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The bright moon Snow lotus || Xin Qian

Source: Guizhou Literature Network Author: Founder Date: 2021-01-21    

Snow lily (散文)          



雪 莲


The snow mountain is still。In the huge space of Hoh Xili, the snow mountain is the god, is the master, it shines brightly, shining on the land of rare people and yellow grass, enough to let fly in

Every golden eagle on this grassland proudly raises its wings and smiles at the sky。

Wild yaks are the warriors of reproduction and survival in the high wilderness. In the hinterland of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, Hoh Xil, which is more than 4600 meters above sea level, the no man's land known as the death zone, they show their nobility and dignity all the time。

       Under the snow line, the mountains are cold and solemn, like great waves。Under the strong sun, the rugged wild yak is covered in black with its skirt hair hanging down on both sides of its abdomen, just like the glacier in the snow mountain valley. Although it is fierce and strong, it is imposing, but it is elegant。Even high and straight acromion and stubborn head, it is difficult to stop its stretch, wild posture, its heavy and strength, running and speed, so that it is perfect, protrudes in the mountains, mountain basins, alpine grasslands,Alpine meadowMoving mountains of snow on top of the wilderness。They feed only on sedge plants such as sedge and fescue。Drinking river water in summer, drinking snow in winter, galloping in the broad grassland,抵达Many wild ungulates and livestock are difficult to reach高度。Wild yakFierce nature, like to live in groups, hundreds of heads together, like an integrated collective, take care of each other, comfort each other。If confronted by a snow leopard or a more powerful animal, each bull surrounding the herd will not hesitate to launch a violent attack to protect their cows and calves。

When groups move, they tend to avoid unnecessary fights。However, the small number of wild yaks will be particularly cautious, especially during mating, because of the fight for a mate, lost in the gladiator, driven out of the group of lone cattle, temperament is more violent and angry。In this state, the wild yak is like a lovelorn young man, sensitive, suspicious and difficult to figure out。

In the 1980s, my father and Chagan, a local Mongolian, went deep into the east end of the Kunlun Mountains in the Qianshan area to conduct a survey of the plateau bird fauna, and encountered an extremely fierce, isolated from the buffalo herd。At that time, my father and Chagan were riding horses, and suddenly a huge bull rushed up from the floating purple stipa. Before my father could think back, the bull with red eyes like copper bells, shot at Chagan's horse like an arrow from its string。Chagan's horse let out a long hiss, and along with Chagan, the saddle overturned to the ground and ran away。Enraged, the lone ox, like a flash flood, bowed its head, abandoned Chagan, who was rolling on the grass, and chased after him。

The process of the encounter with the lone cow was completed in an instant, and Chagan became lame on one leg, and his father was in shock for a long time。

Like the wild yak, it has strong tolerance, endurance and courage, and can compete with the extreme cold and frost and snow hurricane, becoming the master of the snow field active in the thin air, making the lonely earth bright, mighty and majestic, and gentle雪莲。

The poet Gu Ma lived in Lanzhou, Gansu Province. He and Yang Yang, who was also a Gansu poet, visited Qinghai several times and wrote many poems on the topic of Qinghai。One of them, Illusion, is my favorite。

Among the snow-covered rocks

The moon, transformed into a fluffy and relaxed

Snow lotus in Tianshan Mountains


One in the east, one in the west

In the eyes of male snow leopards prowling the clear night

Don't have one, rustle

Like a woman with her clothes off


The red-blooded leopard hesitated

Behind it

Behind it

The shadows of trees on the snowy ground

Already slanted and long, like a path to pick people up and go


If you come, where are you

If I go, I go through the eyes of a leopard

See you


Snow lily

Naked, into my heart

In the hearts of plateau people, snow lotus is a symbol of holiness and nobility。It has no color, but it is more vivid than any bright flower。At 5,000 meters above sea level, it is like a bright moon hanging in the sky, blooming in the gentle foothills, wet sand。

Snow lilies are distributed in all continents of the world, and there are hundreds of them in China, most of which grow in Xinjiang, Qinghai and Gansu。The Qinghai snow lotus is different from other places. It is covered with delicate hair and looks like a jellyfish floating in the sea。

In the barren mountain canyon, the softness of snow lotus and the roughness of gravel form a strong contrast, but they are warm and attached to each other。Snow lotus, perhaps the most lofty and cold plant in the world, only standing on the top of the mountain accompanied by snow, fighting with the wind and cold, will show a quiet smile。Snow lotus, or a prairie watchman。When the river rushes, the water plant is full, its angelic smile, is the brilliant sun;When the river stops flowing and the plants wither, its silence and solitude are like a rock with open lips, thirsty and powerless。

Sausselia sinensis contains a variety of physiological active ingredients, the whole grass medicine has seven, Tianshan Sausselia, jellyfish sausselia, Himalayan sausselia, Kunlun Sausselia, black hair Sausselia, tufted sausselia and cotton head Sausselia。Dispelling cold and removing dampness, relieving pain, promoting blood circulation and channeling menstrual flow, with the main effects of tonifying, health care and enhancing resistance, mostly grown in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and adjacent areas, known as "snow mountain ginseng"。Especially in Tibetan medicine, snow lily has a long history as a medicine, which is recorded in the Tibetan medical literature "Yuewang Medicine Zhen" and "Four Medical codes"。But it never cared。It only cares about the illusion of heaven and earth, the existence and value of life。It's abstract, but it's not convoluted。Each of its special expressions will foretell the future。We cherish it. It is the limit of life。

It tells us that the illusion is the last fruit preserved for the fall of human death。Human beings do not want to fail, you have to be like a pillar of fire, a seed of spring, do not let lyricism and creation separate, do not let faith lose faith。                            


水母Snow Hare  

Autumn wind gradually。Among the snow-covered rocks, a rare jellyfish snow rabbit, like a jellyfish, soft and light;It is like the jade rabbit moving in the snow, standing on tiptoe and stopping to watch the moon。

The jellyfish snow rabbit is the snow lotus。The difference is that the jellyfish snow rabbit in Gangshika Snow peak has both the prophecy of plants and the free and lovely nature of animals。The person who tells about this flower is a photographer familiar with Qinghai Plateau plants, and Qi Kaizhang, who searches for wild flowers with me。I don't know when, he has changed from an obsessive "pollen", a lover of the whole green pole, to "snow powder", an avid admirer of the jellyfish snow rabbit。More than once, I've driven thousands of miles in search。Finally in Sichuan Balang Mountain, to witness the beauty, and it had a divine relationship, and according to the plant species distributed in Balang Mountain, determined from Xining more than 160 kilometers to the east of the Qilian Mountain, there is a jellyfish snow rabbit。

As a flower lover, it is difficult to give up, is the chance to meet with strange wildflowers, it is a similar to the strange feeling of visiting God, meet late, love at first sight of sadness and sweetness。

The road to Kanshka is wet and desolate。Heavy clouds, purple gas filled, the huge mountain silent mystery, hidden power。Although after the flowering season, the dense undergrowth at the foot of the mountain, there are still bright tiger grass, edeledelia, violet, dropper chrysanthemum lightly embellished, dark green Tibetan snow ganoderma covered the slopes, mushroom clouds falling on the rough mountain。

It is nearly 5,000 meters above sea level。Layers of floating clouds, thin air, there is no end in sight, only the vast sea of clouds。My son is young, I don't feel much, I can't keep my balance, I'm top-heavy, my eyes are swollen, and I have trouble breathing。The higher you go, the lower the visibility, a few steps away, not to see another person's figure。In the thick fog, the looming bluestones are hideous。UncarvedGneiss,Volcanic rocks have lost their charm of combining hardness and softness。Kai Zhang repeatedly told me and my son to remember the way to the mountain。Otherwise, if you lose your way and encounter hungry wolves and brown bears foraging for food, the consequences will be unimaginable。

I was terrified, my body was hanging in the air, and I almost gave up the impulse to go up the mountain。However, the desire to see the jellyfish snow rabbit was so stubborn that I got up the courage to climb to the top of the mountain and stood under the sea of clouds more than 5,000 meters above sea level。At that moment, the sky is bright, with sadness, in the blue world, cold air congests into bean big snow, falling on my trembling lips。In addition, there is silence。Deep, boundless silence。

Maybe it is our persistence, so that the gods have some care。On the other side of the cliff, a tiny jellyfish snow rabbit was taking shelter from the wind in a blue-colored stone that looked like a screen, blooming on a knife-sharp pebble beach。At her feet is a bottomless abyss, and in front of her is the towering main peak of the Qilian Mountains, 5,826 meters above sea levelShule south mountain unity peak。

To get a better look, my son put his arm around my waist, allowing me to lean half way to her, a little closer, a little closer。From a distance, this strange and beautiful flower, charming, meaningful and graceful, a number of inflorescences clustered and on the flower buds, exactly fell on the throne wrapped in diamond leaves, all over the snow-like fluff delicate, elegant, clean。

Perhaps, she is the legendary fairy path, after thousands of years of cultivation, hidden in the gravel, shed the body of the spirit;Perhaps, she is the soul of the sea creatures fish, shellfish and seaweed that were left on the plateau when the ocean receded hundreds of millions of years ago。Shadows cast on the snow, gentle and calm。

In the sky, I finally saw this flower blooming only for myself, not to please others。I was calm on the outside, but inside I was stirring。Once again, I felt that the silver shining, purple steaming, cold and cold Gangshika snow peak was a blue world overflowing with light, night and mystery。

Wheeze, a green bird, close to the clouds, disappeared in the clouds, as if the west queen Mother's blue bird, red head black banshee, messenger, flew into the Crystal Palace。It was the place where King Mu of Zhou, who came to the west by the car of eight Jun, met with the tiger head and leopard tail, the human face and teeth of the tiger, and the West Queen Mother with the beautiful eyes and firm words。

The generous acceptance of the mountains, the quiet beauty of the jellyfish snow rabbit, let my body and mind, at this moment, immersed in the pure color of not bound by desire。Just then, a strong smell came from far to near。Kai Zhang said that this is the unique mountain haze on the oxygen-deficient and foggy snow mountains, ordering us to quickly retreat and return to the original road。

It seems that the fate with this wild flower only ends there。As a secular person, he does not have the physical strength and intelligence to fly, nor can he be like a blue bird, lingering around it from time to time。Today, it is a great happiness to be able to appreciate her noble face with a pure and humble heart。

The snow is falling.。My son held on to my man。Along the way, that one draped in snow and standing, elegant and vivid, lonely and innocent flowers, has been emerging in front of my eyes。According to the eastern pre-Qin ancient book "the Book of Mountains and seas", the western Pliny "Annals of Natural history" records。The life of an animal and a plant, or an animal and another animal joined together, has extraordinary divine powers。Such as Kunlun Mountain tiger head leopard tail combination of the west queen mother;Cordyceps that metamorphoses between plants and animals......

The Kanshka Snow Peak is well known。The mountains are rolling, the glaciers are towering, the cold is bleak, and the climate changes rapidly。Although it is a limestone beach, the vegetation is shallow, and there is even no soil to provide nutrients。However, between the coarse, dark and ugly flowing stones, and the exquisite snow, the jellyfish snow rabbit's smile in the cold night, under the stars and moons is enough to make this snow peak, brilliant and full of warmth。On earth, there is life, love is not only human beings;It is not only human beings who have spirit, weather and ideas。Animals, plants and human beings have many universal things, common characteristics, and have the right to pursue the perfection of life in their own way。It is only the huge differences in living environment and personal cultivation that make us forget the equality and correlation between organisms。

When I calm my mind and look at it, this wonderful flower endowed by the essence of landscape, it is like looking at myself, always looking at my own self。In the position of standing on the top of the snow mountain, not for life, not for him, not impatient, only for the sake of looking at the life, but also for their own weak survival。

At the top of a snow-capped mountain, where life is tested, meeting such a wild flower is a major event in life。In addition to noble, flawless, lofty, her fairy power, calm under the harsh environment, gentle tenderness also gave me endless thinking。

At the foot of the mountain, the spring burst and the river gushed。The photographer was taking pictures, and I was sitting in a daze on the bluestones。The son Guoguo paced up and down the riverbed in order to choose a favorite stone to take home。But the son failed。

In the hearts of local Tibetans, the jellyfish snow rabbit is endowed with the meaning of God, and never has the heart to take her off for their own。"Meidogangla", Han means the flower on the snow mountain, the god on the snow mountain, is a respectful name for this wild flower。



The mandala flower is very ghostly, containing beauty, once renowned all over the world。

See her mysterious face is an evening in early summer, hometown Huangnanzhou security ancient city New town。

The ancient city of Bao 'an on the Longmu River is the smallest ancient city in China, and it is also a place I have been dreaming about。It not only has a long and heavy history and culture, the land and river of the ancient city also raised my four grandfathers and one great-aunt。They all grew tall and beautiful, especially the third grandfather, heroic, thick eyebrows and black eyes, temperament and manner like the brave Cossack riders on the Don River。It is said that when he was young, the third grandfather was popular with local young women, and their intelligence, wisdom and willpower were beyond our younger generation。

Security city has been a place of war since ancient times。During the Han Dynasty, the Qiang people such as the first zero Qiang and the Burnt Tang Qiang explored the area。In the Song Dynasty, it is the site of horn hiss。In the Yuan Dynasty, it became a place ruled by the Mongols。At the same time, the Mongols and the Han Chinese successively entered Regong, and then some Tibetans who had been nomadic in Qinghai Lake moved here...It can be imagined that every time the change of master, have experienced the bloody wind of the remnant。Uncle Yuzhu, the second son of my second grandfather, who spent his childhood as a security guard, once told me about some old battles that seemed to be related to the rise and fall of this land。However, in the quiet, narrow stone road leading to our old house, I only saw a dozen tall trees and black stones covered with moss, which symbolized the glory and glory of our family, and there was no trace of the smoke of war。

The old house of the family is in the old city of Bao 'an, not far from the road。There is a hundred years of silk elm tree in front of the door, which is divided into four forks from the root of the tree, and it is wrapped together, like four brothers who do not want to separate, with a blue sky。The old house is now taken care of by his father's uncle brother, two grandpa's third son, repair as new, something in the home can be held in the old house。I respect and appreciate from my heart the efforts and hard work my aunt and uncle have made for this。

Walk about ten kilometers along the beach to enter Baoan New City。In the second year of Xuantong, the old city of Baoan was too crowded, and about 40 families moved to the new city。The new town is a depression surrounded by mountains on three sides, with a warm climate and many waterways。The three mountains of Lianhua Mountain, Burnt stone Mountain and Iron Stone Mountain are like natural barriers, making this place a safe place that was easy to defend and difficult to attack at that time, and was first called "Yongan Department".。After the completion of the new city, a strong wall was built, and remains remain today, a well-preserved, towering tower。My uncle took us up the mountain and came to the gate。The plants on the mountain are dense, full of beautiful colors of wildflowers, golden forsythia, snow-white polygonum polygonum, pink and round polygonum polygonum, purple dewstalk, sweet green geranium, and some unknown flowers, white mushrooms cuddle with each other, making this ancient tower show how beautiful and elegant。

In the ninth year of the Republic of China, I do not know why there was a riot, the people on the lookout in the new city got drunk and slept, so that the people outside the city could easily attack the solid city, burn down the houses, and people had to crowd into the old city again。The old city could not live, and some people went to Wutun, Guo Ma Ri, Nian Du Hu, Xunhua and other places for peace。In the 12th year of the Republic of China, the people of the new city came back one after another and rebuilt their homes, reaching 118 households at most。In order to make the watchmen no longer cause great disasters because of negligence, even some people have built beacon towers in the village。Among them, my father's uncle brother's home, there is a complete beacon tower, preserved to this day。

It rained, the grass was clean and elastic, the faint fragrance floated over, and the white flowers were like rotating small windmills, falling on the wet grass。It was a flower I had never seen before, with petals like white satin, coiled around the branches。Originally, this is the legend of mandala, actually growing in the hometown security new city, green grass flowers covered on the hillside, really make me happy。I have long heard my father talk about mandala, her noble origin, ghostly habits, and feel that it is undoubtedly a fate to see her here。

Mandala is an Indian Sanskrit translation, also known as满达、曼扎、曼达Like moist soil。Security city in Zeku County, Huangnan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, from south to north of the Longwu River, fromChacorje Village in the Chadje mountains海拔4000At a few meters, flow to2000The rice Sanchuan Valley is an important tributary of the Yellow River。

Longwu River for Tibetan transliteration, meaning golden valley, a total length of 144.3 km, watershed area4934Square kilometers, green mountains and beautiful coastal water, the landscape is constantly changing, rich in plant species。The people living here have both farming and animal husbandry, and a large number of artists, and the wind of painting and sculpture is extremely strong, so that the five natural villages of Wutun, Nianduhu, Guomari, Tujia and Garsairi on the Longwu River have become the "Township of Tibetan painters" that everyone can paint and make good sculptures, and are collectively known as "Wutun".。

In addition to these five natural villages, people in dozens of villages along the Longwu River in Tongren area have artists who make a living by painting。Their superb skills and reputation spread everywhere, covering Qinghai, Gansu, Sichuan, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, Yunnan, Beijing, India, Bhutan, Nepal, Mongolia, Thailand and other places。

In the development of Regong art, the non-hereditary Xia Wu Cailang master was born in Tongren area outstanding and great Regong artists。Even when walking in the narrow lane of his hometown, he can also feel the trinity design concept of architecture, painting and sculpture advocated by Xia Wu Cailang Master during his lifetime, and the integration of Chinese and Western art advocated by the infinite artistic realm。

 Here, the mandala growing in the ancient city of Bao 'an has contained multiple meanings, and she has transformed endless symbolic meanings in numerous artistic works, which can make people realize the relationship between plants and human life, plants and spiritual fantasy, and give individuals an extraordinary consciousness。
In artistic creation, the image of Mandala is everywhere, which makes people who appreciate her feel gratified and happy, and reminds them of the natural meaning that language cannot explain。In myth and legend, mandala is a symbol, a metaphor, a joy and a pain, which contains the meaning of tragic pleasure。In ancient India, the mandala flower is not only the door of the door of lust, but also the base of the structure of the scene, she was spread out, only to accompany the grand scene;She was shelved for the trumpet of an angel or a devil。In the Western legend, the mandala is also given a mysterious color, especially the black mandala, is placed on human hopes, living in the heart of the wonderful spirit, can help you achieve the desire of the heart, but you must use your own blood to water the black enchanting mandala。In ancient Spain, the mandala flower is like a cold observer, often blooming near the execution site, numb and melancholy to watch the life of the dying people, this mandala plant is highly toxic, only one person in tens of millions of people have the chance to see flowers。If you meet this flower in full bloom, the most loved will die, so her "evil guest" name is creepy。
The main components of datura are scopolamine, scopolamine and a small amount of atropine. Scopolamine, which plays a decisive role, is the earliest anesthetic and analgesic used in surgery。其中Scopolamine, toxicity ratioAnthrax is stronger and can be fatal in a small overdose. It's a scopoliaAlkane alkaloid, can be used for anesthesia, analgesia, cough, asthma, motion sickness effective, and has a high hallucinogenic effect, resulting inThe feeling of mandatura flower explosion---Narcotic, lethal, intense。
There's another myth, the dead oneThe desert is God's punishment for man's unbridled desires。All life in the desert is governed only by the water God in the middle of the desert。One day, the water God fell in love with a woman who led her people to find water。God was angry and destroyed the spirit of the water God。此时,Mandala, the goddess of flowersTo stand up, at the cost of sharing the world with others,God forgive the water God。God for her infatuation, only the water god out of the heaven, resulting in the desert from then on no water, so, mandala became a cursed flower, highly toxic in the body 
As a motif endowed with divinity in painting, the mandala shows its complexity。The psychologist Jung saw the mystery of it, saying that she was like a mathematical formula symbol, representing a spiritual order, and the folk esoterica recorded such a sentence: The Big Dipper has a mandala messenger, holding this flower。
Mandala, also known as maple nightshade flower, peach blossom, intoxicant flower, wild hemp seed, nao sheep flower, etc., for the nightshade family wild upright woody herbs,Divided into white mandatura, red mandatura, purple mandatura and so on。花单瓣All white,No stamen。Toxic as it isHarm the growth of other plants, butWith a beautiful and ethereal face,This white flower without a core很久很久It used to be peopleWith great fondness

Except herbsPlants, datura flowers, and木本datura。Datura woody and Datura herbaceous are in the same familyGenus, is a shrubOr small trees。Unlike the herbaceous datura, the woody datura has a longer cone and can grow up to20~35厘米The flowers are droopy, and the essence of the fragrant fruit wood is not cracked。Because of the beautiful shape of the flowers, like喇叭, so it is also known as wind eggplant,Mountain eggplant、大Belladonna, Jinpan Lychee, Buddha flower,Trumpet, evil guest, drunk fairy peach。

Half a day passed quickly, and the chickadees circled low in the setting sun。In the afterglow, the ancient city of security was unusually quiet。Red mountains, green trees, bluestone white flowers leisurely。The smell of cypress incense gradually drifted away in the warm sun, and the sound of conch came gently from the nearby villages of Wutun, Nianduhu, Guomari, Tujia and Garsairi。

There's no place more quiet, no place more peaceful。Mandala complex and changeable symbolic meaning, so extraordinary, so wonderful, how not to make people's hearts ripening, like a fairyland, drunk in it。


Gentiana qingzangensis

In late autumn, the north wind howls。The bleak season is just around the corner, and most wild plants have done their job。Looking around, the grass was fluttering in the wind, and the dry brown branches were close by。The birds flying in pairs, looking at each other far away, sighed for their timely departure。

Just when I was about to give a little summary of my seemingly childish and risky quest for wildflowers。Two flowers for my existence, I am happy about this thing, without the slightest awareness of the Tibetan Gentian, like once warm, and soon to end of love, in the autumn wind,海拔4000多Alpine meadowSnuggle up, quietly open。

The sky was blue, cloudless, and the Gentian looked like two blue spirits。

Someone once said that deeper than philosophy is the blue of the blue sky。Then what is bluer and more critical than the blue sky should be the wild flowers with strong vitality, which are constantly changing for the living conditions and the lonely earth.

Autumn poetry always makes people feel sad。In my eyes, the autumn Tibetan gentian is a poem to recite the autumn, will not show fatigue because of grass, flower decay, leaf decay, lose their dignity。

The geese migrating south fly by, and the swans wintering west fly back。

The cycle of life, a snow is right in front of us。

The frost penetrated the plateau soil everywhere, soaking all the plants。Each plant carefully shrinks and wraps itself, hoping to fight the cold。Bunchweed with dense branches,The stem segments become shorter,To reduce wind resistance,Maintain moisture temperature;Meconopsis rosette leaves, Draba nemorosa, Saxifraga, Laguna,Straining thin stolons,Fall to the ground to protect yourself;Xeromorphic characteristics of Rhodiola genus, increase meat quality,To resist wind chill;Weak tinder grass, jellyfish snow rabbit covered with thick and fine hair;The Tibetan brahma flower is as large as possible,Show the charm of the sky with bright colors。

And then there are plants that, when they are gone and completely withered, sublimate into a new form of life。Although I can't see it, it makes me feel the sonorous sound of solid seeds buried in the ground and hidden in layers of leaves in the suffocating silence。

They're waiting. They're waiting。Survive the winter months, survive the snow storms, awaken life again, release the energy that will lead the forest, the birds in the forest, into the New Year。

Sometimes, people are always in love, thinking that every flower bloom is related to human beings, in fact, this is a very naive idea。Who would have thought, Tibetan GentianIt is a perennial of the genus GentianherbIs a way to be able toAutumn, even winter yellow grass in the wind open wildflowers。She is plain and simple、深邃幽静。She opens alone, drinks slowly。She has no need of pity, nor of grandeur。In the wide world,In the desert plateau closest to the sky,She may be insignificant.,Very small,But just as Tao Zen philosophy emphasizes all things together,Equality of all laws,Don't use knowledge to deprive the world of meaning,It is to return to the world the meaning of the world that has been robbed of it by human knowledge,The truth about Tibetan Gentian,Mind is like freedom,It does not exist for the existence of man,Weather that does not change according to human evaluation。

Tang Dynasty poet Wang Weiyun:"Ancient people have no path, deep in the mountains where the clock"Moss stone on the net, fine grass matsushita soft"People have faded, empty flowers fall, thin grass is sleeping。When people put down their ego and savor themselves in the river of the world, you will find a universe and a meaningful world in this weak little flower。

Qinghai is green and the Yellow River is long。The ancient Tibetan Gentian in autumn and winter, accompanied by ice and snow, is to spend the long night, meet with the early spring scale leaf Gentian, complete the cycle of life again, return to the origin, return to the source of life。

About the author:Xin Qian, writer and editor。Member of Chinese Writers Association, student of Luxun Academy of Literature。In 2000, he began to publish his works in national newspapers and magazines。Many of his works have been included in the annual anthology of Chinese prose and reportage。The prose "Qinghai Lake in Spring" and "City Bookstore" were included in the textbook "Chinese Subject Learning" published by Shanghai Education Publishing House.。Published works "Blue in the eyes", "Madder for Red", "a look into the snow", "Plateau Wildflowers", a long reportage "Forever Garbulong", reportage "Goang Mang Highland"。He has won the Literary Creation Award issued by the Qinghai Provincial government, the first China "Silk Road Essay Award", the Gold Medal of "People's Literature", the fourth Bingxin Essay Award, the "Beijing Literature" Excellent Report Literature Award, the first "Huanghekou Literature Award" and so on。