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He made the sun and moon for Miao Township -- the first secretary of Guizhou Province poverty alleviation Outstanding village Wu Tianwill || Zhao Chao Long Wang Ming and Qing

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He made the sun and moon for Miao Township

-- Wu Tianjiang, First Secretary of Guizhou Provincial Poverty Alleviation Excellent Village

Zhao dragon King Ming and Qing Dynasties


First, Wu Tianwill's village diary
February 2, 2018: Today, Governor Chen Yiqin went to Danzhai to visit the needy people, rural party members and grass-roots cadres, check the Spring Festival market supply, livelihood security and security maintenance work, and on behalf of the provincial Party committee and the provincial government to fight against poverty in the front line of the vast number of cadres and people to extend New Year wishes。
Governor Chen pointed out: We must insist on taking hard work as a top priority, urgent in urgent, and launch a new round of spring offensive against "two no worries, three guarantees", continue to fight the "four hard battles", deepen the rural industrial revolution, ensure the completion of poverty reduction on schedule, and make greater contributions to completely tear down the poverty label。
 In the Yangwu town police station, Governor Chen also kindly visited the public security police, listen to the introduction of the Spring Festival on duty, understand the logistics of the police during the festival, I hope you carry forward the spirit of bitter I a person, happiness thousands of millions, and create a peaceful and peaceful social environment for the masses to celebrate the Spring Festival。
March 25, 2018: Participated in Governor Chen Yiqin's research activities in Danzhai County today,She pointed out that "This year is a sprint year for poverty reduction in Danzhai County,Industries should be selected according to local conditions,Transform the minds of the masses,Move inefficient produce down,We will increase the number of green and high-quality agricultural products with high added value,We must insist on doing something and not doing something,Adhere to high quality, scale, brand creation, give play to the leading role of enterprises,Build a complete industrial chain,We will improve the mechanism for linking interests,Drive more poor households to continue to increase income,Steady poverty alleviation。Governor Chen Yiqin listened to the poverty alleviation work after the report,It is pointed out that the task of poverty reduction should be completed as scheduled in accordance with the requirements of "two without worries and three guarantees" with high quality,Ensure that poverty reduction achievements are recognized,Stand the test of history;We must focus on stable poverty alleviation,Continue to fight the "Four hard battles" at a high level,Ensuring stable poverty alleviation and no return to poverty;We must strengthen our work style,We will carry out special efforts to improve work style in poverty alleviation,Prevent situationalism, bureaucracy and fraud;We must strengthen organizational leadership,Make good use of support resources,Stimulate endogenous impetus,Integrate the efforts of all parties,We will launch a general offensive to complete poverty reduction on schedule,Strive to win。
April 27, 2018: Today, the forum of the village two committees, group leaders, party representatives, and villagers representatives was held, which was the first meeting after I was transferred to the first secretary of Yangsong Village, and the meeting was very successful。The atmosphere of exchange and discussion at the forum was very warm from beginning to end, and everyone expressed their opinions and suggestions freely, hoping to be solved during my stay in the village. They knew that I was sent from the provincial capital, and their expectations for me were particularly high. They were particularly happy to see me, as if they saw the hope of getting rid of poverty and getting rich。But I feel a lot of pressure, a lot of responsibility, and the only thing that makes me feel confident is the simplicity of the people, the sincerity of the people, and the enthusiasm of the people to get things done。Comments from today's meeting,real,There is a strong demand for rapid industrial development,There is a response to open the road to Red Star Village,It is reflected that the reform of the rural power grid should be implemented as soon as possible,Reflect the construction of village clinics, village cooperatives business sites,There is a response to solve the problem of seasonal water shortage in Layao as soon as possible,There are also problems such as housing security, village environment improvement, road maintenance, and kindergarten environment improvement,I made a gesture on the spot,These questions will be accepted as ordered,When poverty alleviation is over,Certain high quality finish。


November 6, 2018: This afternoon,Ma Kai, secretary of the Party Group and director of the Provincial Public Resources Trading Center, talked to our village cadres who helped us in the frontline of poverty alleviation,This reflects the central Party group attaches great importance to the work of poverty alleviation and village assistance,It is the care and love for our cadres who are stationed in the villages,With the strong backing of the Party group,Is there any reason why we should not work hard and do our work well。In conversation,They fully affirmed our previous work,It has made requirements for our next work,First, we must seriously understand the relevant spirit of the provincial Party committee and the provincial government to help the village,The implementation of the requirements of the central Party group must be under the unified arrangement and deployment of the local Party committee and government, and under the unified leadership of the provincial government's General Office in the village assistance team,Closely around the goal of "one standard, two no worries, three guarantees",Continue to tackle difficulties, check gaps, make up for shortcomings, meet high standards and high quality to meet the national and provincial evaluation and acceptance of poverty alleviation。Second, in accordance with the principle of "what the village needs, what the villagers expect, and what the center can do", it is necessary to help rapidly promote the development of poverty alleviation industries according to local conditions, achieve results, and let the poor people participate in industrial development to obtain stable income。Third, the political position should be high, effectively enhance the "four consciousness", firmly "four self-confidence", achieve "two maintenance", hold the bottom line, always put discipline in the front, and strictly demand themselves with the standards of an excellent Communist Party member。It is necessary to remember that your words and deeds on the front line of poverty alleviation represent the Guizhou Public Resources Trading Center and the provincial Government General Office to help the task force. You should keep a clear mind, think clearly, be familiar with the Party's various policies to benefit the people, do a good job in publicity and implementation。Fourth, what difficulties and problems in work and life should be reported to the Central Party Group in a timely manner, and we will help solve them at the first time。The fifth is to pay attention to methods in the front-line work, deal with the village two committees, deal with the relationship with the work team, deal with the relationship with the family, pay attention to safety, take care of your health, work hard, and deliver a satisfactory answer to the Party and the people by 2020。
November 11, 2018: Today, the Medical and Health Branch directly under the Guizhou Provincial Party Committee of the Democratic Revolution carried out "Serving People's Health" in Yangsong Village.,The free clinic was a great success,Event in progress,Experts from the Affiliated Hospital of Guizhou Medical University, Guizhou Provincial People's Hospital, Guiyang College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Guizhou Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Guiyang Women's Hospital and other medical units have promoted the knowledge of internal medicine, surgery, pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, and food safety for the villagers of Yangsung,More than 600 copies of publicity materials were distributed, and more than 300 people participated in free medical consultations,Guizhou Guangyi Pharmaceutical Group also presents conventional drugs and souvenirs to villagers and village clinics.5万元。This activity thanks to our center leaders for their great attention and strong support, thanks to the business department of the fourth comrade Tian Jing matchmaking。
November 16, 2018: "Poverty persists, a disgrace to history;If the masses are not rich, they cannot sleep and eat easily;We will not stop until we reach a well-off society."This is a vow made by Sun Zhigang, secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, on behalf of the provincial cadres and masses at the meeting in August 2017。
 Let the people of Danzhai Miao Township get rich,Work together with the people of the whole country to build a moderately prosperous society,It is the original intention and mission of all our village cadres,We must roll up our sleeves and work hard,Lead all the people in Miao Township to tear off the poverty label,Submit a satisfactory answer sheet worthy of the Party, worthy of history, worthy of The Times and worthy of the people of Miao Township。
March 16, 2020: Learned today from the Co-op,The stock of broccoli vegetables in the cooperative's fields due to the outbreak has almost been sold,Sales of laying ducks and yellow beef returned to normal,That makes me feel better,If you can't sell it,It will be difficult to consolidate and improve the development of poverty alleviation industries this year,Fortunately, my village has not been affected by the COVID-19 epidemic,This shows that Comrade Chen Nan and I went to Guiyang Zazuo Agricultural Product Logistics Market on February 17 to understand the vegetable sales situation at the risk of the epidemic,Connect with purchasing departments such as Star Force Supermarket and Heli Supermarket,Contact the canteen of the provincial public resources Trading Center, the canteen of the General Office of the provincial government, the canteen of the provincial Emergency Management Department, the training center of the provincial People's Congress, the provincial prison Administration Bureau, the canteen of the Provincial Health Commission and other units to help sell vegetables,Get great support from them,It's still very productive,Statistics of co-operative leaders,A total of 28 tons of vegetables were sold to several supermarkets and canteens of provincial offices,Recoup economic losses 4.6万元。
The affairs of the village cooperatives are the affairs of the common people, and the affairs of the common people are the affairs of our first secretary。......
Excerpted from the village notes of Wu Tianjiang, Deputy director of the Office of Guizhou Public Resources Trading Center and the first secretary of the province's poverty alleviation Excellent Village。
In the village for more than 5 years, Wu Tianwill has written more than ten diaries, each diary records all Miao township Danzhai people's things。
"The people are my food and clothing parents, as the son of food and clothing parents, I let my parents have food and clothing, is my son's bounden responsibility and obligation.。-- Wu Tianjiang"。This is a paragraph that Wu Tianwill write on the title page of each of his notes in the village。When I asked Wu Tianjiang what the purpose of this paragraph was, Wu Tianjiang smiled and said to me shyly that he was using this paragraph to remind himself how to treat the masses, who to do it for, how to do it, and with what attitude to do it!
"Hard work, no regrets!"I summarized what the secretary said by Wu Tian。
'Yes, yes!Wu Tianwill smiled and nodded。
"These years, Secretary Wu went to the provincial Red Cross every year for disaster relief and condolence materials, and the annual support was more than 60,000 yuan.。”
"In 2018, the General office of the provincial government gave the village kindergarten three air conditioning installations worth 1.$50,000, two computers for the village committee worth $1.Fifty thousand;A photocopier worth 10,000 yuan was secured for the village committee in the provincial public Resources Exchange Center,30000 yuan for learning and training to improve ability;The provincial Committee of the Democratic Revolution was invited to organize provincial doctors, local doctors, municipal doctors, municipal women's hospital and other experts to Yangsong Village to carry out free medical services, free medicine and other activities;To win the support of the provincial union 160,000 yuan,Organize outstanding students above grade 3 from Yangsong Village and Pai primary and secondary schools to visit Guiyang Xifeng Hot Spring and Guiyang Science and Technology Museum;Seek funding of 700,000 yuan from the provincial government office,Hangzhou Binjiang region to strive for the east and west cooperation project fund of 1.6 million yuan,Yangsong Village has developed six industries: Malang Shengguo, laying duck breeding, bee breeding, aquaculture, beef cattle breeding, greenhouse vegetables;To the provincial Red Cross for 300,000 yuan aquaculture disaster relief funds,From the provincial agricultural Commission to strive for 200,000 yuan disaster relief funds,To the provincial People's insurance company for 150,000 yuan of post-disaster road maintenance funds;To the county traffic bureau for more than 800,000 yuan to repair the broken road leading to Hongxing Village,To the county water resources Bureau for 400,000 yuan to solve the problem of seasonal water shortage in Layao,To the county power supply bureau for 450,000 yuan to implement the rural network transformation;China Academy of Art was invited to Yangsong Village to make a plan for Yangsong Garden complex and beautiful countryside,The sixth office of the Secretary of the General Office of the Provincial government was asked to help prepare the strategic plan for rural revitalization.Led the two village committees to Guiyang, Anshun, Wudang, Kaili, Guangxi and Majiang to investigate beef cattle breeding, passion fruit planting, aquaculture, honeybee breeding and Malang holy fruit planting.Cooperate with the team to help the village two committees to complete the housing security of 218 households and 887 people。”
"In 2019, we will strive for 500,000 yuan from the provincial public Resources Trading Center to consolidate and enhance industrial development funds such as Malang Holy Fruit after the disaster;From the General office of the provincial government, we won 150,000 yuan for the reconstruction of the duck shed, 50,000 yuan for the construction of the sewage pond, and 1 yuan for greenhouses and vegetables.5万元,After the disaster condolence fund 50,000 yuan,Village activity room office facilities 80,000 yuan, village party members standardized activity room construction 20,000 yuan;To the provincial health Commission for 400,000 yuan to build 300 square meters of village activity room,To obtain the East and West cooperation project fund of 400,000 yuan from Hangzhou Binjiang area and other funds to build the village committee office building and village cooperative business site;To obtain the East and west cooperation project fund of 300,000 yuan from Hangzhou Binjiang area to repair the village footpath;Invite provincial animal husbandry experts, county bee breeding experts, aquaculture experts and so on Yangsong Village breeding base on-site training guide cooperative personnel。”

"In 2020, strive to consolidate and enhance the funds for poverty alleviation industry development projects in Yangsong Village and Gangrai Village to the provincial government Office..44.33 million yuan (greenhouse vegetables, Malang holy fruit, bees breeding, land improvement, Chiyou monument), Layao Village ditch renovation funds 1.30,000 yuan;To the provincial public resources trading center for the standardization of village party members activity room construction funds 1.50,000, open column production, heater procurement funds 0.80,000 yuan;Led the village two committees to Guizhou TV live endorsement of Yangsong village farming and other agricultural products;Helped the village change the cooperative management mode,From the unified management of cooperatives to the unified contracting management of cooperatives;Carry out household visits,The receiving cadre who took maternity leave visited the poor households and completed the data of one household;Help Yangsong Village kindergarten to win social support funds to solve the problems of kindergarten activity site cracking, rebuilding fort and other problems;Helped to solve the dispute between Ma Huiliang and the village committee on contracting forest management and protection;Help Yangwu town Jinyang immigrant community to sell lotus white, celery, cauliflower and other vegetables 250,000 Jin,Recovery of economic losses 12.50,000 yuan;Led the two village committees to Guizhou Provincial Public Resources Trading Center to observe the Party branch "three meetings and one lesson" and Huaxi Qingyan Longjing cultural tourism village to study the experience of rural revitalization and development;Send patients to the county Danzhai hospital to see a doctor, send five guarantees to Yangwu town nursing home and so on。”
In particular, Longyun, the village secretary of Yangsong village who is honest and sincere, talks about Wu Tianwill's work in the village in recent years, which is more like a number of treasures。
Two, sell melon secretary
As early as more than 20 years ago, Wu Tian stored these three words in my memory。At that time, Wu Tianwill was still working in Sinan County, serving as the Party secretary of Xiangba Township。Xiangba Township is located deep in the mountains beside the Wujiang River,Going out is the slope, the ditch, the Kankan, the beam,To deal with these slopes, gullies, ridges, beams,Township cadres wear several pairs of straw shoes and water rubber shoes every year,Wu Tian will work furiously all day in the mountains,Go from village to village,Visit the poor and ask about the suffering,Walk more ramps, ditches, canes, beams and beams than others,Wear rotten grass shoes, water rubber shoes naturally more than others,So he got the first elegant title in life "straw shoe secretary"。After Wu Tianwill was transferred from Sinan, people often mentioned this elegant title。It is also this elegant name that proves that Wu Tian will work hard, diligent and pragmatic in Sinan County, regardless of personal gains and losses。At the same time, also let me remember Wu Tianwill three words, and deeply imprinted in my mind。
In Danzhai Yangwu Town dry change village village poverty alleviation, Wu Tianwill ushered in the life of the second elegant title "selling melon secretary"。


Attracted by the prestigeI rushed to Danzhai County from the provincial capital of Guiyang and visited the first point of Wu Tianwill's poverty alleviation in the village - Yangwu Town。e
This is a typical Miao village, with a series of green tile wooden buildings built against the mountains, well-placed wooden buildings, and clean and tidy courtyards, which make people happy。In particular, the kind greetings and happy smiling faces raised by the Miao compatriots make people feel like spring breeze。Looking at the green hills and village courtyards, it is hard to believe that before 2016, this was a poor "shell village"。
In February 2016, the direct organs of Guizhou Province should select and send a group of cadres to the front line of poverty alleviation in rural areas to carry out assistance work。Wu Tianwill, deputy director of the provincial public resources trading Center office, volunteered and was arranged to serve as the first secretary of Gangrai Village, Yangwu Town, Danzhai County。
"To be a good first secretary, do a good job at the grassroots level, the spirit of hardship is not enough, but also have peace of mind, heart, sentiment, but also have practical action, no matter how difficult and hard the bones, but also to chew.。This is Wu Tianwill work in the village of dry change。
In the north of Kangai Village, there is still a stone monument erected today, which was established in 2016, and the villagers contributed money from their own pockets, and the word "poverty alleviation" on the stone monument is very eye-catching。It can be said that this stone tablet not only expresses the strong will of the villagers to get rid of poverty, but also witnesses that Wu Tian will lead the village work team and the village branch two committees to boost the endogenous power of self-development of the masses and the process of poverty alleviation, development and prosperity of the village。
Wu Tianwill put down his backpack, and go from village to village, observe people's feelings, gather people's wishes, and investigate and judge the "poor root"。
Extensive cultivation, single industry;The land is barren and dry;Old-fashioned ideas, content with the status quo。
The "root of the disease" is identified, and the "fierce medicine" is needed. Where is the way out for the development of the village?Wu Tianwill thought hard, and kept asking about the sky and the barren mountain of Gangrai village。
To lift farmers out of poverty, industry must come up, and Wu Tian will finally set his sights on the relatively flat farmland near the village。
Pan Zhaozhou, a melon expert, is the first friend Wu Tian will make in dry change village。
More than 10 years ago, Pan Zhaozhou went out to work, in Hainan cantaloupe planting, learned a good craft of cantaloupe planting。After returning home, Pan Zhaozhou tried planting in his contracted land。Just take office Wu Tianwill, found Panzhao Zhou kind of cantaloupe, eyes a bright, plan on the heart。Since then, he has become a frequent visitor to Pan Zhao Zhou's home, and he often goes to the melon field, weeding, collecting and managing with Pan Zhao Zhou, and carefully writes down the tips of hami melon planting with notes。
"Where can you sell your melon?”
"Yangwu, as far as Danzhai County。”
"How much they sell for a year?”
"Ten thousand pieces。”
"Do you want to pull to Guiyang to buy?”
"Yes, but only so much, how can it be pulled to Guiyang??”
"I'll help you if you want。”
Pan Zhao Zhou looked at Wu Tianwill, a blank face。
Wu Tianwill smiled and said, "You don't believe me?”
Pan Zhaozhou was silent。
Wu Tianwill smiled again: "You do it my way, you can't pull Guiyang, you don't make money, I'll pay!"Wu day will look at Pan Zhao Zhou that blank face, resounding said。
Wu Tianwill of these words, let Pan Zhao Zhou eat reassurance。
So, Pan Zhaozhou in accordance with the requirements of Wu Tianwill, the surrounding uncles gathered up, the surrounding dozens of acres of land gathered up, everyone together to plant cantaloupe。
Through Pan Zhaozhou, Wu Tian will learn that there are 12 young people in the village who work in the Hainan cantaloupe planting base and have a certain experience in planting melons, which is a rare team in the development of cantaloupe industry in the village。Wu Tian will be eager to convene the village branch two committees, to the 12 young people issued a call for talent, begging them to return to the village to develop the hami melon industry, to drive the whole village to become rich。
In the process of developing the hami melon industry, Long Fengguang, a nail farmer, became the second friend Wu Tian would make in Gankai Village from heart to heart。
Long Fengguang's contracted land, in the cantaloupe base, when the plot to build a shed, he did not agree。
"I plant corn every year, corn is good to feed pigs, who dares to row my family's land, I and he desperately!"Long Fengguang held a hoe handle in his hand, guarding the edge of his contracted land, staring at the village cadres who had built a shed, just as others had borrowed his white rice to return his chaff, and shouted loudly with red eyebrows and green eyes。
In the evening, Wu Tianwill take Pan Zhaozhou, carrying a pot of tea, stepping on the moonlight, came to the Long Fengguang home。Long Fengguang set up a small square table and three clay bowls in the courtyard dam, and the three of them sat down around the small square table, drinking tea while pulling up home。
Wu Tian will try to be close to Longfengguang, he asked questions, and finally, break fingers for Longfengguang to count the economic accounts of corn and cantaloupe。
"What do you care what I want to grow on my land?"Long Fengguang suspected Wu Tian will be verbose, much, suddenly threw the tea bowl on the small square table, got up to reach out to hit Wu Tian will。
"It is my business to give you a good life!"Wu Tianwill also stood up, looked at the dragon Fengguang, opened his voice, and answered righteously。
Pan Zhaozhou see Longfengguang to reach out, a grasp of Longfengguang's hand, just did not let Longfengguang holding the fist fall down。
"I Wu Tian will use their own salary guarantee, you kind of cantaloupe if the loss, I take the salary to compensate you!"Wu Tian nailed the door to say。
Finally, Long Fengguang was finally moved by Wu Tianjiang's sincerity and agreed to set up a tent to plant cantaloupe。
When selling red, Longfengguang was divided into more than 10,000 yuan, which was several times more than the income from planting corn。
"Secretary Wu, I'm sorry, please don't take it to heart。Long Fengguang took the money and went to Wu Tianwill, blushing and saying apologetically。
"I'm sorry I didn't do my job well!"Wu Tianwill smiled, stretched out his hands, tightly held Long Fengguang's hand, and said。
Yes, in Wu Tianwill's heart, the people are their own food and clothing parents, in order for parents to have food, clothing and housing to live a good life, is their inescapable responsibility and obligation。
When I met Long Fengguang, Long Fengguang was wearing a "forest duty" red cloth on his right arm and was patrolling the forest, and he had become a forest ranger in the village。When I asked about the planting of cantaloupe, he looked a little shy and said softly: "All rely on Secretary Wu, he is a large number of adults, not only do not hold grudges, but also to my melon field careful guidance, weeding, fertilization, in order to let us live a good life, he gave us the heart.。”
"After the melon came out, in order to sell a good price, Secretary Wu also took the initiative to speak for the cantaloupe, running Danzhai, Kaili, Duyun, Guiyang, and contacted the implementation unit to buy the melon.。sometimes,Secretary Wu also personally held stalls for melon farmers,He raised his voice,Shouting: 'Sell melons!Sell melons!Come and buy!Cantaloupe in Gangri village, Danzhai,Sweet, fragrant and crunchy!'To sell melons to Secretary Wu,The people affectionately call him 'the Melon Salesman'.,Change the village for us,Secretary Wu worked hard and hard,Spend one's heart and soul。As soon as the speech gate opened, Long Fengguang's voice became louder and louder, and the more he said, the more excited he became, and finally he was so excited that he shed tears。
In 2016, the first half of the trial planting 77 acres, built 21 greenhouses, the output of more than 14 tons, 13 families income 10,000 yuan。In the second half of the year, more than 70 acres were built, more than 300 greenhouses, the output was more than 130 pure, fresh cantaloupe was wholesale to the provincial city of Guiyang and Guangzhou, and 90 families had an income of more than 10,000 yuan per family, and dry village took the lead in poverty。
In 2017, 500 greenhouses were built, increasing the area to 95 acres。In 2018, more than 900 were built, increasing by more than 130 acres, and 130 farmers' income per household was more than 10,000 yuan。
"Too sweet, we think that only Hainan, Xinjiang can have cantaloupe, I can't think of this Miaoling mountain village also has such a good cantaloupe.。The guests who came to Danzhai Miao Township for tourism ate the hami melon of the dry village, and the sound of tut was endless。
“好瓜!好瓜!I didn't expect the cantaloupe from Danzhai to be so sweet!Guiyang Guanshanhu District Exhibition City Star Force Group chain supermarket Li Hongbin store manager can not help but put up a big thumb when the melon。
Now, Ganguai village has established a successful industrial poverty alleviation professional cooperative and established Danzhai Hongyang Agricultural Development Co., LTD。With the model of "company + cooperative + base + farmers", with cantaloupe as the leader, it drives the common development of vegetables, peppers and other industries。
Pan Zhaozhou has become the technical director of Hami melon planting, and the 12 seed melon experts returned from Hainan have become the technical backbone, and the seed melon team is getting larger and larger。
In 2016, the incidence of poverty in the whole village dropped to 1.92%, taking the lead in poverty in the county。
In 2019, the production of hami melons in Ganji village reached more than 260 tons, and the output value reached more than 7.7 million yuan。Hami melon industry has become a "sweet industry" and "rich melon" in Ganji village.。
In 2020, Ganguai Village opens up development ideas, after the harvest of hami melons, villagers use temporarily idle greenhouses to plant shellfish pumpkins in greenhouses, comprehensively utilize industrial development resources, achieve multiple incomes, and broaden the channels for people to increase their incomes。
Three, stand guard Yangsong village
In accordance with the relevant provisions of the provincial Party committee and the provincial government, the village assistance work is a round of two years。Wu Tian will be stationed in the village in February 2016, to April 2018, Wu Tian will be stationed in the village to help the work expired, could have returned to work。But Wu Tian will be in the heart of the people, food and clothing parents that both look forward to development and look forward to getting rich eyes, deeply affecting Wu Tianwill's heart。
Wu Tianwill has always had the habit of taking a walk after a meal, it was one evening in early April 2018, Wu Tianwill took a walk after a meal, and unconsciously came to the hami melon base, looking at the greenhouse, Wu Tianwill have a lot of emotions and thoughts。Finished looking at the greenhouses,Wu Tianwill unknowingly walked to the villagers spontaneously erected "poverty alleviation" stone monument,He stood before the monument,By the light of the sunset,Keep your eyes fixed on the word "poverty alleviation" on the stone tablet,I studied it for a while,And stretched out his rough, calloused right hand,In the word "poverty alleviation" up and back again and again,一遍,两遍,三遍,The word "poverty alleviation" on the stone tablet is like a burning charcoal,Burning Wu Tianjiang's hand and his heart,Let his heart not calm for a long time。
"Stay!The food and clothing parents on the horse to send a trip!Let them never return to poverty!"Finally, Wu Tianwill turned around, scanned the scattered villages, and said to himself。
After returning to the dormitory, Wu Tianjiang could not sleep, he lay in bed tossing and turning, he picked up the phone from the pillow, and pressed ten number keys with his right thumb. When he was about to press the last number key, he stopped, stared at the familiar numbers, and put the phone on the pillow。Pick up, put down, put down, pick up, Wu Tianwill repeat these two actions more than ten times, and did not dial out the number that is familiar。See almost twelve o 'clock, Wu Tian will summon up courage, the string of familiar number dialed out。After dialing, Wu Tianwill hesitated and said, "Wife, did you sleep??There's something I'd like to discuss with you?”
Wife Huang Xiutao and Wu Tian will be married for more than 20 years, she knows what her workaholic husband wants to say, she said calmly: "Lao Wu, my son and I are OK, you don't have to miss us, you want to do it, our whole family supports you!"
She Xiaojia, for everyone, Wu Tian will resolutely stay in the village and then do!
In April 2018, the organization transferred Wu Tianjiang from Ganjai Village to Yangsong Village, which is deeply impoverished。
Yangsong Village and Gangrai Village is the two mountains separated by the neighboring village, before he took office, he already knew a thing or two about the village, especially industrial construction, but also have a bottom in mind。
Yangsong Village is a kind of deeply poor village, all ethnic Miao, many women still can not speak Chinese。Although the villagers are simple, but the development concept is relatively backward, coupled with the language barrier, the work is naturally much more difficult。His partner, Longyun, became both his colleague and his translator。
The barren hills and slopes of Yangsong Village are rich in water resources, and there are not many migrant workers and sufficient labor force。Wu Tian will discuss with the two committees of the village and decide to fully integrate these resources, while taking two feet of breeding and planting。When the plan is well made, the key is to implement it, and we must win the support of the masses。To develop the breeding industry, we must overcome the villagers' concept of "raising pigs for the New Year and raising chickens for guests"。The key to poverty alleviation is people, and people are the internal driving force. We should let the people change from "I want to get rid of poverty" to "I want to get rid of poverty".。Wu Tian will go through the field corners during the day, and go into the families of farmers at night to publicize and launch, he spent two months visiting 240 families in the village。
In the process of launching the villagers' farming, Wang Yongneng, a poor household, once let Wu Tianwill hurt his brain。Wang Yongneng and his wife have always been at home, guarding four acres and three points of land, planting some rice, sweet potatoes, corn, and feeding two pigs every year, and their economic income always does not come。His family has a grassy hill, which is very good for raising cattle。The village arranged to give him 50,000 yuan preferential loan funds for beef cattle breeding, and he refused to agree。For this, Wu Tian will be with Longyun secretary, do not know how many times ran his home。
One night,Wu Tian will repeat the old plan,He was carrying a pot of tea,Came to Wang Yongneng home yard dam,Two people sitting in the dam,Make small talk over tea,Pull, pull, pull,Wu Tianwill talk a change,Talked about raising cattle,He from the financial security, technical support, after-sales service,A comprehensive analysis was carried out,Finally, Wu Tian will use his own salary as security,He hoped to dispel Wang Yongneng's concerns。
After listening, Wang Yongneng lowered his head and remained silent。
A bright moon has swam to the sky, the moonlight in the dam quietly flowing。
"We have been standing looking at the moon, the moon represents my heart, you do not promise, no one can sleep.。Wu Tianwill pulled Wang Yongneng to stand up, looked up at the moon in the sky, and said loudly。
Wang Yong can not look at the moon in the sky, he will look at Wu Tianwill's face, he hopes to be able to read from the front of this dark face he needs things。
"If you have any difficulties, talk to me at any time, and if you have confidence, you can get rid of poverty and become well-off.。Full of cattle and sheep cry, joy from the heart。Wu Tian will move his eyes to the mountain beam opposite the ground dam, describing the future for Wang Yongcan。
Wang Yongneng read sincerity, sincerity and hope on Wu Tianwill's face, smiled and nodded。
Later, Wang Yongneng used his own grassy hills and slopes to raise six cows。Wu Tian will take the town of agriculture and animal husbandry station Xiao Li, often to his cattle base to visit, technical guidance。Cattle grew up, fat, Wu Tian will bring the company's personnel to the base to pull cattle。After accounting, a cow earns more than 4,000 yuan。Wang Yongneng's face opened flowers, repeatedly said: "Secretary Wu, thank you, really thank you!"
Wu Tianwill also smiled: "Thank you for your support for my work!"
Wu Tian will pay special attention to giving play to the talents of young migrant workers and encourage them to return home and start businesses。
Yang Shunlin, who works on an aquaculture farm in Zhejiang province, raised fish and lobsters in her family's paddy field after returning home.Long Qixiang, who works in a chicken farm in Guangdong, returned home and used his own barren hills to raise laying hens。
迄今,Yangsong Village has established a breeding base of 100 beef cattle, a breeding base of 3,000 laying ducks, a planting base of 100 acres of Malang holy fruit, a base of 50 greenhouses of golden passion fruit, and a breeding base of 80 boxes of bees,Yangsong Village Songfu Industry poverty alleviation professional cooperative was established,It has realized the industrial development pattern of both breeding and planting。
"National policy is really getting better and better!"
"Follow the cadres and get rid of poverty!"
"Our Songfu cooperative sends blessings to the common people了!
In 2018, Yangsong Village excelled。
On March 8, 2020, the cooperative held a dividend conference and a public information conference on benefitting the people.The 680,000 bonus was distributed to 76 poor households who established a file card。"Blessing from heaven, blessing from heaven", the villagers are full of praise。
In Wu Tiangeneral's mind, the affairs of the people are the affairs of Wu Tiangeneral。
30000 steps is the distance Wu Tian will travel to and from each household every day;
Two thousand hours is the time Wu Tianjiang works in the fields every year;
More than 1,500 days and nights are the precious memories of Wu Tianwill and his fellow villagers walking together。
The first secretary is the village official, the cadre from the party to the front line, and the antenna and ground line between the party and the government to connect the masses。Go deep into the masses, understand the feelings and opinions of the people, understand what the masses think and think, reflect the thoughts and needs of the masses, accept the policies of the superior to benefit the people, and publicize them。In order to do these things, he walks every day。
"Did the doll do well on this test?”
"Have you got all the materials to build the house?”
"The old man's illness has not taken medicine on time?”
The first secretary is the village official, the most grass-roots official, the official who directly faces the masses, the villagers are the family, the village is the family, fuel, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar and tea are in charge of everything, big and small。
"The secretary from this provincial city is very easy to get along with, there is no AIRS, and he is a person who does practical things.。This is the general evaluation of Wu Tianwill by the masses。
On one occasion, Wu Tianwill just returned home from Danzhai to Guiyang, and without saying hello to his family, he received a report of dry change village: two groups of poor families Long Yaoen and Long Fengyun wooden house caught fire。He had no time to explain the situation to his family, and rushed back to the village。Late at night, two wooden houses have been reduced to ashes, two affected families shivered in the wind and rain, Wu Tianwill tears。While comforting the affected farmers, he organized the village to set up tents, distributed the materials sent by the civil affairs department, made beds for them, and let them have a new foothold。When all this was done, it was dawn。He could not take a break, immediately reported to the unit leader, and donated money on the same day.Thirty thousand yuan was sent to the affected farmers。
Yang Song village committee director Li Bing, because busy with the village official, low salary income, wife Wang Yongfen has been making divorce with him, Wu Tianwill become the mediator of his home。He went to Li Bing home every three and a half times, and Wang Yongfen talk, want her to support Li Bing work, but also to the couple's economic capacity to help。As time went on, they all became good friends。Because of the trust of Wu Tianwill, Wang Yongfen gave up the idea of divorce。
In fact, Wu Tianwill also have his own difficulties。There was a time when the village was particularly busy, and he did not return home for more than three months, and his wife even doubted him。When the wife secretly arrived at Yangsong village from more than 150 kilometers of Guiyang, she saw her husband and the village two committees were meeting to study the work。A misunderstanding let his wife more believe Wu Tianwill, more firmly support Wu Tianwill。
贫困户余明芬,丈夫死得早,大女儿韦泽飞读初三,小儿子韦泽明读初二,一个人挑着养家糊口的重担,压得她喘不过气来。Yu Mingfen to Wei Zefei leave school, let her go out to work to earn money。It is the arrival of Wu Tianjiang that changes the fate of Wei Zefei。Wu Tian will negotiate with the village two committees, solved Yu Mingfen 50,000 yuan preferential loans, all shares in cooperatives, while arranging Yu Mingfen to work in cooperatives, there are more than 2,000 yuan of salary income per month。With a secure income, Weizerfeld was able to return to school。Good news came, Wei Ze Fei high school examination more than 500 points, with excellent results into Danzhai national senior high School!
Villager Long Guineng's four-year-old daughter suffers from cerebral palsy, and the couple takes care of her in their arms all the time。The family kept two acres of land to grow some rice, unable to go out to work, life is very difficult。Wu Tian will arrange their husband and wife to work in the laying duck base and Malang Shengguo base, with a monthly salary of more than 4,000 yuan, and the days are getting better day by day。
Ma Wenhe, a left-behind elderly man in his 70s, has two sons who are away all year round and have no one to take care of them。Last winter got a bad cold, life-threatening, just Wu Tian will be found in the household visit, in time to use their own car to send the elderly to the hospital rescue, only to turn the crisis。Such a good thing is not winning, Wang Yonghua, Zhang Shiwei, Long Yougui and other old people still vividly, is Wu Tian will use their own car to send them to the nursing home, for them to make a good bed, for them to buy daily necessities。
Jade wish happiness: Malang Shengguo calcium tablets I have experienced, rich in active calcium, without any additives, it is easy to be absorbed by the human body, calcium supplement rod Da Da, for Fortis global praise。
Jade wish happiness: Malang Shengguo to the world a health。
Blue pupa: How many grams is a duck?
Wu Tianjiang: More than 1000 grams。
User 96402858: How much is a catty of cantaloupe?
Wu Tianjiang: 3.5 yuan a catty。
User 96402858: Order has been placed。
952 Customer Service: OK, we will deliver the goods right away。
This is the message of live online trading of Guizhou Youth anchor to help agriculture action column of Guizhou Communications Radio and Television Station on July 16, 2020。This day,Wu Tian will take Long Yun, Secretary of Yangsong Village Branch, Dragon Boat, general manager of Danzhai Rongyun Ecological Agriculture Co., LTD., Pan Zhaozhou, leader of Gangai Village Cooperative, and Li Jianfeng, chairman of Futong Global E-commerce Co., LTD., to Guizhou Communications Radio and Television Station to promote the introduction of Gangai Village, Yangsong village hami melon, duck eggs, preserved eggs, salted duck eggs, small yellow cattle with skin shank meat, small yellow cattle snow meatMalang Saint fruit tea, Malang saint fruit wine and other series of agricultural products。
This live broadcast, cantaloupe second kill sold 50 boxes, the base workers were busy picking the boxes and shipping。post-live,The site received more than 400 offline ordering calls,Offline telephone purchase 618 boxes of cantaloupe 1236,Small cattle snow meat 82 kg 51 servings, small cattle tendinous meat 123 kg 80 servings, 10 laying ducks, 186 boxes of preserved eggs 3720, 220 boxes of salted eggs 4400, 360 boxes of fresh duck eggs 7200,The revenue reached 45,600 yuan。
Gou Mingyi, deputy general manager of Danzhai Sanyi E-commerce Co., LTD., was deeply moved after watching the live broadcast and went directly to the Ganai village hami melon planting base to ask for goods。Gou Mingyi said: "To see the secretary of the General of Heaven so dedicated,I came here to see the yield and quality of the cantaloupe in the village,And see if there's anything we can do to help,These cantaloupes are sold through our company's platform and logistics,Strive to help the masses achieve maximum benefits,Do what we can to contribute to poverty alleviation in rural areas。”
Because of the sweet beauty of the cantaloupe, it is often sold out as soon as it is listed, and customer orders come from all directions, and the sales channels are getting wider and wider。"In the early stage, it is mainly sold in the province, and various units and towns are grabbing orders, and it is not enough to sell.。Online sales have both inside and outside the province, after a large amount of words we are sold to Anhui, we and a company in Anhui signed a cooperation agreement。Cooperative technical director Pan Zhaozhou said more excited。"Early can sell good prices, retail prices can reach 5 yuan a catty, wholesale price 3..5 yuan a catty。And after the production rose, a large number of Anhui can also be sold to 2.5 yuan a catty wholesale price。This year, we expect the first batch of production to reach 300 tons, and the output value to reach about 1.5 million。Pan Zhaozhou added: "After hami melon per mu yield can reach 5,000 jin, the total output of hami melon in the two seasons of the village can reach 600 tons, and the output value will reach more than 2 million.。”
Smooth sales channels, driving the development of characteristic industries。Yangsong's six industries of vegetables, beef cattle, fish farming, laying ducks, beekeeping and Malang holy fruit are advancing together, benefiting more and more farmers。The villagers' annual per capita income has risen from 3,280 yuan to more than 10,000 yuan。
"Life is beautiful because of dedication, and career is brilliant because of hard work.。Since the day you became first secretary of the village,The villagers are your family,What happens in the village is your family,Go from village to household to gauge public opinion,Painstakingly drawing up a blueprint,Take the trouble,Regardless of gain or loss,Do not seek fame or gain,Make no conditions,In an ordinary position to create an extraordinary performance,In the ordinary service to realize the extraordinary value of life。This is the Qiandongnan Review Committee to the "most beautiful first secretary" Wu Tianwill award speech。

Fifty-nine bright red finger prints

Date: November 25, 2019。
Place: Guizhou Public Resources Trading Center。
It is winter and the air is cold and the heart is warm。Danzhai County Yangwu Town Yangsong village branch secretary Long Yun line of three people, wind and dust into the office, sent a letter to the center party members, deputy director Liu Kezhao's hands。


Liu Kezhao opened the letter, the title of the letter is "on the request to retain the first secretary of Yangsong Village Wu Tian will continue to help comrades in Yangsong Village application report", the letter is signed by the village branch, the village committee and stamped with the official seal, but also closely signed by 59 villagers and according to the red fingerprint。That put Liu in a bind。
Wu Tian will go to the countryside to the village in the first line of poverty alleviation has been four years, according to the work arrangement of the unit, to transfer him back, send new comrades down。In addition, the unit needs Wu Tianwill to undertake new work。But this is the voice of the masses, is a letter from a remote Miao village, full of more than 200 Miao villagers heavy expectations。
Xin first introduced the basic situation of Yangsong Village and briefly described the development and changes of Yangsong Village in recent years。The letter said that Comrade Wu Tianwill "from the provincial office to Yangsong to help, are giving up small families for everyone, in order to Yangsong village and poor households wonderful column, Secretary Wu really pay too much, he is a good party member, a good cadre of the people.。He brought happiness and hope to Yangsong Village......”
The letter put forward the request to retain Wu Tianjiang and its reasons: "Yangsong's industrial development, infrastructure construction and other aspects are seeking progress in stability, and stable poverty alleviation needs to be strengthened.。We still need Secretary Wu to continue to help us in industry selection, fund raising, project coordination and so on。To this end, Yangsong village two committees and all the villagers sincerely hope that the provincial public resources trading center leadership after serious consideration to remain Wu Tian will comrade in Yangsong village continue to help。”
Four pages of letter paper, more than a thousand words, although the language is not very smooth, but the transcription is very good, every word is gold。The dazzling red fingerprint is the support of the Miao people for the Party's poverty alleviation policy and the affirmation of the front-line cadres in poverty alleviation。
The center leadership immediately informed Comrade Wu Tianwill of this letter, after seeking his opinion, held a team meeting to make a decision: agree that comrade Wu Tianwill continue to stay in Yangsong village。
"When we heard that Secretary Wu was leaving, we were very anxious。In case it was too late, I only signed 59 villagers' representatives。Longyun party secretary recalled the scene of going to the provincial capital overnight to "ask for orders", as if he was still panting。
"Secretary Wu did not leave, well, we have hope!"Wang Yongneng, a big farmer, jumped for joy。
The villagers of dry change village, knowing that Secretary Wu went and did not succeed, have come to Yang Song to visit him。
That's not a finger print, that's the hearts of the people of Yangsong Village。With the original heart of a Communist Party member, Wu Tian will win the heart of the Miao people。
Wu Tianwill affectionately said: "In fact, I also reluctant to leave, do not want to leave these enthusiastic Miao people, do not want to leave these daily comrades, do not want to leave this coming to an end of the frontline of poverty alleviation!"
Wu Tianjiang's son, Wu Wentao, is studying at a university in Beijing, and the two have not seen each other for a long time。When he told his son about his decision, his son said to him, "Dad, you are my pride, and I will be a man like you.。Come on, I love you!"
He and his son had a pact: when his son graduated from college, when the battle against poverty was over, the father and son would accompany each other every day for a month。
This is "the most beautiful First Secretary of Qiandongnan Prefecture", "the First Secretary of Guizhou Province Poverty alleviation Excellent Village", Wu Tianwill worthy of the "Guizhou Province poverty alleviation group of English", "Guizhou Province poverty alleviation talents", "Qiandongnan ten best First Secretary" Wu Tianwill。
5. Not the end
In November 2020, I visited Yangsong Miao Village again。
Stepping into the village committee, I saw Wu Tianwill typing words on the computer, and when I walked in, I found that he was writing a report on the request to solve the funds needed for Yangsong Village Kindergarten Bokan.。He said that the kindergarten has just been converted from a private village to a public one, and still uses the old facilities in the past, with some damage to the walls and ground, and help them appeal to create a safe environment for children。
I made a joke on him: "First Secretary, really manage the heaven and the earth.。”
He said seriously: "Poverty alleviation, poverty alleviation first, the growth of the doll is a big thing.。”


Looking up at the wall of the business hall, there are many honorary MEDALS such as "2017-2019 Civilized Village of the whole State", "Harmonious Rural Demonstration Village", "Danzhai County 2019, 2020 Excellent Farmer Professional Cooperative" and so on。Wu Tian will take me to see this three-story office building, the second floor has the village level mediation room, as well as the library, the bookcase neatly placed many science and technology books and literature books。On the third floor is the training hall, where many of the farmers of the cooperative come regularly for technical training。Wu Tianwill said that the office building was completed in March this year, with an area of nearly 1,000 square meters, and the original village-level activity room was less than 50 square meters。
Wu Tian will take me to Yangsong Kindergarten。Above the Yangsong Miao Village gate, halfway up the hill is a flat, a four-room bungalow, the entertainment field in front of the door, dozens of children are playing on the slide, and some are jumping on the trampoline, and the happy smiling faces of the children are like blooming flowers。
Xie Yilian, the principal of the garden, warmly received us。According to her, the kindergarten used to be run by the village and its facilities were very simple. In September 2018, it was taken over by the county education Bureau and turned into a public one。With the support of the village team and the government, walls, toilets, garbage ponds and kitchens were built and many more facilities were added。At present, there are 3 teachers in the park and 32 children in large and small classes。Parents send their children to the garden in the morning, the children eat nutritious meals in the garden at noon, and then pick them up in the afternoon。Because of state subsidies, no child can afford to go to the garden。
Xie Yilian said happily: "Now the kindergarten extends to the villages and villages, and adults can work in production with peace of mind.。”
Farewell Xie Yilian, Wu Tian and I will drive to Dashan Chong。A ravine snaked deep into the mountain, and rows of greenhouses lined up along it。Although the November day with a slight cool, but opened a greenhouse door curtain, the vegetables inside are full of vitality。Along the just hardened industrial road to the ravine walk, walk a long way, still can not see the end。
I met several old ladies and asked them, "How far are these greenhouses??”
They said, "Go inside, it is far away.。”
I guess they must be working in the vegetable shed。
Due to time, we returned halfway。If you had not seen it with your own eyes, no one would have believed that there were so many greenhouses hidden in the mountain gully。This valley, the mountain is high and the valley is deep, the light is insufficient, and the rice production is low。
Wu Tian will tell me: "If we don't give up the arable land in this ravine, we can only dig it out to make vegetable industrial park according to local conditions.。”
Indeed, Yangsong Village's arable land resources have played an extreme role。Originally abandoned and idle farmland in the mountain gully, it has now transformed into the most powerful engine for Yangsong Village on the road to poverty alleviation and prosperity。
On the way back, Wu Tian took me for a walk along the industrial road in Yangsong Village。Roadside, a rice field surface ripples, a closer look, the original is a group of fish in you chase me。Looking across the field to Duemen Mountain, boxes of black wooden boxes were scattered and suspended in the mountains。Wu Tianwill told me, "That's a beehive, with more than 80 boxes。”
I think those hard-working bees have been busy for a spring and summer, and now it is beginning to winter, and they should have a rest。And many first secretaries like Wu Tianwill have been busy in order to consolidate the achievements of poverty alleviation and the well-off life of rural farmers。
Wu Tianwill turned around and pointed his finger to the back hill: "On the mountain is the Malang Shengguo base, which has more than 70 acres.。It's too late to show you today。”
As night falls, we arrive at the dry Pai Nai laying duck base。Caretaker Long Guineng is bending down to open the wire fence, and more than 700 ducks quack and skilfully enter the shack。
I asked Long Guineng, "How many eggs can these ducks lay a day??”
He said, "These ducks are getting old. They need to be sold and replaced with new ducklings。There are more than 1,500 ducks at their peak, and 1,400 per day at the peak of egg production。”
I said, "Are you bored with ducks every day??”
"Before," he said, "there was no property, no work in the villages。Now the nearby work, life is getting better and better, life also has hope。"Long GUI can smile and say。
Farewell to Wu Tianwill and Long Guineng, the quack of the duck is still ringing in my ears, and the bright smiling faces of the children are still blooming in my heart like flowers。The Miao villages such as Yangsong and Gangai were the destination of Chiyou, the ancestor of the Miao people. Chiyou's descendants lived a hard life here, sleeping for nearly a thousand years。It was the vigorous fight against poverty and the arrival of many first secretaries like Wu Tianjiang that woke up these sleepy villages and led them to the road of poverty alleviation and prosperity。
There are fruit in the mountains, bees in the mountains, a shed on the edge of the field, ducks in the shed, fish in the water, little learning, the old have some care, the sick have medical treatment, happy, a picture spread out in my mind。

About the authorZhao Chaolong, male, Miao nationality, member of the Chinese Writers Association, Vice Chairman of the Provincial Writers Association, provincial management expert, a group of four talents in the province, a first-level writer, Editor-in-Chief of Guizhou Literature。His creative fields include novels, essays, poems, songs, movies and TV dramas, reportage, etc。His novels are Blue Wujiang, Selected Novels of Zhao Chaolong, Sun on Wujiang and Folk Ballads.Poetry collection "Brahma Pure Land" and "Home Deep";Novels "Thirty Years of Age", "Wind and Rain Fanjingshan", "Dawujiang";43 episodes of drama script "The Secret Battle of the Brave Wujiang";Long reportage "Dream Garden Qiandong" and "Capital Hero";20 episodes of TV series "Xiongguan Road" (scriptwriter), 38 episodes of TV series "Wind and Rain Fanjingshan" (original scriptwriter), 36 episodes of TV series "Brave Man" (scriptwriter);Film "Kuang Jixun Peng Sui Uprising" (original screenplay);Songs "Blue Wujiang", "Wujiang Listening to the waves", "Walking on the Wujiang Road", "I am from Guizhou", "Misty Rain Jinjiang" and so on。His works have won five national engineering awards,National Minority Literature Horse Award,Stars Award,Golden Star Award,China Gem Literature Prize,Guizhou Province five one project award,Guizhou Provincial Government Literature and Art Award,The first Wujiang Literature Prize in Guizhou Province,The first Golden Prize in Guizhou Province,Guizhou Provincial Literature Special Award,More than 20 provincial and above awards such as "Colorful Guizhou" Songwriting Award in Guizhou Province。