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Great migration of happiness

Source: Guizhou Literature Network Author: Founder Date: 2021-06-20    

Great migration of happiness


Liang Zujiang


     "Moved in the same night!"

  "At first, we didn't have a house, but we got married on a trip. Now we not only have a new house, but we do business on the rental front.

  "Moving here is much better than staying at home, at least it is convenient for the children to go to school!"

  "The health care is good!See minor illness, downstairs is the clinic;Treatment of serious diseases, to the town and the county are not far, the traffic is also very convenient。”


  In August of the year of Gengzi, Sinan land on the bank of the Wujiang River, everywhere the fragrance of melons and fruits, is the time when the grain yellow rice is ripe。Bathing in the warm sunshine, the author has walked into the ancient town Tangtou Qishan community, the new city Shuangtang street Lijing community, the immigration town of Sandao water Township Binjiang New Street and other poverty alleviation relocation points, heard and witnessed the new life of the relocated masses。

  "To tell the truth, when I started planning the relocation, I really didn't know because the scope was too wide and there were too many people.Now it seems that not only many of them have moved out, but also the vast majority of them have embarked on the road to prosperity, and the original worries are unnecessary。In the face of the relocation of the masses from the once a party of soil and water can not live a person, to this step to live in a new house, fast to live a good life, the accompanying head of the immigration department is full of joy。

  Sinan land poverty alleviation relocation scope is how wide?全县28个乡(Town, street)Nothing is involved;2230.5Square kilometers of land, regardless of north and south, regardless of east and west, regardless of distance;70More than 10,000 people do not care about the old, the young, the sick and the disabled。

  The number of its relocation is how many?According to the relevant departments,Since the "13th Five-Year Plan", Sinan has been relocated by running downtown, to the county seat, Shangji town, and into the community39431People, among them the poor34603People, exceed the "13th Five-Year Plan" task141People, not poor people4828人。"That's not a small amount。全县28个乡(Town, street)Many of them have less than a total population3万。That is to say, in recent years, the county's resettlement of poverty alleviation has moved away a small town。Wang Yuanbo, director of the county ecological Immigration Bureau, sighed。

  According to reports, in order to achieve should be moved to move, to ensure that a household does not leak, a lot, Sinan followThe principle of "not moving, not moving" fully respects the will of the masses, actively strives for the support of superiors, and adheres to the path of combining cross-regional placement with county placement, effectively solving the problem of "moving out"。其中,500623262People moved across the county to Wanshan Wangjia community, Longsheng community, Longdu community, Heping small district to achieve far away, life butterfly change。

  From Tianqiao Township Nanshan village moved to Wangjia garden of An Jingxu family, father and son to start a business, build daily necessities supermarket, open barber shop, business is booming, the day over more comfortable。"The conditions in my hometown are not good, I can't sleep, and now I sleep until dawn!"Years ago, because of the need to produce a special film on poverty alleviation, the author walked into An Jingxu's home。In the interview, talking about the changes in life, the whole family said a laugh, almost happy。

  Every household is at ease, everyone is at ease。In addition to the cross-regional happy migration, Sinan is still in the county12Scientific and rational planning of towns and counties13A resettlement point, cumulative ushered in370616169A man can pick up a bag and move in.。

"It is said that everything is difficult at the beginning, but for the relocation of poverty alleviation in easy places, because most of the masses have poor family background, low cultural quality, and outdated ideas, how to let them move out and still be able to 'stabilize' and 'get rich', which is the most difficult part of the work?。The person in charge of the county's poverty alleviation department introduced,In recent years,Sinan focuses on doing a good job in poverty alleviation relocation "the latter half of the article",Mobilize the whole county,Unite all the forces that can be united,Pour out all one's heart,From planning relocation to follow-up support,From ideas to practical actions,Always use the "hard index" of cadres in exchange for the "happiness index" of the relocated masses。


Pull out poor roots and leave homesickness behind

  "I dreamed of having a house of my own, and now I finally have!"In Qishan community, Li Changbo and Peng Shunqin, who come from Siheba Village, Tangtou Town, talked about the relocation of poverty alleviation in easy areas, and both kept praising the Party's good policy。


  Words come out for a reason。Li Changbocai3His father died when he was only a few years old。Living with his mother,12He's been away from home since he was a boy。Because there is no housing,2010When they got married, they had to travel。And because there is no housing, married10For years, Peng Shunqin never visited her husband's hometown。

  This poor young couple, but very smart。After the relocation, we rented a facade in the community and built a daily necessities supermarket。"Although this is a small business, but through small profits and high sales, the daily gross income can be thousands of yuan, and the net profit is hundreds of it!"Peng Shunqin did not conceal their own not small income account。

  In the Qishan community, many relocated people are like this couple, or self-employed, or into the factory, or to the agricultural park to do farm work, have embarked on a new road to wealth。"After the outbreak of the epidemic, the villagers could not go out, so we organized everyone to work in the vineyard on the banner, which can also be considered as' seizing back the delayed time 'and' making up for the losses suffered '."。Community secretary Tian Rujiang introduced, "Only during the epidemic prevention and control period, the vineyard will use workers.3000Multiple, equivalent to30A worker. Everyone's done100Days, the cumulative payment of workers30More than RMB yuan。”

  Qishan Community Resettlement Project works in2016Construction starts in the year, covers an area200Mu, total investment1.5$100 million, building houses30464套。The community places from Tangtou, Sandao water, Wenjia shop and so on21country-specific194869人。"Although they come from all directions, far and near, but here near the mountains and rivers, the eyes are full of pastoral scenery, and near the ancient town, everywhere is suitable for agriculture and business.。It can be said that although the relocated people have left their native land, their homesickness is still there。"Tian Rujiang said。

  Walking through the community residential area, the author saw that all roads are flat and wide, rows of trees shade the sun, and the buildings are scattered, the white walls and the green roofs appear particularly dazzling in the sun。Near the community, small bridge water, willow Yiyi, fields and fields, a good new rural pleasant scene。

  The resettlement site, also eye-catching"Micro countryside"。The project is located next to a residential area40The remaining mu, moving households are shared by drawing lots60The remaining square meters of vegetable land, only need to pay annually50Yuan rent, you can grow fruits and vegetables here to meet the needs of daily life。

  Qiu Weijin from Hongsha Village in Tangtou Town is one of themBeneficiaries of "micropastoral"。It was the autumn planting season, and his wife, Chen Xia Mei, was tilting the soil in the chili fields。When I went home, I also picked a few apricots, and on the dinner table, I had this plate of fresh vegetables。"Living here, sending children to school is no longer a sojourner, there is work to do, and you can grow your own vegetables, you don't need to spend money to buy, it is really comfortable!"Talking about her new life now, Chen Xia Mei smiled。

  Behind the smile, the young woman's suffering for many years was hidden。The old house of Qiu Weijin's family has been uninhabitable for many years because of disrepair and dilapidated conditions after marriage。Especially recently7In order to send children to study, Chen Xia Mei has been living in her husband's home, and even did not return to their hometown。For a period of time, in order to solve the housing problem, she tried to build a "side water" next to her husband's house, but eventually because it is located in the market town, no one can build disorderly, and its heart's "housing dream" had to come to nothing。

  In Sinan, through the resettlement of poverty alleviation, the masses have solved the problem of homeless, but also to see the mountain, see the water, remember the nostalgia in the traditional farming, Qishan community is not a case in point。According to reports, in the resettlement work of poverty alleviation in easy areas, Sinan pays attention to planning first, highlighting the industry orientation, where there is an industry to relocate to, where the industry will be developed。

  Even the masses who moved to the Lijing community in the new urban area can now walk into the fertile soil, work at sunrise, rest at sunset, spring planting and autumn harvest, spring blossom and autumn fruit。By practice"Enclave economy", the community set up a trade union pioneer park, built in the nearby rented land200Many acres of oil peony base。"Most of the relocated people are restless and want to work on the land。The development of agricultural industry not only solves their employment problems, but also satisfies their psychological needs。"Lijing community Party secretary, trade union chairman but Sifei said。

You develop, I get rich

  "It looks like a small gadget, but the monthly income of the workers can be reached3000Diversity!"Speaking, "Yang Lao do" insisted on showing the factory payroll。A closer look shows that there are quite a few well-paid employees in the dense list。

  The one before me"Yang Boss", named Yang Fei, native native people, although young, but many years of running around after the grind。In the past few years, he has started his own business in many places inside and outside the county。Targeting opportunities for poverty alleviation and relocation in inhospitable areas,2017In the same year, he also built a Feijie toy processing factory in Binjiang New Street, Sandao Water Township, a resettlement point for poverty alleviation。

  20Many years ago, because of the implementation of the Wujiang cascade development and construction of Silin Power Station, it suddenly became the three water towns of the migration town, and whether the newly built poverty alleviation relocation point can allow the masses to move, stabilize and get rich has always been the focus of local society。

  "These houses are all 'river view rooms', there is no need to worry about parting!"Three water township immigration station Luo Hengyu said, a total area17.8Three mu of water township new street resettlement site, soon installed168800People, its own market town bustling street, every seam market day, but see shops, crowds surging。

  The author saw on the spot that the resettlement site is surrounded by water on three sides, in front of the primary school, and behind the government, the houses have eaves and crooked corners, the door faces the green mountains, there are fishing boats under the river wind, and the environment is pleasant。"The arrival of the relocation of the masses, the popularity of the entire market town is more prosperous, and the former immigrant town has become today's business town.。"Township Youth League Committee secretary Liu Wenbin said。

  For the relocated people, what they intuitively feel is the development dividend and living convenience they have obtained。From the east to the west of Wujiang River, Yang Zhaoju from Baiyang Village, Sandao Water Township, was the first to move into the new street。Today, he can not only return to his hometown at any time to do farm work, but also serve as the leader of the new street group and the chief of the building, and receive a lot of subsidies every month。

  Strong popularity breeds business opportunities, and surplus labor is the market。Yang Fei is optimistic about business opportunities, and the relocation of the masses will enjoy nearby employment。Among the dozens of workers in the Feijie toy factory, Wu Wenxiang, an old man from Hexin Village in Sandao Water Township, stands out。Even though this year64I am still busy with my hands in front of the machine tool。

  "Working here is easy, and you can take good grandchildren, and your son can work outside at ease.。Wu Wenxiang said that because his daughter-in-law is disabled, if he still stays in the remote hometown, the children will follow the adults to suffer and never walk out of the mountain。

  The children who go out from the mountains are especially nostalgic for their homeland。Three water towns"Chunhui messenger" Zhang Cheng after the success of entrepreneurship, return home investment6000More than 10,000 yuan to build an annual output value of hundreds of millions of yuan of "Chen potato" sweet potato processing plant, so that local specialties into "fragrant cake", to promote the rise of the county's characteristic industries, but also led to poverty alleviation relocation of nearby employment。

  今年36Three years old water township Hexin village Xu Xiaoyan, because the home traffic is inconvenient, children go to school far, marriage for many years has been at home to take care of children。After moving to the new street, she not only sent her children to the Sandaosui Primary school, just a step away from the new residence, but also became a plumber in the "Chen Potato" sweet potato sub-processing plant, with management wages, diploma subsidies, performance rewards, and a monthly income as high as4000Around yuan。"Young people like me, who have never done farm work, really can't do anything in their hometown.。"Xu Xiaoyan said。

  Some people know management, some people know technology。Wang Xiaojun, a young man from Baiyang Village, Sandao Water Township, moved to the new street after his mother was in poor health and needed to be taken care of"Chen potato" sweet potato processing plant dry machine repair, monthly income is not less3000元。"Businesses need us and we need business support," he said. "It's a win-win situation。”

  The talent pool is abundant"Chen Potato" sweet potato processing plant, just a few years has grown into Guizhou Jialijia Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. to become a municipal leading enterpriseGMPStandard building15000Square meters, the introduction of domestic advanced production and processing equipment8Set, can be processed daily fresh sweet potatoes600Tons, production of all kinds of sweet potato fans()、粉饼17Tons of products have been developed10Multiple, formed from sweet potato selection, planting, starch processing, production of vermicelli(条、饼)Product development, sales, potato residue drying and utilization industry chain。Its production of "old potato" brand sweet potato powder, has been2019It was recommended as the Chinese brand Forum "One county, One product" brand construction and development Forum and the classic case selection of brand strong counties。

  So far, through“企业+基地+Farmers "model, Sinan" old potato "drive farmers10320Many households, including poor households3600Multiple households, all households increase income5000More than RMB。Promote employment of poor households56People, per capita monthly wage3000More than RMB。

  The countryside is developing and the city is changing。Now the traffic, bustling Sinan new city double pond gradually into"Canyon market" big article, and it is bound to be the heavy ink of easy poverty alleviation relocation。One of them, the Lijing community, is housing people from all over the county2000多户8000Mass relocation。"At the beginning, people were always worried that the small town of riverside would develop into a medium-sized city, and there would be a lack of flow of people, but now everyone has moved in, and it has proved that everything is possible.。"But Sifei said。

  Where there are people, there will be jobs, and people with dreams will have a future。Into the new town of Shuangtang, I saw a factory building up, shoe factories, clothing factories, tea processing plants and other enterprises in succession。According to Zhang Yufang, head of the Lijing Community Employment Office, only within the community, it provides a facade for the relocation of households13At the same time, it is also developing stalls in the new farmers market80个。

  Wen Zuhu from Zhongshan village, Zhangjiazhai Town, rented a shop in the community to open a barber shop, while starting his own business, but also solve2Famous youth employment。Xie Xiaobin, an employee who is busy washing hair for customers, said: "At the beginning, everyone was worried about not getting on the road to the city, but I did not think that although the world in the city is small, the way of development is indeed much wider than the countryside.。”

New citizens, new life

  It's 5:00 p.m., Posh View neighborhood"4:30" in the mobile classroom is silent, the students are sitting in the chair carefully finishing the day's homework。In the room, two young teachers went to the students' desks from time to time, watched their writing and answering, and gave guidance patiently when they had questions。

  These students are all the children of the moved families。Their parents and guardians are illiterate or have gone to work in factories。Here, they feel just like at home, feeling the warmth and love of teachers and parents。Huang Xiaofang, from Bazhu Village, Silin Township, has been working outside for a long time, and her two children have to be entrusted to the care of their grandparents。After moving to Lijing community, her children came to the mobile class。"Here we are at ease, what is at ease。Standing in front of the door looking through the glass window, I saw the child concentrate on homework under the supervision of the teacher, Huang Xiaofang was very happy。

  Two of the counselors here are actually Western Service volunteers。The woman in the green coat is called Chen Meixuan。According to her, since2018Since the mobile classroom was built in 2000, 40 to 50 students often gather here to study after school every day。Especially in the winter and summer holidays, the teenagers in the community come here to listen to lectures and engage in learning, no longer like staying in the mountains all day idle, or even naughty, wasting a good time。"It can be seen that most of these children were not supervised and were in special need of care and love。And that's what we're giving them now。Chen Meixuan admitted。

  Care for young people, open"4:30" mobile class, to promote the healthy growth of young people's physical and mental health, thrive, is a microcosm of Sinan Youth League County Committee, county women's Federation and other departments to provide warm services, so that the relocation of the masses to live a new life of citizens。

  community"Warm Heart Big Sister" service room, a book with "boss deduct wages for no reason, warm heart big sister to help" red banner, particularly eye-catching。This banner was sent by Zhang Mingfeng, who helped the poor to relocate。During the National Day this year, she worked in a factory, because of the dispute with the factory about asking for leave, the boss withheld part of the salary。In the end, under the mediation of "warm heart elder sister", he finally got all his wages and safeguarded his due rights。

  so-called"Warm heart elder sister", is the county women's federation set up the relocation of the masses of contradictions and disputes mediator, they are eloquent lesbian comrades, but also poverty alleviation in the resettlement of households。Meng Tianmin, from Sunyan village in Daheba Town, is one of them。Don't look at her thin, speak and do things but "have two brushes"。Up to now, she has personally successfully mediated the relocation of contradictions and disputes have been close50起。"As long as there is a conflict in the community, especially between husband and wife, even in the middle of the night, we will come forward in time to dissuade mediation.。"Meng Tianmin said。

  Let others live a comfortable life at the same time, they also catch up with a good day, live a new life。Through the public welfare post of community development, Meng Tianmin became a member of the community Party committee and received monthly subsidies1200元。She said with deep feelings: "The children are older, have found something to do, her husband is also outside to work at ease, I have this thing to do in the community, the family is no longer facing the loess with the back in the sky, this is the life that I look forward to living for many years.。”

  In Lijing community, fitness room and library are also a clear sign of the relocation of people to live a new life as citizens。The author saw that in the spacious fitness room, all kinds of equipment are available;In the bright library, on the tall shelves, all kinds of books are dazzling。"In my spare time, I can go here to exercise and read books, and there is no difference between city people.。After caring about the children's learning in the mobile classroom, Huang Xiaofang went into the community's fitness room and library。

  Get into the city, change your life。In the square dance has become fashionable today, the people of Sinan's poverty alleviation relocation points have walked to the square, singing and dancing, and opened a new life journey。At the beginning of the lantern, the square of the Lijing community gathered men, women and children, and they stood in rows, dancing with the beautiful music, very happy。

  Zhao was last year6Month from Sunjiaba town double red village moved to Lijing community, singing and dancing has always been her hobby, not only jump, but also with everyone jumping together。Recently, she has taught herself the support encouragement on her mobile phone, volunteered to take her sisters to learn, and planned to cheer everyone up when the farmers' market opened in the community。"I have always had this hobby, very, very like dancing。I did not have this condition in the countryside before, but now I have moved to Chengli, and I have the conditions, and I live easily and happily。Among the dancing crowd, Zan Tingxiang told the author with a smile。

  In Sinan, the resettlement sites have successively established comprehensive treatment centers, police rooms, and community federations, which are equipped with police forces according to standards"Intelligent safe Community"。The rate of access to safe drinking water, the coverage of radio and television signals, the coverage of centralized communication, and the improvement rate of school and medical conditions have all reached100%。Especially reconstruction and expansion10Medical and health projects, and according to the standard allocation of medical equipment and medical personnel, to ensure that the relocation of the masses to seek medical treatment "zero obstacles"。

  Reasonably supporting kindergartens, affordable shopping supermarkets, day care centers for the elderly,"New City people · Dream Bridge" industrial group service station, community comprehensive treatment center, sunshine happy home for the disabled, family planning home, farmers' market, children's activity center, etc., "one-stop" service allows the relocated people to become new citizens and round the "mountain dream".。

  "Zero employment" is history, and "get rich songs" are sung。2017Since the beginning of this year, Sinan has trained migrant labor in poverty-alleviation areas5400Residual person-time。At the same time, through the introduction of poverty alleviation workshops8Home, relying on poor enterprises50Yu home, development of public welfare posts300Multi-member, east-west cooperation labor export and other ways to provide employment protection for the relocation of the masses, to achieve the employment of more than one labor family。

  New environment, new life。Stable and happy days also inspire the gratitude of the people who move out。Wen Zuhu, who opens a barbershop on a cheap rent, is obligated to cut the hair of the elderly over 60 in the community once a month, and the disabled can enjoy free services at any time here。His original intention was:"Good days are given by the party's good policies。If we lived in the remote countryside, we could not live so happy?”

  曾经"A party can not afford to raise a person," and now pull out the root of happiness。Poverty alleviation and relocation in easy areas, an effective way to eradicate poverty in Sinan, and the well-being of poor people are being shown in the colorful picture of the new era。