary World" doesImportant value。Let's talk about Ordinary World now。

Hou Qianhui:From the perspective of the development of literature itself, The Ordinary World embodies the literary proposition of the return of realism。The novel is set in the first decade of China's reform and opening up, through the personal struggles of Sun Shaoan and Sun ShaopingIt shows the difficult progress of all social strata in the historical pace of The Times。所以This novel is a typical masterpiece of realism both in terms of its story content and writing techniques。Realism literature is the mainstream of Chinese contemporary literary thought。In the mid-1980s, with the spread of new literary trends in the West,Writing trends such as "modernism", "magic realism" and "stream of consciousness" have flooded into the Western modernist literature, which has seriously impacted the "exclusive" pattern of realistic literature。Lu Yao still sticks to realism。From the narrative techniques used in the Ordinary World, we can clearly feel this point。In the era of the general ebb of avant-garde literature today, the realistic creation method adhered to in the Ordinary World has become a specific "salvation for writers.And exudes an attractive artistic charm。

Zhou Xinmin:In an era of avant-garde literature trends, Lu Yao insisted on the realistic literary creation method, which was not optimistic from the perspective of the situation at that time。After the publication of the first volume of Ordinary World, the critics gave Lu Yao a low evaluation, which is an important example。But Chinese avant-garde literatureBlindly following the trend of Western literature and breaking away from Chinese literary tradition,Congenital deficiency, after a few years gradually ebb tide。Above allAfter the 1990s, the avant-garde writers Yu Hua, Su Tong and Ge Fei began to turn from the radical avant-garde literary experiment to the realistic literary creation road。The historical scene of avant-garde literature turning,It also shows Lu Yao's outstanding literary vision。In saying this, I am not saying that Lu Yao is wise and realism is correct。It is to show that there was much immaturity in the radical avant-garde literary experiments of the time Lu Yao wrote The Ordinary World。Of course, this issue can be discussed later。We're here today to talk about the Ordinary World, and there's a hidden spiritual flow。That is, in recent years, there has been a look back in the world of thoughtThe ideological trend of the '80s。The "80s" are seen as a time of specific spiritual pursuits。Therefore, I think that people still find The Ordinary World valuable today, and it reflects the social life of the "80s" and the spirit of the time it embodies。

Hou Qianhui:As description80The spirit of The Times embodied in the Ordinary World is also of great value。Especially today, after 30 years of reform and opening up, looking back at the reform style at that time, and the spirit of everyone's struggle and effort in the spring breeze of reform, is a great incentive for our current social construction。The characters in "Ordinary World" have all experienced the era of people's commune, suffering from the torture of poverty, the lack of material conditions and the closed political environment make the peasants not only into material difficulties, but also into spiritual deadlockAfter the implementation of the policy of reform and opening up, the young generation in rural areas, represented by Sun Shaoping and Sun Shaoan, began to have a strong desire to change their fate。They desire to appear as new people and try to transform the world by transforming the fate of the individual。Sun Shaoan inherited the spirit of traditional Chinese farmers, he is hard-working, kind and kind。Because of his poor family, he took on family responsibilities as an older brother early on。He has a strong local characterHe thinks his brother Sun Shaoping into the city struggle behavior, is belong to"Wandering" nature, "wandering" finished or to return to the countryside。In the face of social reform, Sun Shaoan moreApproach this new thing with the awe of a peasant and lead it to the countryside。And Sun Shaoping is different, he read more books than Sun Shaoan, the inner world is bigger than Sun Shaoan, he is not willing to be trapped in the countryside for a lifetime, he wants to embrace the wider world, to feel the breath of modern industrial civilization。因而Even if he is working as a coolie in the city, he also feels that he is realizing his pursuit and ideal, which is stronger than staying in the countryside。In Sun Shaoping and Sun Shao-an's personal struggle, we can feel the spirit of the whole society at that time。Sun Shaoan and Sun Shaoping represent two kindsWay of strugglePassion for struggle,Like a bud coming out of a cocoon, it's reformingIn the spring tideLike the spring breeze, want to absorb all the nutrients to grow。

Zhou Xinmin:Two brothers, Sun Shaoan and Sun Shaoping, representThe poles of traditional and modern Chinese society in the "80s" reflect the changes of Chinese society and the direction of The Times。From the Sun brothers, we can clearly see the changes that are taking place in ancient China。From the two Sun brothers, we also see the traditional and modern life of the "80s", and also see the impact of the two lives。However, from the point of view of the text of the novel, Lu Yao puts more brushstrokes and feelings on Sun Shaoping。It can be said that Sun Shaoping embodies the upward force of China in the 1980s。

The reason why Ordinary World can move people and readers of different ages is also related to the spirit that it contains beyond the specific historical background。

   方越:The reason why Ordinary World has touched so many people is that it shows ordinary peopleIn the difficult life can still maintain a noble spirit and soul, always with a positive attitude to face all sufferingSun Shaoping's experience illustrates this theme better。What Sun Shaoping pursues is a kind of spiritual breakthrough, what he does is to be able to jump out of his limitations, no matter how difficult the conditions are, can not prevent him from pursuing a higher and farther world。At that time, there may be thousands of Sun Shaoping, but there can be a few Sun Shaoping?Sun Shaoping represents an ordinary person's extraordinary life situation, from the beginning to the end, Sun Shaoping has no shining halo, no proud performance但是Sun Shaoping is a man with his own idealsYoung man,Be aA young man of unmatched determination。Many times he encountered the reality of teasing and ridicule, and once felt helpless绝望。但是,None of this really knocked him downSun Shaoping on their own life从来Without hesitation or hesitation, he knew where his life should go。From the image of Sun Shaoping,What Lu Yao wants to convey to us should be such values: whether you are poor or rich, ordinary or brilliant, your life should have the courage to face reality, the fighting spirit to work hard for your own life, and the confidence to add a bright background color to the world。If you are just an ordinary man, then accept this reality, do not listen to the princes,Living in the world, ordinary people can also have a wonderful life。What Lu Yao wants to tell us is,Life is not about how much you get, but whether your heart is fulfilled in the process of striving。

We are reading.The Ordinary WorldWe should also focus on its aesthetic connotation。The Ordinary WorldThere must be a deep reason why it moves millions of readers。Although the protagonists in Lu Yao's works have their own personalities, their unyielding to fate and their desire to change the status quo are common。In the article "The Aesthetic Soul and Contemporary Significance of Lu Yao's Works", Radar summarized:"The strong aesthetic impact in Lu Yao's works comes from three directions: one is the beauty of traditional morality;One is the suffering, the beauty of smelting;One is the beauty of the future of self-realization, which, like three powerful currents, stirs the hearts of countless young readers。First of all, in Lu Yao's works, the traditional culture is very specific. Shuangshui Village advocates the ethical order of father-kindness, filial piety, orderliness, single-mindedness and benevolence。Despite the class struggle, the traditional virtues are as solid as the soil on which the spirit rests。Sun Yuhou is a tenacious, simple and kind-hearted great father image, he has cultivated several excellent children。Here, the traditional culture is very specific, a pair of new shoes for whom to wear first, the brothers push each other;A white bread for who to eat, naturally is left to grandma;Sun Yuhou is waiting for one yuan失主In order to recover money, here is full of integrity and benevolence;Sun Shaoping to protect Hao Hongmei reputation, so persistent...Writing about suffering and the beauty of being smelted in suffering,"Ordinary World" begins with students fetching food in the cafeteria,The bun is divided into "Eurasian and African" three kinds,Ou is steamed bun with white noodles,It's fried chicken with noodles,If it's sorghum noodles...There are wild, rebellious, untamed and restless things in Lu Yao's protagonist,That is the stirrings of individual consciousness,They want to change their fate,Into the future,Give up the old way of life of the fathers。”(雷达:The aesthetic soul and contemporary significance of Lu Yao's works,Jiefang Daily2015327I think in addition to these three kinds of aesthetic impact, the important reason why "Ordinary World" has touched the heartstrings of generations of young strivers is that the protagonist's individual consciousness awakening and self-realization described in the work is undoubtedly the most moving, and this一点It is also the most appealing to today's young people产生Resonant place。

    当下,Ordinary people's family expenditure burden is so big, the future pension prospects are completely unpredictable, how should we quietly face this ordinary life?Not to mention the majority of people from rural areas, who have left their homes to work in coastal cities, can not get the acceptance of the city (household registration), and the living habits of their hometown are gradually far away, how can such people face their ordinary life?Real lifeSun Shaoping"Sure a lot.。In Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Wuhan, countless similarSun ShaopingA young man of that background and pedigree。他们Having received a certain education, they are not willing to repeat the life trajectory of the previous generation, and they are exploring their own road alone。From this perspective,Sun Shaoping is the closest90A figure in the heart of post-youth。Therefore, Sun Shaoping can cause the vast90"After the resonance

   Shaoping's conversation with the aliens, actuallyShaoping's self-salvationIn an almost absurd way, Mr. Lu Yao tells every reader that your life crushed by the ordinary world will always give you an unexpected way out。To borrow the opening sentence"Great life, in whatever form, will endure in the universe."We would like to believe that Lu Yao has a deep meaning when he says this

Zhou Xinmin:正是因为The Ordinary World contains这么Rich spirit要素,才To attract the attention of so many readers。Not long after the publication of Ordinary World,1989年I made a remake of the same name14Episode of the television series。There must be many differences between TV series and novels。Let's talk about it nowThe '89 edition14What are the characteristics of an episodic TV series?

Hou Qianhui:In general, the old TV series generally follows the structure and main plot of the original novel, except for the deletion due to lengthExcept for some of the plot, there is no adaptation of the original。From this point of view, the old TV series actually conveys the basic of the original思想

    Director Pan Xinxin himself summed up the theme of this version of the TV series is"Culture and Labor"。This was also the most common interpretation of the Ordinary World and the ethos of The Times at that time, which believed that labor was the most glorious and people should "live like cattle and contribute like land".。The TV series does not highlight the root causes of poverty and political reform in the novel, but turns to the cultural level, believing that culture is the most fundamental way to change individuals and change the world。This understanding and1990There is a certain relationship between the cultural trend of thought before and after the era。The entire plot layout of the old TV series is based on Sun Yuhou's family, and many side stories that are not related to it are cut out with a broadsword, focusing on Sun Shaoan's hard work spirit and Sun Shaoping's unremitting pursuit of knowledge and culture。

    The old TV series has not reduced the description of the emotional part of Sun Shaoan and Sun Shaoping, but the understanding of emotion is still placed on the cultural level, believing that love is a deep cultural psychology, which is mainly manifested in the external emotion of culture。Therefore, the death of Sun Shaoan and Tian Runye love did not directly investigate the withdrawal of little An himself, but criticized the poor and backward social environment at that time, and this backward cultural atmosphere made the love of two people difficult to accept。Sun Shaoping's emotions are slightly more complex, involving Hao Hongmei, Tian Xiaoxia, Huiying's sister-in-law, but史,The core of this emotion is still because Shaoping is eager for knowledge, and he is a new young man with knowledge, thought and culture. His career and love are culture that changed his fate。

Zhou Xinmin:Hui has some valid points about the old TV series。It's been over 20 years since the original TV series,The social culture has also changed dramatically,The new TV series has become popular again, so what are the differences between the new TV series and the old one?

Hou Qianhui: 2015Since the release of the "Ordinary World", it has attracted applause at the same time, but also caused some doubts。Among them, the biggest criticism is the replacement of the leading role of the male protagonist。In the original and the old TV series, Sun Shaoping and Sun Shaoping are basically equal in status。In the value standpoint, Lu Yao himself more agree with Sun Shaoping。In that era of ideological liberation, in that era of reform and opening up, it can better reflect the spirit of The Times自然It's Sun Shaoping。Although Sun Shaoan also struggled to make his own world in the countryside, most of his progress was formed under the impetus of The Times。Sun Shaoping is different, he is the tide of The Times, under the influence of knowledge, he hopes to take the initiative to grasp his own fate in the process of transformation from the countryside to the city, just like holding the throat of fate, seeking opportunities and space to display his own skills。In the context of that time, this desire to change the status of farmers and become an urban population was generally sought after。Including Lu Yao's own life experience is such但是In the new TV series, this recognition of the value of life is obviouschange了。The new TV series highlights Sun Shaoan's image and makes him a explorer and leader of rural reformHe has the hard work of farmers, but also has the blood of men in northern Shaanxi, more importantly, he inherited the traditional virtues of China and the spirit of innovation。In the new TV series, Sun Shaoan is basically the omnipotent master of Shuangshui Village, he has the courage to lead the villagers out of poverty and get rich in the tide of The Times, and always has a hard to give up the landThis new peasant image is in line with the presentThe "three rural" policy and the path for ordinary people to get rich。So the new TV series not only replaced the protagonist identity of Sun Shaoan and Sun Shaoping, but also shifted some specific plots, the purpose is to set off Sun Shaoan's "able man" image。

Zhou Xinmin:The narrative focus of the new TV series is Sun Shaoan, not Sun Shaoping。This reflects a certain change in the zeitgeist。Lu Yao lived in a time when China embodied a spirit of openness。Sun Shaoping this character image, because of its indomitableThe spirit and practice of "going out" precisely reflect the spirit of The Times。Since the 1990s, the transformation of Chinese culture has taken place. Learning from Chinese traditional culture and looking for the "creative transformation" of Chinese traditional culture has become the consensus of the ideological circle。Therefore, demonstrating the inner vitality of Chinese traditional culture and the power of Chinese traditional culture on the road of modernization has become a new theme of Chinese culture and literature。In this sense, the new TV series reflects the cultural changes of The Times。

    In addition, to highlight that China's reform is under the leadership of the Party"Endogenous" reform, the new TV series specially加重Tian Fujun's drama。We can find that Sun Shaoan's fate and Tian Fujun's fate are linked together,Sun ShaoanThe emotional impetus for reform, including intellectual support, basically came from Tian Fujun。

Hou Qianhui:Indeed, the new TV series focuses heavily on the character of Tian Fujun to promote the theme of reform加强He and Sun Shaoan's ideological correlation, Tian Fujun's policies are Sun Shaoan in the countryside specific implementation。In addition, the new TV series highlightsTian Fujun's foresight and correctness in the background of reform。In the original work and the old TV series, Tian Fujun and other political figures are rarely involved, and they are usually dealt with in the way of summarizing their images。In order to highlight Tian Fujun's political image, the new TV series added a lot of scenes in the specific performance, such as he led Secretary Qiao to personally inspect the countryside, he implemented the group production responsibility contract system, and commanded the flood fight risk。

Zhou Xinmin:The new TV series really stands outThe characteristics of the "times"。It runs through such a main line of thought: Under the correct leadership of the Communist Party of China, earth-shaking changes have taken place in rural China。This ideological thread means that the leader of China's reform and opening up is the Communist Party of China, and the ideological resource is traditional Chinese culture。Therefore, China's socialist modernization road has a strong "Chinese characteristics.。Around this deep theme,The new TV series also has its own considerations in casting characters。

   Hou Qianhui:There are a lot of characters in the original and the old TV series, there are more than 100 characters, but in the new TV series, the director has made great changes in the character arrangement。The most typical characters are Run Sheng and Jin Bo。In the original inside Jin Bo Sun Shaoping is a very important partner, he is not only less flat classmate but also less flat confidant, gave a lot of help along the way, and Jin Bo home that is father Jin Junhai and sister Jin show are Sun family relationship is very good family。However, in the new TV series inside, there is no Jin Bo and Jin Junhai these two characters, the whole plot of Jin Bo was grafted to Tian Runsheng, Tian Runsheng and Sun Shaoping became good friends, Jin Bo to Sun Shaoping all help has become the help of Runsheng。This is arguably the biggest change to the characters in the new TV series。This change is to highlight the generation friendship between Tian Futang family and Sun Yuhou family, and concentrate all the love on Tian Futang family。The new TV series has also cut the character of Tian Fujun's father-in-law, Uncle Xu。Xu's interference in Runye's marriage is also grafted onto Xu Aiyun's body, and the new TV series has made a great change to Xu Aiyun's character, Xu Aiyun has become a little woman who pursues fame and gain, and finally arranges its corruption plot。In addition, the new TV series does not describe the love between Sun Yuting's daughter and Jin Qiang。The changes in these characters are actually to set off Sun Shaoan, Sun Shaoping, Tian Fujun these three core characters, as far as possible all the plot is linked to these three characters。

    方越:Let me fill in some of the problems with the new TV series。Maybe the original is too muchFamous, causing the writers to be afraid, in order to"Respect the original", from time to time to pick a few paragraphs of the original recite, it is inevitable that people think of the previous extremely failed "New Red Building", after all, TV series and novels are different。TV shows rely on pictures to tell a story。Anyone who has read "Morning Begins at Noon" knows that in order to write this book, Lu Yao collected newspapers of that era and studied various policy changes, in order to present the fate of the small people under the changes of The Times。Many of the characters' actions are closely related to the policy situation at the time是,For the 80's and 90's, it is a little strange。Using voice-over subtitles and other ways to introduce changes in the background of various times may be better than reading the original text like this。

The new TV series also has plot changes that are inappropriate。For example, the character of Tian Fujun, Runye little An matter and he does not matter, but the play is dealt with as he wants to let Runye and Li Xiangqian marry, and the reason is to keep his official position。Tian Fujun is one of the few in the novelGao WeizhengImage, he is generous and forbearance, even if there is a career downturn later, but also open, soTo have a daughter like Tian Xiaoxia。我想Even if we want to prolong the drama and create a conflict, we shouldn't put it on him。Sun Shaoan married one hundred yuan was originally given by the gold family, also in the Fu army, became a kind of money to buy comfort play, there is not proper。像Hou QianhuiTalking about Kimber's part transferThe changes are also large, and the biggest problem is to change and supplement the original content。Change refers to the transfer of the things that happened in a to B, such as the blast mountain is the original thing that happened in Tian Futang, Lu Yao with this thing to show"Learning from Dazhai Movement" is impractical, but the director put it on Sun Shaoan, which caused the dislocation between the characters' plots and greatly affected the character's original character。The arbitrary addition of plots is also a mistake in the direction of the Ordinary WorldIn the novel, Shuangshui village fights for water"Open dam" time, Sun Shaoan is Shanxi blind date, not in the village at all, butIn order to enhance the drama, the scriptwriter made Sun Shaoan appear in Shuangshui Village at that time, and let him negotiate with the people in the neighboring village in an extreme way, which was intended to enhance the drama plot, butIt doesn't fit the plot of the original show

Zhou Xinmin:From the publication of the novel, "Ordinary World" has been adapted into a TV series twice, and has been popular。Almost 30 years have passed since the publication of the novel Ordinary World, and great changes have taken place in Chinese society and culture. What remains unchanged is that the charm of this novel has not disappeared。I think, the novel "Ordinary World" must have its unique charm。You act asThe post-90s generation must have their own ideas。

方越:I think this novel conveys to us young people such a belief that you can change your destiny through struggle。奋斗Change one's fateThe view of,It is very able to touch the young people of the moment, it is like a chicken soup for the soul of the individual struggler。Many of my friends of the same age, when talking about the influence of Lu Yao's novel on them, will mention the spiritual strength and comfort it gave them。Apply to usAccording to the post-90s generation, "Ordinary World" belongs to the "healing" novelAlthough Lu Yao writes about suffering, he carries a poetic and bright vision, which is exactly where "Ordinary World" can touch the young people of today。"All works that circulate spontaneously among the people, whether they are classical operas, Balzac novels, realistic novels, or even martial arts or romantic dramas, have a set of inspiring things.。Struggle to change the fate, to the popular meaning of success, this is the eternal theme。Shao Yanjun: "The Ordinary World" : Sober realism is valuable,Wen Hui BaoMarch 9, 2015)We should also see that readers' general acceptance of the work reflects, on the one hand, the psychology of young readers who are still struggling on the road of life to seek understanding and comfort, reflecting the era and society's indifference to them, and at the same timeIt also reflects the lack of clear spiritual construction of our generation of young people, and more unrealistic fantasies about life。The message of "Ordinary World" is that no matter what era, anyone should respect the workers who create life with their hands, and no one can rely on unrealistic fantasies and speculation to realize their dreams。Today's young people no matter what society, what level, we need to use their own hands to create their own life。"Ordinary World" proves that simple realism has eternal vitality, as long as we have the heart, we will always be moved by simple and kind idealism, pure love and passion,However, when most people move forward in the interest, after passing a stage, people will naturally look back and dig out the sincere and warm connotation and value in the Ordinary World。

Hou Qianhui:In fact, the reason why "Ordinary World" has been loved by readers in every era and has wide attention is very important, is that "Ordinary World" has built a highly common emotional community among temple culture, the folk world and intellectualsThis statement is Nie Wei in201541I agree with this point of view, and think it is a very accurate summary of the Ordinary World in every era of the reason why it can get wide attention。The Ordinary World itself is a large structure of the folk world, and Sun Shaoan, Sun Shaoping and Tian Fujun represent the three cultural forms of folk, intellectuals and temples respectively。Sun is a born and bred realist,His cultural form is the survival philosophy facing the loess and turning the back to the sky;Sun Shaoan has changed into a romantic with rich ideals because of the baptism of knowledge,He is the image of an intellectual from a poor family;Tian Fujun threw himself into officialdom,Focus on improving people's well-being,To solve the most urgent problem of food and clothing for farmers,Strive to be the vanguard of reform。Although these three represent different cultural forms, they are reflected in a harmonious and unified way in the novel Ordinary World。For example, Tian Fujun was in a high position, but he had deep feelings for the countryside. He helped and encouraged rural activists like Sun Shaoan on land policy from time to time, and also placed high hopes on ideal young people like Sun Shaoping。The emotional community built by these three was called the spirit of the reform era in the 1980s, and it can be called the "Chinese dream" today, which is also one of our most fashionable words。The meaning of the "Chinese dream" is to realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. In the Ordinary World, we feel the early stage of reformThe vigorous passion for courage and active struggle, and the social rationality that dares to try and take responsibilityWhether it is the Sun brothers or Tian Fujun, we can all feel this。This passion for struggle and social rationality have a strong transmission ability, and it is not only the youth of the 1980sThe "Chinese Dream" also continues to this dayChinese youthThe "Chinese Dream"。Readers' perception of "The Ordinary World" is often "we have to struggle like a little Ann, love like a leaf.。This shows that the spirit conveyed in the novel continues to play a value today。Especially for the current grassroots class, the common class, "Ordinary World" let everyone regain the power and energy of struggle。Since the reform and opening up, China's modernization process has changed from the past, but at the same time, it has also brought some negative effects. Young people began to doubt the meaning of struggle in the face of cruel social competition, the gap between the rich and the poor in the society has made people increasingly disappointed, and the unbalanced social structure has also eroded the value of labor。The "Chinese dream" pursued in "Ordinary World" has rekindled people's passion and desire at the beginning of the last century's reform。The imaginary community continued in the novel is beyond time and times, and it affirms the ordinaryThe preaching of ideals continues to have value today。

  Zhou Xinmin: The classic charm has the magic power beyond time and space。I believe that with the passage of time, Ordinary World will continue to exude the charm of thought and art