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New Era Chronicle/Ouyang Qiansen: There are So Many Beautiful Things (Reportage)

Source: Guizhou Literature Network Author: Founder Date: 2020-10-12    

There are so many beautiful places

Ouyang Qiansen


About the author:Ouyang Qiansen,Male, Han nationality, graduate degree, first-level scriptwriter, second-level professor, Guizhou Province core expert, State Council special allowance expert。He is currently the chairman of Guizhou Literary Federation, Chairman of Guizhou Writers Association and President of Guizhou College of Literature.The 11th, 12th and 13th National People's Congress。He has published more than 5 million words of long, medium and short stories in Chinese core journals。There are ten novels such as "Xiongguan Road", "Non-love Time", "Jedi Every life", "Lady of Luxury" and short stories。Scriptwriter and chief producer of TV series such as "The Mighty Pass", "The Jedi Life", "The Lady of Luxury","24Road Turn ", "Fire Cloud Street", "The Great Turning", "Flowers and Leaves", the movie "Days under the clouds", "Surviving Day", "Extreme crisis" and other twelve。Won four national championshipsFive one projectAwards, three national television appearancesGolden Eagle AwardsThree times national televisionApsaras PrizeThe second ArmyGolden Star AwardMore than 50 provincial and ministerial awards, such as the first prize of the National Broadcast and Television General Excellent Screenplay Award, and the first prize of the Provincial Government Literature and Art Award。Central Propaganda Department nationwidequadTalent, gainThe country's young and middle-aged literary and artistic workers称号。



More than once, I stood at the pass of Loushan Pass and looked down on the lofty mountains。

This is the most dangerous place in Dalou Mountain。Pass to the north into Sichuan, south into Guizhou, after this risk can be on both sides of the long straight into no such mighty pass。

Looking at the road that floats up the mountain into the clouds, I thought, without this road, it is hard to imagine that people can travel at any time。I had imagined Loushan Pass without a road: majestic, desolate, even wild animals are difficult to cross。85 years ago, when a great poet crossed here on foot and wrote down the poem "Xiong Guan Rambling road is really like iron, and now I am stepping from the beginning", the heroic sentiment of the mountain is high and I am the peak has so far made people's blood boil!

It is already impossible for people to experience Loushan Pass without a road, that is, this road in front of themThe steep and famous mountain road of "72 road turns" is no longer the main road connecting Guizhou and Chongqing。Anyone who has driven through here has experienced that it takes more than an hour to climb this mountain, even by car。Now, this situation no longer exists, has long been a natural cut into the road, a highway dragon from the belly of the mountain through, through the past only more than 10 minutes。

What's even more shocking,This area is located in the Wumeng mountains and Wuling Mountains in the intersection of the majestic mountains,Now the roads are connected in a network,Realized the village, group access,There is no doubt that it will change the lives of all the peoples who live here in a long and lasting way,This will be an important landmark achievement to change the face of poverty in the old red area,那么,Is the goal of completely overcoming poverty in the old red areas still far away?The answer is already here。

On March 3, 2020, the People's Government of Guizhou Province issued an announcement that 24 counties (districts) including Zheng 'an met the national poverty county exit criteria。

So far, the famous red revolutionary old area of Zunyi City, the last deep poverty county-- Zheng 'an County officially lifted its poverty cap, which also announced that Zunyi City has become the first prefecture-level city in Guizhou Province to achieve comprehensive poverty alleviation, and completely tore off the label of absolute poverty。

As of now, the cityAll eight poor counties have withdrawn, 871 poor villages have been listed, 92.All 220,000 registered poor people have been lifted out of poverty, and the poverty incidence has increased from 13 percent in early 2014.75% fell to 0% at the end of 2019。Zunyi took the lead in Guizhou Province to achieve the goal of poverty alleviation for the entire city and the complete elimination of absolute poverty。Poverty alleviation depends on precision, focus on precision, and success or failure depends on precision。习近平总书记指出:“必须在精准施策上出实招、在精准推进上下实功、在精准落地上见实效。”

牢记习近平总书记的殷殷嘱托,遵义市聚焦"Six precise",Comprehensively abandon all formalism such as "bonsai", "roadside flowers" and "image projects",It does not lower standards,Do not raise the "appetite",Implement "man to man" tactics,Steadily promote accurate identification, accurate help, and accurate exit work,To achieve strict normalization of identification, precise targeting of dynamic help, and real reliability of poverty alleviation and withdrawal,We will ensure that poverty alleviation work is pragmatic, the process is solid, and the results are real。"Solving poverty" by focusing on actual poverty alleviation,To safeguard the bottom line "pocket the bottom";From enhancing hematopoietic function to "changing to poverty",To overcome the fortress of poverty "strong poor village";Improving infrastructure for the poor,To change the living conditions of the "poor nest" and other measures,It has explored a poverty alleviation road with the characteristics of Zunyi, an old revolutionary area,Submit a qualified answer sheet to the Party Central Committee, the provincial Party Committee and the 8 million Zunyi people of the city。

In the conversation with the Party secretary of Zunyi Wei Shuwang, I gradually had such a feeling, this feeling directly hit my chest, can not help but make my heart surging with emotion。It is not difficult to imagine that the whole people out of poverty, a great project never before achieved in human history, could never have been achieved without the strong leadership of the Communist Party。I have also heard and witnessed many SOB stories in the front line of poverty alleviation, but if I want to list those countless poverty alleviation deeds and detailed data like Secretary Wei, I can only be ashamed of myself。

"Where the masses move, the Party organization is built, where the masses move, where the party members are, no matter how remote, no matter how many difficulties, where there is poverty, where there is a crisis, where there is the Party flag flying high.。”

When Wei Shuwang said this passage, he did not raise his voice, or he told it as calmly and without losing his affinity。

That sounds like a lot to me!He has such a tone, it is clear that the firm and confident。I always firmly believe that people who have confidence never rely on loud voices to solve problems。The nature of things is always full of dialectics, and at this time I feel that my voice must be louder, because the words I have to say, even without raising my voice, are in themselves very heavy。Such a weight, so that my voice does not raise a height, this is not to make me feel uncomfortable!Unable to keep down, I raised my teacup and shouted loudly: Cheers!For Zunyi"Clear" list。

Of course, Secretary Wei Shuwang is also drinking tea。

"Zero" the absolute poverty of the people in the old red areas, but to ensure this achievement, it is a long way to go。For this point, I think anyone who has participated in poverty alleviation will have such concerns。How to effectively reduce the rate of poverty return, or to keep the incidence of poverty at zero, is the top priority of poverty alleviation work in the future。We will certainly discuss such issues。There is no doubt that our discussions will not avoid some acute problems at the grassroots level。For me, a three-term National People's Congress deputy who has been on the frontline of poverty alleviation for years, he understands。We have exchanged views on many issues during the National People's Congress on numerous occasions. Of course, seeking truth from facts is the topic principle that we always follow。

He said that Zunyi's poverty alleviation has started early and made a good start。Although the goal of taking the lead in comprehensive poverty alleviation in the province has been achieved, it does not mean that we can"Swords and guns into the warehouse", "Ma Fang Nanshan", "breathe a sigh of relief" and "take a rest"。

I said, zero is not easy, and the key is to continue to ensure the results of poverty alleviation。

He said that as long as our party members and cadres really learn to understand and implement the spirit of the General Secretary's series of speeches, we will be able to attack and defeat all。"When the 'final bell' of poverty alleviation in the province did not ring, we can not walk out of the 'examination room' without permission, we must check and check repeatedly to ensure that we deliver a higher score of the 'answer paper'."。”

I said, I'm going down for a walk. Seeing is believing。

'Seeing is believing,' he said。Where do you want to go?

I said, Zheng 'an County。

He said Zheng 'an was the last one in Zunyi"Clean up" the deep poverty county。Have you been there??

我说,18 years ago.。



If you go into the depths of distant memory again, and the scene presented in front of you has nothing to do with your memory, you will be very melancholy, you will be very sorry。However, when such melancholy and regret only touch the soft parts of your inner world, then bless you, because you must be smiling at this time, and your eyes are full of surprise and joy。

At this point, I am like this。Eighteen years ago, Zhengan County, which I visited and left a deep memory of, was completely transformed, and almost no trace of the old days could be found。These traces are my miss, and miss for a long time, it became homesickness。When that thread of homesickness was soft in my heart, someone asked me how I felt。I raised a smiling face and said happily: "Changed the world.。”

All the people present raised their smiles。

记得习近平总书记讲过:党中央的政策好不好,关键看老百姓是哭还是笑。This simple sentence is really to the point, striking, enlightening, enlightening。

During my interviews in villages and villages, I always adhere to this principle: No matter who provides me with what kind of materials, I will never quote them until I have a glimpse of them。Being observant and insightful is the basic skill of a writer, and whether you laugh with your skin or with your heart, I certainly feel the clues。I insist on a heart-to-heart talk with every poor family I meet and make friends。It can be said that I have been to countless poor villages, have seen countless poor households, as long as they open a conversation, I have not seen a sad face of people, their bright smile, really infected me。My smile also lit up, at this time, sharing happiness and a sense of gain with them, happier than anything else。

As we all know, Guizhou is the main battlefield of poverty alleviation in the country, and the part of Guizhou which is located in the Wumeng Mountain area and Wuling Mountain area is the main battlefield of poverty alleviation in Guizhou。Zheng 'an County is located in the Wumeng mountain and Wuling Mountain intersection of the national level of deep poverty county。Zheng 'an County is a typical mountainous agricultural county, but also a large population county, the county land area2595 square kilometers, jurisdiction 20 towns (townships, streets), 154 villages (communities, neighborhood committees), the total population of 66.80000, of which 60 agricultural population.120,000, with 17 poverty-stricken towns and 90 poverty-stricken villages。Since 2014, the county has registered 128,031 poor people in 31,298 households, with a poverty incidence of 21.It is one of the 16 deeply poor counties in Guizhou Province and the only deeply poor county in Zunyi City。By the end of 2019, 17 poor towns and 90 poor villages in the county had all been listed, and 128,031 poor people registered in 31,298 households had all been lifted out of poverty according to current standards。In January 2020, Zhengan County's poverty alleviation efforts achieved zero error return, zero missed assessment, zero clearance of all poor people and satisfaction of 99 in the provincial third-party evaluation and acceptance.22% good grade。On March 3, 2020, the provincial government officially announced that Zheng 'an County had dropped out of the poverty-stricken county sequence, and was the first among the 16 deeply impoverished counties in the province to achieve the goal of lifting all the rural poor out of poverty under the current standard。

我是On May 6, 2020, after three and a half hours' trek, it arrived at Zhengan County at 16pm。Immediately, of course。When Deng Zhaotao, deputy director of the Zunyi Municipal People's Congress and secretary of the Zheng 'an County Party Committee, asked me what I wanted to see first, I answered without hesitation that I wanted to see the resettlement site。Deng Zhaotao didn't say a word, and immediately took us to drive there。

In Guizhou, the task of poverty alleviation and relocation in inhospitable areas is the key to the top priorityOn December 23, 2019, it was announced that it had fully completed the relocation task of poverty alleviation in inhospitable areas during the "13th Five-Year Plan" period, and the province had implemented the relocation of 1.88 million people, of which 154 were registered as poor people.330,000 people, simultaneous relocation population 33.670,000 people were relocated to 10,090 natural villages。Such numbers are staggering。From the perspective of nearly 200 countries and regions around the world, such a large-scale relocation is almost unimaginable for other countries, and I think it makes sense to relocate the population of a small country as a whole。

"How to move?"To" What happens after you move?This problem is difficult, but it must be solved。Whether this problem is solved well, is closely related to the happiness, security and sense of gain of the relocated people, how to make the poor people who move out of the mountains achieve the goal of "moving, stable, can develop, and can get rich", which is a severe test for the vast number of poverty-alleviation cadres and the objects of their poverty alleviation。 

In the past, I have been to many relocation points, they either have this problem or that problem, in short, the contradiction is quite prominent。Since the implementation of targeted poverty alleviation, it has fully reflected the ability and determination of the Communist Party to be good at solving contradictions in contradictions。The results achieved in poverty alleviation in recent years have attracted worldwide attention, and the people have seen and felt them。

I have long heard that Zhengan Ruihao immigrant settlement is doing well, and today, the reason why I suddenly proposed to see this place is to uphold my consistent interview principles-- Seeing is believing. Second, the route and purpose of my interview are never told in advance。Every time I go to the grassroots level, I insist on this, before the interview, no matter who asks me about the interview object and purpose, I insist on not saying, only talking about it and then discussing it。This may be easy to misunderstand, but I am still willing to do so, I just hope to use my accustomed method, it seems very arbitrary, for me, but never tired。

Ten minutes to the Zhengan Ruihao relocation site, we got off and walked forward, into the community, into the street。We just casually walked down the street。There were many people on both sides of the street, and many people standing or sitting on chairs in twos and threes。

Fortunately, our presence did not attract their special attention, which was just what I wanted, so that I could observe them at will。

Seeing that I only looked and did not speak, Secretary Deng Zhaotao did not say much, so we looked east and west and walked for two streets。

Finally, I could not help but open my mouth, I said: Secretary Deng, there is nothing more than a smile to explain the problem, walk for so long, I have not seen a sad face of people, I can feel that these people laugh is sincere, is from the heart。

Secretary Deng smiled, and of course I smiled too。

According to reports, the Ruihao street migrant settlement is the largest relocation and construction in Zunyi City。Total investment in resettlement housing11.700 million yuan, covers an area of 443 acres, a total of 9 communities, 72 buildings, 160 units, housing 3652 sets, the relocation scale of 3794 households 17534 people, has been all moved to move in。In order to ensure that "move, stay stable, and get rich", the community streets take the construction of "five systems" as the starting point, take "three hearts" (move at ease, live well, and live comfortably) as the goal, and firmly promote the follow-up support management work around the "12345" work ideas。

First of all, pay close attention to"Three highlights" to ensure that the masses "move at ease"。The location highlights its advantages: the resettlement site is close to industrial parks, county vocational schools, first-class hospitals, five pavilions, logistics centers and other densely populated places,Obvious location advantage,After people move in, it will help solve problems such as employment, medical treatment and schooling.Highlights function in design: total floor area of 510,000 square meters,Residential building area 3.40,000 square meters, commercial area 4.30,000 square meters, garage 10.360,000 square meters,Supporting the construction of hospitals, primary schools, kindergartens, farmers' markets, commercial facade, garage and so on,To meet the needs of the masses in production and life;Highlight the quality in construction: always focus on the goal of creating "project construction, service management, employment and entrepreneurship, social governance, grassroots organization construction" demonstration projects and the province and even the whole country's poverty alleviation and relocation demonstration projects,In the construction of strict standard operation, according to the drawing construction,Responsible to people in material procurement, construction supervision, internal quality, external image, etc,Strict quality control, strict control,Make every effort to build a project that the masses can rest assured of,To make sure that the people can move at ease。The second is to advance the "12345" project to ensure that the people live a satisfactory and comfortable life。

One is to strengthen an organization,To achieve global leadership: set up a street office and set up two neighborhood committees,A party branch was established,Two Party members with high political quality and strong service ability were selected as branch secretaries,Enriched the grassroots branch strength,It lays a solid foundation for the long-term management of the relocation project.9 garden managers and 72 building managers were selected and assigned,Formed a grid autonomous organization of "garden head system + building head system";Relying on trade unions, women's federations, Youth League committees and other institutions,Set up women's and children's homes and workers' activity centers,Enriching the lives of the people,Harmonious neighborhood relations,Let the masses feel that no matter where they move, there is organized care and care。

The second is to build two communities to achieve more convenient services: solid progress"Safe Community" Create, create "smart community",We will strengthen comprehensive social governance,We will continue to raise the level of comprehensive and intelligent governance at the community level,We will deepen efforts to build smart communities,We will strive to build a convenient and efficient system of community management and livelihood services,Create a safe, comfortable and convenient community living environment,We will effectively enhance the sense of gain, happiness and security of the relocated people。

The third is to set up three centers,To achieve high service quality: set up a property management service center,Introduce property management companies to set up a number of property management service teams,Management of water, electricity, farmers' markets, garages, etc,Repair and maintain municipal public facilities, greening, environment, etc,We will ensure that people's lives are orderly,同时,Among the cadres, workers, party members and the masses, able-bodied people are selected to form public security patrols,Publicize fire prevention and theft prevention and Party policies,Improve the awareness of the people in the resettlement sites and ensure the safety of the people's property;A social worker service center was established,Annual input$200,000 for social services,Adopt the "community + social worker + social organization" three-community linkage model,Integrate government, community, social and other resources to help the relocation to adapt to the new living environment, change the living habits of villagers to residents, help solve life difficulties, and achieve capacity growth,此外,Actively encourage young people who are willing to serve the people in the settlement to set up volunteer service teams,Especially for the resettlement of empty nesters, left-behind children, disabled and other special groups to send care and warmth;Education and training centres have been established,Supported by "New Era Citizens' Workshop",We will vigorously promote gratitude education, moral education, citizen management education, legal education, employment and old-age care, medical and health care, social security, civil assistance and other policies,We will strengthen the ability of relocated people to lift themselves out of poverty and get rich。

Fourth, improve the four mechanisms to ensure follow-up。

建立"Three turns" mechanism,To solve the worries of the relocated masses: to help implement the transfer of schools,All the 4,664 children involved in the relocation were transferred to Jianzheng Middle School, Zhengan Fourth Primary School, and kindergarten in the resettlement site near the resettlement site.To help implement the transfer of accounts in accordance with the principle of active, prudent and voluntary,Effectively promote the hukou transfer work;Third, we will help implement the transfer of subsistence allowances,The project of raising standard and expanding surface will be implemented,All 520 people who used to enjoy rural subsistence allowances will be transferred to urban subsistence allowances and the standards will be raised,At the same time, 4,902 migrants with difficulties in the transition period will be newly included in the urban subsistence allowance,The immigrant life is guaranteed。

建立"Three gang" mechanism,Ensure that life is guaranteed: Implement the unit to help "building",One building for each of the 65 county departments,We will take special measures to help the poor people in the buildings we help,Up to now, it has helped more than 300 households in extreme poverty to buy household appliances, furniture and other basic living utensils;Implement the enterprise help "yuan",It is clear that 142 enterprises such as Shenqu Musical Instrument and Qian 'an agriculture and animal husbandry will each help 1 unit,Give referrals for employability,At present, more than 425 people have been employed in the park;Implement cadres' assistance to households,It is clear that 2,500 cadres in the county direct organs will be given "one-to-one" pairs of help,We will help the people publicize policies, clarify development ideas, and resolve practical difficulties。

落实"Three" policy,Ensure follow-up development: Solve the problem of mass medical treatment,We should adhere to the principle of selecting the best from the highest level and the people's willingness to do a good job in transferring medical insurance,At the same time, a health center has been built in the resettlement site,And open a medical "green channel" for the relocated masses,Providing first treatment, later payment and "one-stop" services;Solve the problem of mass employment,The information base has been established according to the age, gender and specialty of the relocated people,Precise implementation training,Adhere to the employment-oriented,Through the "menu" and "surprise" training of "immigration order", "enterprise order" and "government bill",Up to now,4,480 people have been trained,Among them, 660 people were trained in 11 periods of housekeeping and nursing workers,Chef training for 250 people in 5 sessions,Electrician, welder, construction training of 300 people in 5 periods,Cleaning, security training 7 sessions 420 people,Other skills training 1050 people,More than 1800 people were trained before check-in,Accurate post alignment,7528 people were employed,To achieve an average employment of more than 2 people per household,Employment rate up to 84.1%;To solve the problem of mass schooling, supporting the construction of Jianzheng middle schools, Zhengan four primary schools, and resettlement kindergartens, and strictly implement the policies of "two assistance and three exemptions" and national bursaries in accordance with the policy, and effectively protect the schooling problems of children of relocated households。

完善“三地”,Ensure income for the masses: establish cooperatives in the places where they move,The "three pieces of land" of homestead, contracted land and forest land left in the original place of residence after the relocation will be uniformly purchased and stored,Use the relocation of the masses to contract land, part of the poverty alleviation funds, "preferential loans" to participate in all kinds of leading enterprises,Implement the "minimum subsidy + benefit dividend" model,Focus on developing the agricultural industry,Build a benefit linkage mechanism with "three changes" as the main content,We will effectively raise the incomes of people who have relocated。

The fifth is to implement five projects to lead the new practice of relocation: first, to createFortress Project,Give full play to the role of Party organizations as fighting fortresses,"Where will the masses move,Where the Party organization will be established;Where are the displaced people,"Where are the party members" clarion call for action;Second, create a "service innovation project",Innovative service model,Implementation of "Party building + comprehensive governance" services, "Party building + group organization" services, "Party building + social capital" services,Improve service efficiency,Make the relocation of community party organizations work more in line with the needs of the masses,Improve the sense of security and satisfaction of the masses;Third, build a "Party and mass unity project",Give full play to the role of community party branch fighting fortress and vanguard role of party members,284 Party members with high party consciousness and strong political quality were selected from relocated party members, agency party members, and retired cadre party members to serve as the heads of the "Party and the masses connected with the heart of the household.,Around the policy publicity, public feedback, leading to get rich, dispute mediation, work supervision, civil charge and street appearance clean,With the demonstration of household heads, party members taking the lead, and mass participation as the main body,To "the party and the masses to connect the heart of the household" as the starting point,Through the party belt group, dry belt group, first belt after,Let the people feel the Party's kindness, listen to the Party, and follow the Party,Create a good atmosphere for mutual integration, mutual promotion and harmonious joint construction,Give full play to the vanguard and exemplary role of party members,It has built an effective platform for party members to play their roles and serve the masses;Fourth, build a "Party housing project",Guided by the "two-way interaction" of the relocation site,Focus on improving the livelihood of migrants,We will build a large party building system with vertical and horizontal linkages,Work hard to solve the follow-up problems of relocation,Ensuring the quality of poverty alleviation;Fifth, build a "civilization upgrading project",We will strengthen the construction of spiritual civilization in relocated communities,Focus on implementing the "three activities",The ideological and moral quality of the residents has improved significantly,The awareness of civilization was further enhanced,By carrying out cultural infiltration activities, quality cultivation activities, happiness index promotion activities,We will guide the people to forge ahead with gratitude and be self-reliant。

In the eyes, in the heart。At this moment, I have made up my mind to write all this with my pen。My writing is a hobby, it is a mood, it is a real expression, just as I climb a mountain and want to sing with my throat open。

Memory is the source of literature, memory is the trace of the progress of human civilization, and what do these traces tell us, I think, every Chinese people know。The 5,000-year history of Chinese civilization tells us that the people, and only the people, are the driving force behind history。Guan once warned the king to be people-oriented, Confucius said: the king boat is also, the people are also water, water can carry the boat, but also can overturn the boat。Li Shimin, Emperor Taizong of Tang Dynasty, understood this truth and promoted the rule of Zhenguan, thus laying the cornerstone of the great and prosperous Tang Dynasty。今天,人民领袖习近平带领中国共产党人,始终以人民为中心的执政理念,是封建帝王将相所望尘莫及的。The implementation of targeted poverty alleviation is the largest project benefiting the people in Chinese history, so targeted poverty alleviation has become the greatest project benefiting the people in human history。

我反复阅读习近平总书记的文章和讲话的时候,常常被文中那些伟大的情怀所感染。When the happiness and sorrow of a person's life are connected with the happiness and sorrow of an entire nation, even life and death, such a life experience is worth remembering forever and passing on from generation to generation。A nation that has lost its memory or that remembers pleasure rather than pain is an aphasia, and an aphasia is doomed to have no future。The experience and memory of the General Secretary are great, the collective memory of our nation: there is suffering, and there is also the means, strength and wisdom to overcome it。

所以,学懂、弄通、做实习近平总书记的系列讲话精神,是每一个党员干部的修养所在。That is how people-centred goals and tasks can be achieved。

I believe what I see, but I want more。So, I met the head of the household, the head of the building, the director of the street office and so on。

After Chen Changxing moved from the remote town of Xiaoya to the Ruihao settlement, he became the head of the party and the people, mainly responsible for the party's policy publicity, community work supervision, civil agency, dispute mediation and other work, and often busy with the daily life of the immigrant masses。他说:"When many villagers first moved in, they made a lot of jokes, such as not using the toilet, not finding the way home when going out, and carrying buckets of water to flush the floor causing water to overflow several floors.。”

He was shy when I didn't talk to him, as if he felt guilty for not doing his job well。

I said: I have been to many relocation sites, and this situation is everywhere。

Chen Changxing just relaxed, he said: now good, the masses from the initial"Not used to" "worry" to "live comfortably" "live and work in peace and contentment", to achieve a stable but also rich transformation。

I said: you are very good, very good!

He said: not I speak well, itself is so good, do not believe you go to the street to find a random person to ask。

I said: I have asked before, like you, all say that the policy of the Party Central Committee is good!

He said: We are all people who have tasted the sweetness, it would be too unconscionable not to say yes。

I said: Yes, that's unconscionable。

We laughed together and the people around us laughed too。

The "building chief" is the legal propagandist of the masses, the mediator of neighborhood disputes, the security guard, the comprehensive information collector, and the livable environment supervisor. It plays an important role in serving the masses and integrating the neighborhood relations, and the moving households are increasingly inseparable from the "building chief"。The mantra "If you have a problem, find the building manager" has become popular in the resettlement site。

Building leader Dong Zhilian said:"No problem with me, as long as I can do it, absolutely no problem。The leaders and villagers trusted me and recommended me to be the building chief, and I must do my duty。”

Like Dong ZhilianThere are a total of 71 "building leaders" in the Ruihao resettlement site, and they mainly do service work for 17,398 people in 3,795 settlements。That puts her in charge of three units and 72 households。As the "building chief", Dong Zhilian's main responsibility is to mediate neighborhood conflicts, manage the health of the building, everyone encountered large and small family chores, will also come to her help, she never put off, always try to solve the problem。

I asked her: So many families, they come to you for something, can you solve their problems?

She said: The farmers have become citizens, and people are really nervous when they first come here。

I said: Tell me what people are scared of?

She said: suddenly moved from the countryside to the city, some people are difficult to adapt to the living environment of the community, go out without a key, can not open the anti-theft lock, some will not open network TV, some put firecrackers in the refrigerator, some go out to find the way home such things often happen……“

After the relocation, we received public consultationMore than 30,000 people opened locks for the masses more than 3,000 times, turned off water more than 1,000 times, dealt with domestic electricity problems more than 2,000 times, dealt with contradictions and disputes more than 500 times, and escorted the masses home more than 500 times。The director of the street office, Wu Taixi, added。

The crowd gathered around enthusiastically, talking about the many jokes they thought they had made, and the atmosphere suddenly livened up, and laughter erupted。

I also could not help laughing, I said: this is your panic!I see you guys are happy“恐慌”。

Everyone roared with laughter。

The laughter spread in waves and could be heard several streets away。

This happy and happy smiling face conveys a very clear message that their sense of gain and satisfaction is real and convincing。Such a bright smile, is forced to come。

我的脸也灿烂起来,心思一下子飞到了花茂村。习近平总书记曾在那里感慨地说了两句话,一句是:"No wonder everyone comes and finds nostalgia here。Another sentence is: "Whether the policies formulated by the Party Central Committee are good or not depends on whether the villagers are crying or laughing.。”

I interviewed Huamao Village back then“红色之家”的村民王治强的时候,他笑起来像一朵向日葵,他指着习近平总书记坐过的农家椅子说:“习近平总书记就坐在这里,他说我们是哭还是笑的时候,在场的乡亲们都笑开了花。”

At this time, I felt that we were all smiling like sunflowers, and the policies of the Party Central Committee were shining on us like the sun。

The villagers have such a happy smile, then, such seeing is real, such a smile, how can not shock and move the heart!Millions of party members and cadres go to the countryside to implement precise poverty alleviation is a great project deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and their hard index is exchanged for the real happiness index of the people。

以人民为中心是习近平治国理政的核心理念,人民立场是马克思主义政党区别于其他政党的显著标志。习近平总书记强调:In all the work of the Party, the fundamental interests of the overwhelming majority of the people must be the highest standard。To test the effectiveness of all our work, we ultimately need to see whether the people have really benefited, whether their lives have really improved, and whether their rights and interests have really been protected。”

In Zhengan County Ruihao resettlement point,I believe what I see,The county government is to relocate the needs of the masses as the guidance,We will focus on employment and entrepreneurship for the masses,We will continue to improve the follow-up support and assistance mechanism for immigrants,Effectively cracked the relocation of the masses dare not come, do not want to come, how to live, how to get rich and other problems,Let the poor people living in the mountains move out of the mountains,The people's lives have been improved, their survival has been guaranteed, and they have obtained real benefits。

In order to ensure that poor households can move in smoothly, the local government has implemented such a preferential policy: each relocation person only needs to raise funds2,000 yuan, you can move into a new house of 20 square meters per capita, and you can get the property rights of the house after 5 years。The house has been decorated, TV, refrigerator, air conditioning and other appliances are available, people can directly "check in"。

As the largest resettlement center for poverty alleviation relocation in Zunyi City, Ruihao immigrant resettlement center in Zhengan County is inhabited by people from all over the world1 of 20 townships.More than 70,000 people were relocated from inhospitable areas, of which 95% were registered poor households。To let everyone "move, stable, can get rich", easy to say, it is not easy to do。

Relocation is the means, poverty alleviation is the end。The relocation of the masses to achieve a step into the new house, quick to live a good life, not only need"Help the horse", but also need more measures to "send a journey"。Only in this way can we move, stay stable, and get rich is not an empty phrase。To do it, passion is not enough, we must have the means, ability and wisdom。

Data show that at present, Ruihao immigration settlement to achieve at least each householdOne person is employed and two people are employed per household, which is much higher than the average level of Guizhou Province。In April 2019, Ruihao migrant Settlement was rated as a poverty alleviation relocation demonstration site by Guizhou Provincial Government。

Centering on medical treatment, schooling, employment, medical insurance, subsistence allowance, and social security, Zhengan has improved the living security mechanism for immigrants。Local implementation"Enterprises help Yuan, units help building, cadres help households" large visits, and jointly promote the integration of "relocation marriage, relocation integration, and thousands of people to help"。Up to now, it has helped the masses solve more than 3,000 difficulties in production and life, provided more than 4,000 jobs, and solved the land transfer of 1,527 mu。Through labor export, self-employment, development of public welfare jobs and other ways, the employment rate reached 90 percent.4%。

It's in the settlement2055 elderly people, because they have just moved from the countryside to the city, the life contrast is large, they do not know how to pass the time。According to the needs of everyone, we helped the cadres to set up 12 interest groups such as handicraft, chorus, square dance, allegro, Musical Instruments, etc., to help them integrate into urban life as soon as possible through a variety of activities。Relying on the farmers (citizens) workshops, the use of TV, wechat public number, square display screen, etc., to enrich the spiritual and cultural life of the community, so that the masses have a sense of belonging and a sense of gain, so that the relocated people can integrate into the new life of the community as soon as possible。Now, the sense of gain of the masses is changing from "fields, hoeing baskets" to "singing and dancing, happy life".。

Where there is laughter, it will make people linger。After coming to Zheng 'an County, I did not settle in which hotel, said to come, now, unconsciously three hours have passed, but still feel unfulfilled。I met a lot of new friends here, and we had a great time talking, and I was really reluctant to leave。

Reluctant new friends said: eat dinner and then go。

I don't give up said: eat enough!Spiritual feast!

Waving goodbye now, is the beginning of the next reunion, since we have become friends, have a happy time together, such happiness, will become our common memory, and memory is the source of our good memories。

With such a source, I believe there will always be a day to see you again。I hope it is true. I understand that a promise is a debt. I am sure I will come again。

After leaving the Ruihao immigration settlement, my steps must move towards the Economic Development zone of Zheng 'an County, because I must fulfill a promise。



On the way to Zheng 'an County, you can always see such a billboard, reading: Listen to Zheng 'an Divine music, taste Zheng 'an white tea。

Zhengan white tea is indeed a good tea, I have tasted it, the leaf buds are tender and slightly yellow, and the color soup is crystal clear。Zhengan tea planting area of up to23.70,000 acres, about 6.With an output value of 300 million yuan, such a scale ranks among the best counties under the jurisdiction of Zunyi City。

可这"Divine Comedy" misses the point。At first glance that "divine Qu" is the abbreviation of Zunyi Shenqu Musical Instrument Manufacturing Co., LTD., a careful reflection is not entirely true。If you must regard "listening to Zhengan Shenqu" as the metaphor of Zunyi Shenqu Musical Instrument Manufacturing Co., LTD., when you enter Zhengan County guitar industrial Park, your idea will change。

Listen to the divine music, taste the white tea, listen to all the good, but if you ask me, this listen seems to be more famous, it comes from the legend of the guitar brothers。This legend is not an ordinary legend, it in addition to the legend contained in the bizarre plot, the character's unusual behavior definition, but also gave the courage of the strong man and the strong man drink。

In my opinion, whether the plot is bizarre or the behavior is unusual, in the case of legend, it is not just different from ordinary people, nor is it just to emphasize the legend itself。As far as ordinary people are concerned, legend certainly has its desirable side, more is to block the audience。

In this way, it would be superficial to generalize the legend of the guitar brothers as a general legend, merely to see the plot as bizarre and the characters' behavior as unusual。This is not an ordinary legend, destined the courage and domineering that this legend shows, and the support point of this courage and domineering is vision and wisdom。

When a strong man needs to break his arm, do we only see his courage?Behind this courage must be the wisdom of his time, unless he is a coward, not a strong man。

When a warrior stops drinking, can we only see his domineering spirit?Behind this arrogance must be his indomitable faith, unless he is a mang, not a warrior。

In my opinion, the strength of the strong man lies in the heart, the courage of the male, and the arrogance of the qi, which is called that although the hand has no strength, he also dares to show his sword;The strength of the warrior lies in the strength of the body, the amount of force, and the agility of the quantity。From this point of view, strong in the heart, fierce in the force, a practice inside, a practice outside, both are ready, invincible。

Of course, there is no invincible person in this world, even if there are a few people who claim to be invincible or others seem invincible, he is often the most difficult to defeat his own。

I said so much, it seems a little deliberately elevated guitar brother taste, in fact, it is not。Since ancient times, in this ancient and magical land of China, there has never been a shortage of soil for the growth of wonderful legends. The Chinese nation has both a strong man like Jing Ke who has gone away and never returned, and a strong man like Xiang Yu who has pulled out mountains and gas。However, the history of 5,000 years of civilization tells us that countless legends created by the people and masses of the world are the driving force for the advancement of human society。

The common people say well: three hundred and sixty lines, lines out of the champion。These civilian legends are also indispensable in the development of human society, and the wonderful guitar brothers have shown, which is surprising and impressive。

I haven't met the guitar brothers yet, but their names ring a bell。I first heard about the Guitar Brothers at a conference three years ago。Presiding over the meeting was Mr. Mu Degui, Member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Guizhou Provincial Committee and Minister of Publicity。The content of the meeting is mainly to implement the publicity Department of Guizhou Provincial Party Committee"13th Five-Year Art Quality Project"。

The leader spoke two at the meeting"Legend", one is the legendary story of Tao Huabi, the well-known "Lao Gan Ma" hot sauce brand holder, and the other is the legendary story of "guitar brothers" returning home to start a business。Provincial leadership instructions, this is the point of Secretary Sun Zhigang, to use the form of film and television, tell the story of Guizhou。This is the first time I've heard the guitar Brothers' story, and it's so vivid and legendary that it's really a good subject。Unfortunately, I happened to have the task of creating and producing the long TV series "Great Turning" and "Flowers and Leaves", which were asked by Secretary Sun Zhigang, so I passed by the TV series "Guitar Brothers" and missed the Guitar brothers。

It was a year later that I met Zheng Chuanjiu, one of the guitar brothers, at the National People's Congress。Zheng Chuanjiu and I were both deputies to the 13th National People's Congress, but we didn't know each other at first。Later, when the head of the Central Government came to 贵州团 to participate in the discussion on the government Work report, Zheng Chuanjiu made a speech, and so did I, which helped us match our names with people。

Our real understanding of each other was in our first conversation。At that time, we ran into each other at the restaurant。He spoke an authentic Zunyi Zhengan words: Ouyang teacher, at the beginning I most hoped that you would write "Guitar brothers"。

People in Zunyi call everyone a teacher。I also fuck a Zunyi Zhengan words: Teacher Zheng, what a pity!What a miss!

He said: If you have time, you must come to Zheng 'an and have a look。

I said: when there is a chance, we must come, we must come。The promise has not been fulfilled, today I arrived in Zheng 'an must meet Zheng Chuanjiu, see his guitar factory, listen to his“神曲”。

These three years we are both very busy, meet in Beijing all over the countryDuring the "two sessions"。People often say that once born, twice become familiar, these three times become old acquaintances。

We became friends, and I got to know him better and better。He said he never thought he would one day eat it himself"Guitar" this bowl of rice。When he was young, he had never seen any other musical instrument except the common erhu and accordion, let alone the western instrument such as the guitar。

He fell in love with the guitar by accident。Third brother Zheng Chuanxiang left home to work in Guangzhou, accidentally bumped into a guitar factory work。Heard that his brother did well, I do not know what the guitar is, he does not care so much, have the heart to go to the third brother。If you have thought about it, you must put it into action。

The molding of a guitar is a painstaking job。Brother Zheng Chuanxiang likes to follow the work in hand"Competitive", good at working hard in fine carving, in this point Zheng Chuanjiu is not bad, just a few years later, the two brothers do all the processes of guitar are like fingers。

Better to do it yourself than to do it for someone else。The brothers then resigned, contacted like-minded fellow townspeople and relatives, togetherWith 1.25 million yuan of equity, rented factories, bought equipment, and 18 shareholders and workers, Guangzhou Shenqu Musical Instrument Factory was created。Zheng Chuanjiu recalled the original decision, really a little scared。1.25 million yuan, almost all of their 18 people, once failure, the past few years of hard work will be wasted。The original is the boss to pay them, every day just think about how to build a good guitar on the line, now they are their own boss, wages, rent, water and electricity, etc., have to worry about themselves。How to sell is a big problem, originally did not think at all。Zheng Chuanjiu said that his courage is too big, at the beginning is really ignorant fearless。He ridiculed the act as uneducated。

I said to him, who said you have no culture, I am anxious with him, you do cultural things can be really great。To make the cultural industry into such a thing, and to laugh at oneself for not having any culture, this looks modest, but it is actually very proud。

He gave a good-natured smile。

Zheng Chuanjiu faced too many problems, this is not,When we started in July 2007, the partners all looked at each other like, what kind of guitar?What kind of guitar does the guest want?What is a brand??Where are the clients?

Once again, boldness helped。Anyway, you have to do it first, do some regular samples first, the customer comes without goods is absolutely not OK。A month later, I finally got my first order200 guitars。Everyone was overjoyed and thought they could be saved。Do not want the customer acceptance, this is not satisfied, that is not good, pick and choose to receive the next half is less than。Zheng Chuanjiu asked himself, blaming his lack of experience, the quality of this batch of goods is not high。

The brothers put the rest of the guitar pile in the factory, burning in front of the whole factory, the guitar in the flame split in the splat ring, the fire shining eyes burning heart, sad is inevitable, but as long as the head will not lower, then everything from the beginning。

Endured hardships along the way,In 2008, they received a contract from an American guitar factory for 10,000 guitars。Zheng Chuanjiu thought he could turn over this time and was ready to do a big job, but a financial crisis shattered his dream。How do the Zheng brothers know what is the financial crisis, let alone have experienced it。The closure of the American guitar factory left the brothers' finished guitars in warehouses。This is the biggest crisis Zheng Chuanjiu brothers encountered, the workers have to eat, the factory has to pay the rent, there is no money。

What should I do??The two brothers had to turn from manufacturers to retailers, first selling guitars to friends who needed them, and then asking friends to trust them.1, 10, 100 to sell piecemeal, can sell how many sell, they know that they are difficult to others are difficult, to see who can hold on, through the immediate difficulties there is hope。

The door of fortune will always be open to those who bravely advance toward hope。A large musical instrument exhibition held in Shanghai changed the dilemma of the brothers。

"I never thought a Chinese factory could make such a great guitar!"At the exhibition gathered by many businessmen, Tagima brand representatives sincerely praised。

The representative placed an order immediately2000, which is a timely aid to the Zheng Chuanjiu brothers。After all this time, I've been waiting for today。This 2000 is a beginning, "Tagima" followed by a steady stream of singles, proving that the quality of Zheng Chuanjiu brothers' Shenqu guitar factory can stand the test of the market。

Before long, the big American guitar"Fanta" also took the initiative to seek cooperation, and the international single pen came one after another, and the name of Divine Comedy was also passed on by word of mouth in the global industry。

If the success of the Zheng Chuanjiu brothers is simply attributed to boldness or good luck, it is to look down on them。I often think about such a problem, you put others down, you are high?If you think high of others, you will be low?This high and low in the heart of the best。

Zheng Chuanjiu certainly knows who he is, and he doesn't have to think about it"High and low", he only simple behavior, high and low I did so, he just need to understand that there are thousands of roads to success, the only way is to be a good person, a wise person。

Zheng Chuanjiu laughs at himself"No culture", in the eyes of others, this may be "Han", this "Han" does not mean stupid, is simple and honest。This is the quality of good people, but also the wisdom of Zheng Chuanjiu, this is an effective way to win customers and peers, it can make profiteers shy away, such a "silly" to "rape", simple and effective。

Look at the people in this world, who do not want to deal with honest people?Zheng Chuanjiu leans on"Han" has done a series of guitar products and won the praise of his peers。With the quality, with the reputation, there is everything possible。

Zheng Chuanjiu can be described as a strong and fierce player in the guitar industry。

Zheng Chuanjiu returned home to start a business, in my eyes is undoubtedly a strong man。Maybe some people don't agree with me and say that it's not just a return home to start a business, call it"A valiant man breaks his wrist" is exaggerated!

I stand by my opinion。Think about it. This is"Shenqu" guitar factory moved from the coastal city of Guangzhou to the mountains of Zheng 'an County, it is possible that "Shenqu" has become "mountain Qu", how much courage is needed?

Yes, we see many stories of successful people giving back to their hometown。It was initiated by Guizhou Provincial Committee of the Communist Youth LeagueMany of the heartwarming stories of Operation Chunhui are still stirring today。

"The line in the hands of the loving mother, the wandering son's clothes。Leaving dense seam, meaning fear of late return。Who said inch grass heart, reported three chunhui。I always believe that people who are far away from home will be moved when they hear this poem。Then returning home must have been their cherished wish。Therefore, under the call of "Chunhui Action", some people returned home to donate money and goods, and some people tried to return home to start a business。

That year, the hometown leadership to find, the brothers are of course very happy, thought, the county magistrate came, this face to give, to the poor hometown to donate more money is no problem, after all"Divine Comedy" in the hometown fame is not small, back to say Zheng brother stingy can not, these years of money is not less earned, return home should also。

But as he spoke, he found that the county magistrate was not so easy to dismiss。The sheriff doesn't want his money, he wants his life-- Let him return to his hometown to set up Shenqu Guitar factory。

The county governor said sincerely that Zhengan is one of the backward poverty-stricken counties in the province, and you are clear to Zhengan people。Now the county leadership has just changed, and everyone feels the burden and wants to make something bright。Take a look at this research. ZhenganMore than 200,000 migrant workers, there are more than 50,000 people specializing in guitar, of which do the boss, their own factory, choose to choose the best conditions only you this one。We have agreed to ask you to move the factory to Zheng 'an。

Moving back to Zhengan to produce guitar, scared Zheng Chuanjiu a big jump, his mind flashedThe word "impossible" turns into "think about it."。

Move the factory, this is moving the life of the thing, do guitar, in Guangzhou has formed a complete system, leaving Guangzhou to move to the mountains in Guizhou Zhengan, is not only an adventure, basically looking for death。

What Zheng Chuanjiu did not expect was that his sentenceThe evasive language of "considering" has become the reason for the county governor's perseverance。

As long as a person perseverance, almost few people can finally refuse。Zheng Chuanjiu ended up for himself"Think about it" has taken its toll。The factory is moved back to Zheng 'an, can do guitar imported wood also have to be imported from Guangzhou, finished products have to be shipped to Guangzhou to sell, no doubt greatly increased the cost, the maintenance of machinery and equipment, parts replacement, the factory in Guangzhou, a phone that day to get done, and in Zheng 'an is too difficult, he tasted the pain of calling the day should not call the ground。

There's more pain to come。The product came out, the quality inspection went wrong, the consignee quit, and the previous inspection exemption treatment was canceled。For a business, this is almost death!

When someone asked him what to do with these junk guitars, he broke out like a fierce fighter: Burn!

Zheng Chuanjiu is such a ruthless。This time the fire burned the eyes of the villagers, who bowed their heads in guilt。

That's exactly what Zheng wanted。He knew that as long as he still held his head high, the villagers in front of him must have the confidence to rise from where they fell。

There are no apprentices who can't teach, only masters who can't teach。So the factory appeared such a scene, the company's president Zheng Chuanjiu personally trained workers, day and night against the clock。

In fact, he can avoid such a dilemma, but if he returns to his hometown to set up a factory and does not recruit workers in his hometown, the meaning of coming back will be greatly reduced。He thought of difficulties, but not this hard……

So much for Zheng Chuanjiu's entrepreneurial story。And now, he's walking toward me with his head in the air。He's not a big man, but he's a pretty big man。Of course, we'll talk about his guitar。I asked him: Did it not occur to you then that you might fail?

He smiled and said, fortunately I left a hand, or really can not go。I brought one production line back to Zheng 'an, and my brother's other production line was left in Guangzhou, just in case。The hardest time for me was when my brother kept the company afloat and bought me time。

Only two years later, Zheng Chuanjiu not only stood still, but also managed well。这样,"Divine Qu" in Guangzhou only retains the import and export business function, still by the elder brother Zheng Chuanxiang is responsible for, the production part of all moved to Zheng 'an。

Zheng Chuanjiu said that when I made up my mind to return to my hometown, in addition to the family cards played by the county, I was mainly attracted by the planning and investment policies and prospects of the Zheng 'an Economic Development Zone in Guizhou。当时,The guitars produced by "Divine Comedy" belong to two outside, one is all the raw materials imported, and the other is all the finished products exported。At that time, Zhengan did not produce raw materials, and the remote transportation of finished products greatly increased the cost, not to mention supporting industries, and the highway did not pass, to tell the truth, it did not have the conditions to run a guitar factory。But I think, when these conditions are in place, it may be too late to come。With the strong support of the government, the low cost of land, and the abundant labor force, it is more advantageous to return home in the long run。

The facts proved that Zheng Chuanjiu's wisdom was correct, and he wondered whether the county party committee and the county government were rightThe value of "divine comedy" is mainly because what they do, together with this industry, can inject a powerful way for Zhengan's poverty alleviation, and also bring job opportunities and the hope of getting rich to the poor。

Zheng Chuanjiu modestly said, I am just a grass。

I said, now the spring breeze is blowing all over the valley。

He said, Let's make it a green field。

He's right,"Divine Comedy" has been green all over the countryside, on the road of cultural industry out of its own characteristics, has become a bright business card deep in the Dalou Mountains。

"Divine Comedy" in the low-end production and sales can be described as a fish in water。The next step to impact the high-end market is the goal of "Divine comedy"。Equipment must be upgraded,Better made,The material selection is more sophisticated,那么,Artisanal piano studio inviting master pianists to join,Import of East Indian rosewood, Honduran peach trees and other measures,All are for the overall upgrade of "Divine Comedy";thereupon,In a spacious new factory building,We see that there are automated laser cutting and automatic painting workshops on the assembly line;Months of manual painting, precise temperature and humidity control workshop and other operations,All reflect the "divine comedy" thriving。

Listen to Zhengan divine music, taste Zhengan white tea。The simple slogan of the advertisement reveals a strong confidence。Listening to music and listening to music is an elegant traditional Chinese culture。

The support policy of Zhengan Economic Development Zone is good, and the government keeps its word。Many guitar companies listened to the Jeong brothers"Lobbying", and saw the "divine comedy" money rolling in, this just put down the heart, have settled in Zhengan。The more enterprises, the stronger the scale effect;The stronger the scale effect, the more attractive enterprises are to settle in。The butterfly effect is in the depths of Dalou Mountain!

Zheng 'an Economic Development Zone in GuizhouIn December 2012, it was approved by the provincial people's government as a provincial economic development zone, with a planned area of 17 square kilometers and a built area of 3.6 square kilometers, built standard factory nearly 700,000 square meters。Of the 108 settled enterprises, 72 are guitar production and supporting enterprises, of which 40 are guitar manufacturing, 15 are guitar sales, 10 are guitar logistics and 7 are guitar training。

Obviously, this is a characteristic industrial park based on the guitar industry, now producing and selling guitarsMore than 6 million, production and sales accounted for 1/5 of the country, 1/7 of the world, is currently the country and the world's most concentrated, the most standardized, the most ambitious production base, and therefore won the "China guitar manufacturing town" title。

From the conversation with the county magistrate Wu Qi, we learned that the Zheng brothers' Guangzhou Shenqu Musical Instrument Company was the first enterprise to settle in Zheng 'an Park。County magistrate Wu said with emotion, this is really"Out of nothing" ah!Our county is well known for its deep poverty,Is belongs to "a soil,A remote mountainous area that cannot afford to support one person,We have more than 50,000 people working in guitar production outside of China,Where are we going to find this kind of talent,The county Party committee and the county government keep an eye on this resource from beginning to end,Follow up without delay,Play the "homesickness" card,Key breakthrough,Take the initiative to persuade the "phoenix to return to the nest" and "geese to return",As the saying goes, "Divine Comedy attracts the golden Phoenix.,The Party and government follow up to build the park."。From scratch, the guitar manufacturing industry has created one miracle after another in this land of enthusiasm。

In recent years, Zhengan County Party Committee and county people's Government have thoroughly implemented the proposals put forward by Secretary Sun Zhigang of the Provincial Party Committee"Build Zhenganji into another beautiful business card of colorful Guizhou" and Party Committee Secretary Wei Shuwang "make Zhenganji bigger and stronger.,Become a beautiful scenery of the real economy "directive spirit,According to the county Party Committee "one heart three districts" planning layout,To build 100 billion industrial development zone as the goal,Poverty alleviation as the main task,Guided by Party building,Vigorously promote the construction of the park,Strictly in accordance with the work ideas of strong construction, heavy investment, strict management and excellent service,The development of the park has achieved initial results,Its output value is nearly 6 billion yuan。After years of attracting investment, it has gathered a number of high-quality enterprises such as Shenqu Musical Instrument Company, Yufeng Musical Instrument Company, Baikal Musical instrument Company, Kaifeng Musical Instrument Company, Natasha Musical Instrument Company, and achieved the leapfrog improvement of "from scratch" to "good in the middle" and then to "good in the strong", driving nearly 1.40,000 people were employed, 1,374 people were employed, and 6,690 people were lifted out of poverty。

Guitars produced in the park60% for export, the vast majority of enterprises involved in foreign trade sales, mainly sold to the United States, Germany, Brazil, Japan, the United Kingdom and other more than 30 countries and regions, accounting for 20% of the Asian market, 30% of the American market, 40% of the Brazilian market;In addition to OEM for international big brands, there are more than 30 independent brands。"International Guitar Industrial Park" is getting busy day by day, and Zhengan's economic data is also looking good day by day。The International Guitar Industrial Park has won the "2019 Instrument Industry Quality Resource Award" issued by the Ministry of Light Industry and the "Top Ten Brands of Guizhou Cultural Industry" issued by the Guizhou Provincial Cultural Reform Office。

You see it all over hereThe element of "guitar", the eye-catching giant guitar sculpture in the center of the Guitar Culture Square, has become an iconic symbol of Zhengan。According to Secretary Deng Zhaotao, here will be built the world's largest guitar museum, the most high-end guitar concert hall, the best guitar master studio and the most complete supporting guitar production line。In the future, Zhengan will follow the guitar industry, guitar culture, guitar tourism "trinity" development ideas, go all out to grow bigger and stronger, do excellent and fine guitar industry。

After dinner it was ten o 'clock at night, with a few18 years ago, Wenyou tea chat, talk about the streets of Zheng 'an, talk about the new appearance of Zheng 'an today, from their eyes and smile, I realize that joy and pride。Of course, they asked me how I felt about Zhengan today, and my words "changed the world" made everyone present feel overwhelmed and empathized。

When the fragrance of white tea immerses in our hearts, our conversation has a taste of nostalgia, which is like the sweet alcohol of old wine flowing out, so that our memories are filled with fragrance。The smell lingered even after they had to leave。




Standing on the top of the mountain, the soft light of the morning comes with the wind, the sky is blue and flawless, and the lotus clouds are in full bloom in front of me。I can not help but be happy, Shouting toward the distant mountain, the distant mountain echoed a loud sound to wake me up。

A night of sleep or sleep or wake does not affect my agility。He rose and opened the window. What came into view was the rolling mountains, the lush green trees, the lush grass and the swaying flowers。I came home late last night and didn't even know I was living in such a beautiful place。

I used to be a geological team member, eight years in the wild, wandering in the mountains and rivers, is the best way for me to relax myself。After half a century, I often wallow in memories, these nights as long as I have a dream, the dream is not climbing the mountain or crossing the river。Wake up, as if young again, the mood is happy。

Just out of the hotel gate, I met a beautiful girl from the county Literary Federation。She said that Secretary Deng Zhaotao had rushed to Daozhen County overnight last night to hold a live observation meeting on poverty alleviation there, and she entrusted County Magistrate Wu Qi to accompany you to breakfast。I wanted to refuse to say no, County Magistrate Wu Qi is also busy, what should be busy what to do。The words came to my lips and I swallowed back。Look at her flower like smile, I think forget it, don't embarrass the other girl。I never embarrass people, nor a little girl, although my wish at this time is to go out freely。

Wu came and went in a hurry。Over the course of twenty minutes of breakfast, we interacted。He said he had to hurry to Guiyang for a meeting later, and asked me where else I wanted to go to see。

I said, where is the farthest, the farthest, the hardest。

He said, cell Yan town of red rock village bloom millennium。

As soon as I heard it, I was interested, not only because of the remote and difficult to walk, but also because of the pleasant place name。I said, a good flower for a thousand years, see how it blossomed for a thousand years。

Or just go。

Leaving town, I looked at my watch, as was my habit.May 7th at 8 a.m. sharp。

The speed was very fast, because the road in front of me was wide and smooth, and I could see that it was a new road。Although in this mountain can not change the problem of many twists and steep slopes, but with my experience of often going to the countryside, soThe "Grand Road" is indeed rare。

Maybe it was the reason of the geological team, I was happy when I entered the mountain。This excitement had nothing to say, I said to Liu Xiaofeng in the same car, strange, calledThe town of "Fudging" is not called the town of "getting over it"?This is a perfunctory, and then it's over。

Everyone laughed and said that the place name was too awkward。In Guizhou dialect,"Panyan" and "perfunctory" are one tone。

To cell Yan town, accompanied by the people said, or advanced town to see。I joked, no, just don't"Perfunctory"。Let's head for the mountains and see the farthest ones first。

As soon as the car entered the Jiudaoshui National Forest Park, it began to pan up the mountain, at first I did not realize how high the mountain was, the whole way was foggy, almost didn't see much, just felt the car constantly circling and turning, left and right for a while almost let people sit unstable。Almost an hour, the car has not yet drilled out of the broad-leaved forest belt, indicating that the mountain is huge, with my geological work experience, I know that today met high-altitude mountains。Hurriedly inquire, just know that the mountain's main peak is called yellow sandstone, altitude1837.8 meters, is the highest peak of Dalou Mountain, is also a nature reserve, with a total area of 32,448 hectares, forest coverage rate of 78.8%, in the main part of Dalou mountain。

The highest peak of Dalou Mountain is the highest place in Zunyi City。After listening to the introduction, I am very happy, inadvertently to the commanding heights of this land, how unhappy!When I saw a mountain, I wanted to climb over it. Although there were still mountains behind the Guizhou mountains, this could not stop my desire to climb the mountains。

It is understood that the lowest point of Zhengan is the altitude448 meters, then the relative height difference with this highest point is about 1400 meters, it can be described as a deep valley, steep hillside, steep and majestic。

Guizhou is the only province without plain support, mountains are the most prominent feature here, the east has the amazing and majestic Wuling Mountains, the south has the beautiful and colorful Miao Ling, the west has the magnificent Wumeng Mountains, the north has the lofty Dalou mountain range, the eastern part of the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau in Guizhou。Much of Guizhou is typical of karst landforms, which are characterized by extreme beauty but extreme poverty。This is also the reason why Guizhou is the main battlefield of poverty alleviation in the country。

In the past, all Guizhou people know a proverb in Guizhou:"Naweh could not go, so he was rightly startled。This refers to the Wumeng Mountain area of Nayong County, Weining County, Hezhang County, Wuling Mountain area of Wuchuan County, Zheng 'an County, Daozhen county。At a glance, these six counties are national-level deep poverty counties, and Zheng 'an County is among them。Today, Zhengan County has been lifted out of poverty, completely shaking off the hat of absolute poverty。Since, I came to Zheng 'an to see is to believe, yesterday, I saw what is true has been recorded, today, my seeing is true in the front, although the road is rugged, the mountain is far away, and what fear!

When the car climbed up the cloud, the vision suddenly opened up, the front is the thatched mountain path, lifting the eye is the majestic mountain crest-- Yellow sandstone。The blue sky is pure and blue, and in this blue lining, the towering mountains appear majestic and solemn。

At this height, the most common plant is thatch, and fortunately, walking through it does not affect our vision。Overlooking, I could not see the dense forest, and the clouds covered the valley;Looking far away, the white clouds are as boundless as the sea, and the endless mountains are like unsinkable fleets。Such a scene, life can feel several times?For me, every time I go through it, I feel young and alive again。In this sea of clouds, we seem to be experiencing the heroic aspirations of the ancients-- "Ride the long wind to break the vast waves"。

今天,习近平总书记亲自指挥的这场人类历史上最伟大的工程-- In the battle against poverty, young people are not afraid to fight and are at the forefront of The Times。Since the implementation of targeted poverty alleviation, young Party members and cadres have always been in the forefront and the main force in the frontline of poverty alleviation。

If Guizhou is the main battleground for poverty alleviation in the country, then the Wumeng Mountain area and Wuling Mountain area are the main battlegrounds for poverty alleviation in Guizhou"Naweihe can not go, do a scare," such a deep poverty county is the main direction of the main battlefield, and cell Yan town red Yan village flower village group is the last fortress in the direction of the main attack。

习近平总书记强调,"This year is the final year of the decisive battle against poverty and the building of a moderately prosperous society in all respects,We must do everything possible to consolidate the achievements of poverty alleviation.",Guizhou Provincial Party Committee and provincial people's Government require that the whole province must adhere to the same goal, the bull's eye will not be scattered, and the channel will not be changed,A moment can not stop, a step can not be wrong, a day can not be delayed,We won't give up until we win!We need to take a solid census on poverty alleviation,Grasp grasp real listing supervision;We will do a good job in ensuring the safety of education, medical care, housing and drinking water, and ensure the dynamic elimination of problems.We will further improve monitoring, early warning and dynamic support mechanisms for returning to poverty,We will continue to consolidate our achievements in poverty alleviation,Ensure that comprehensive poverty alleviation does not miss a single person, not a single household!

Today, I will see this last fortress。

Liu Xiaofeng's phone rang, and when he answered, he relayed that there was a village called Taoping in front of him, and there was a Qingquan relocation site。I said look.。

According to introduction, Taoping village is located in the northwest of cell Yan town, the average altitude1100 meters, land area 27.8 square kilometers, arable land area of 4520 mu, forest coverage rate of 63.4%, there are 3,331 people in 780 households in 23 village groups;Since 2014, the village has registered 256 poverty-stricken households with 1,082 people。The poverty rate is as high as 32.59%。In 2014, 35 households lifted 155 people out of poverty.In 2015, 202 people from 41 households were lifted out of poverty.In 2016, 53 households lifted 257 people out of poverty.In 2017, 97 people from 23 households were lifted out of poverty.In 2018, 41 households lifted 139 people out of poverty.In 2019, 64 households lifted 232 people out of poverty。Among them, 715 people from 146 households relocated to the Ruihao resettlement point and the raft resettlement point,

At present, the whole village has established a file of poor householdsThere are 581 people in 156 households, and all the poor people under the current standard have been lifted out of poverty, which has reached the standard of listing poor villages。At present, the village infrastructure is perfect, ensuring the quality of life of the masses。Originally, 140 households had problems with drinking water safety, and the problem was completely solved by building 4 pools;By replacing wooden poles with cement poles and adding 4 power stations, 147 households bid farewell to the situation of low electricity and unstable voltage, and achieve the safety standard of electricity consumption。Roads have grown from zero, from none of the hardened roads to the present group of hardened roads a total of 31.2 km;Hardening of Zhai road and household road 8.9 km;One new station was built, which solved the problem of no network for the previous seven village groups, and has now reached full network coverage。There are 726 old houses in the village, which have been relocated and demolished by easy places, linked to increase and decrease, and rebuilt, among which the old houses have been completely eliminated, and only 21 have fully reached the occupancy standard through the renovation。There are 321 students in the village at the stage of compulsory education, including 1 child with three disabilities, and no case of dropout is reported through the form of sending teachers to their homes, and education subsidies have achieved full coverage。All 1,082 poor households in the village achieved 100% of the new rural cooperative medical insurance。In 2014, the per capita income was only 2,968 yuan, and it reached 8,128 yuan through labor transfer, local migrant work, public welfare post placement, and industrial development。

A car, eyes light up, in this mountain there are such a paradise。Walking on the small square in the center of the Qingquan resettlement site, looking at the three-story small buildings around me, I thought, how nice it would be if I had one!Writing here, living with the villagers, getting to know them, becoming neighbors, becoming friends, and writing a novel about them。Liu Qing has lived since I visited Huangfu Village in Chang 'an County, Shaanxi Province14 years after the former residence, I have been dreaming that one day I can also be like Liu Qing, long-term in-depth life, rooted in the people, to create a classic novel such as "History of entrepreneurship"。

I sat on the bench in front of the villager Wu Zhongyou's house, still thinking about it。Wu Zhongyou home this seat has a good view, dozens of small buildings in the village can be seen。"Thanks to the Communist Party!""The hard work of the Communist Party, happiness of the people!"These words from the bottom of my heart when I walked through the village echoed in my ears at this time。This is enough to show that the ruling philosophy of the Communist Party of China, which always puts the interests of the people first, is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and the people have a full sense of gain and happiness。

The first secretary of Taoping village said that this Qingquan resettlement point was builtIn May 2018, it was fully completed in 2019, and 136 people in 34 rural households were settled, including 12 people in 5 poor households。Now fully moved in, infrastructure construction complete...

I interrupted him:"The Ruihao immigration settlement in the county is so good, why do you want to engage in resettlement here??”

The first secretary said: Not all people want to become farmers and citizens, some people have the idea of being unable to leave their hometown, and some people are simply not used to town life。We did a lot of persuasion work, the mouth skin is worn out, and it's no use。

The problem, I say, is widespread elsewhere。

The person in charge of cell Yan town said, yes, this situation is not strong, we will adapt to local conditions, really do not want to leave, we nearby resettlement。In the case of unsafe houses that cannot accommodate people or are exposed to potential geological disasters, we must be patient and persuade them not to stop until we achieve our goal, and the safety of the people must be ensured。

Just sat down, briefly introduced to each other, a little too many people, a few villagers' names and appearance I am firmly memorized, to say that the town leader I really did not on the number。This is also my shortcoming, people's grassroots cadres in poverty alleviation efforts are too much too big, moving stories are endless。However, between those who serve and those who serve, I remember the latter more easily, because whether the latter laughs or cries is the key to good or bad service。There is such a lyric, a song, let people fall in love:"I don't know who you are?But I know who you do it for..."This is exactly the image of tens of thousands of Communists, who are silently contributing to the front line of poverty alleviation, but doing great projects that attract worldwide attention。

我说,Do it half-heartedly。Perfunctory to be accountable, done to be able to do well!If you can't get rid of this poverty alleviation thing, you can't get rid of it。That's very harsh of you to ask。

Everyone laughed, so I asked again"Cell Yan" of the origin, you have a word I a sentence, just know this name from a tree called gall, gall is the fruit of the tree, is a common Chinese herbal medicine。In this mountain, growing everywhere this kind of tree, and the old ancestors are called this tree for cell Yan tree, called more people, for a long time, cell Yan will become the name of the town。

I said, get down to business。I'm not done with what I just told you!

The first secretary said, Some people are more stubborn, we go to his house the number of times a year can not count。

I said, how did you get it done。

He said, move the heart, understand the reason。

I said, of course, but even then, I know, you can't handle it。

He laughed: It's impossible。

I laughed too: Tell me how you did it。

He was embarrassed to say that I went to his house every day, and he was embarrassed, saying that the doll came all the way to help us is not easy, I know, I do not get rid of poverty, you are not out of hand。Okay, don't come back. I'll move!I'll move!

I learned the tone of fellow villagers to the young first secretary said, you have the level of this doll, but you, you can not take it!

Everyone at the table laughed with a bang。

I handed Wu Zhongyou a cigarette, lit him and said, Who is this home?Wu Zhongyou pointed to a building and said that he was not at home today and had gone to work。

I said, what for?

Wu Zhongyou said that their family planted Chinese herbal medicine bletilla, clear grass to go。At this time, Bletilla grows well!Grass grows fast, too. You can't pull it up。

I mean, you don't have any?

He said, I work in other provinces, did not go out this year, we several brothers take turns at home to take care of80-year-old father。

I said, you are a filial son!If you don't go out to work, where will the income come from?

The first Secretary confidently said that it did not affect。All of our villages meet the poverty withdrawal standard, and many families far exceed the poverty withdrawal standard。

At this time, Wu ZhongyouThe 80-year-old father brought out a jar of honey and asked everyone to eat a bowl。

I was scared to hear a big jump, please drink honey water, please eat a bowl?It's the first time in years。There's a big difference between drinking and eating。In my memory, all my life, inI had a bowl of honey 33 years ago。It was 1987,I am engaged in geological prospecting around Fanjing Mountain, the main peak of Wuling Mountains,That mountain is bigger than this one,Once I met a beekeeper deep in the mountains,He enthusiastically insisted that the three of us eat a bowl of honey,Tell the truth,We were hungry and thirsty,Of course not.,Wolf down a bowl,Results this sweet,Sweet us for three days,Three days without feeling hungry,It's so sweet to my heart。

I shook my head like a rattle and said, thank you, old man, thank you!

Wu Zhongyou said, teacher!Just a little, this honey is so sweet, it's very nourishing!

The first secretary said that this bee is the flower of Chinese herbs, people call it medicine honey, really nourishing people!Make it whole, taste it, and spread the word。

I said, okay!A bowl is not whole down, this honey spoonful of whole down, sweet day mile!Yes!Just give him a day。

Wu Zhongyou said, I raise honey, but also plant bamboo, income is also a lot。

I swallowed a mouthful of honey and said, how much is a lot?

Villager Ji Anyi Yu said, not less than working。Can you believe it or not?

I laughed and said, I believe, your name is the Yellow Emperor's name, the Zhou Chaoguo's name, the name Ji will not be false。

Ji An Yu grinned and said, most of us here are surnamed Ji。There are only a few Wu's。

I said, there are more people surnamed Wu than surnamed Ji in the country, and there are more people surnamed Ji than surnamed Wu here.

At my half-joking words, everyone laughed, Ji Anyu and Wu Zhongyou smiled more happily, both said that their generations lived in this mountain, and they had never heard of any family feud with other families。

The happy time is always unforgettable, I am not sure if there will be a chance to meet again, after all, to such a remote mountain, how difficult it is。Today, we are just passing through here, but in life, there are many beautiful road encounters that always make people unforgettable。

Farewell, this once let me heart and want to live in the place, its name is green Spring。The simple and kind people here, as well as the joy and laughter we had together, will always be cherished in my memory。

It's amazing how big Red Rock Village is!Its area has actually reached29.25 square kilometers。Later, when I met Zheng Xingtao, the secretary of Hongyan Village, I asked him, "You have 33 village groups, 1,041 families, 4401 people, scattered scattered in 29..25 square kilometers deep in the mountains, you want to finish each village group, no ten days and half a month, you can't do it!

For someone like me, who has been prospecting for eight years in the field, such mountains are all too familiar。When I first saw Zheng Xingtao, I already included him in the kind of person with strong feet and good endurance, such a person is like a young geological team member, who has traveled far and wide through the sun and rain。I was once a young geological team member, he is today's poverty alleviation frontline young cadres, we this kind of people who have been with the mountains all year round, the estimation of walking is almost no error。

After listening to my question, he answered without hesitation that it would take so long。

I mean, someone with your feet。

He said, "No, the average person can't do that。

I said that poverty alleviation cadres are not ordinary people。

According to him, although Red Rock village has29.The land area of 25 square kilometers is only 6368 acres of arable land。There are more people and less land, the mountain gullies are deep, and the transportation lags behind for a long time, resulting in more poor people。There are 1,716 people in 408 households living in poverty,For this reason, it was rated as a deeply poor village,2014年前,The village of 33 groups by one project hardening road 2 3 km,The rest of the roads are all wool roads and pedestrian roads,Due to traffic restrictions,Making it difficult to transport goods in and out,In addition to the village where there are brick houses, all the rest of the wooden frame houses,Air leakage and rain leakage are serious,It is difficult to guarantee both education and medical care because of the remote area。

The old houses that now exist in the village867间,Through poverty alleviation and relocation in inhospitable areas, linking increase and decrease, human settlement transformation, demolition and reconstruction,538 demolished,329 remodeled,There are no old and dilapidated houses;Through the construction of drinking water projects 13,The last 36 households without guaranteed drinking water also received safe water,At present, all drinking water safety coverage has been achieved;There's never been a hardened road before,Road hardening has been implemented on 19 61.42公里,In addition to the relocation of the whole group of Dawan Formation,The remaining 32 groups of hardened paths are fully covered;There were wooden poles and low voltage,Five new transformers have been added,87 wooden poles were replaced,Realize full coverage of electric power guarantee;There are 183 students in compulsory education in the village,Not a single dropout,Education funding has been fully covered;100% of the poor people in the village participated in the new rural cooperative medical insurance,We have fully implemented family doctor contract services for 102 people suffering from chronic diseases in registered poor households,To ensure that all poor households and patients with chronic diseases have full coverage of health poverty alleviation policies;Per capita income was below the poverty line in 2014,Now through labor transfer, nearby work, industrial development, public welfare posts and other ways,The per capita income in 2019 was 7,820 yuan,Meet the poverty withdrawal criteria。

Red Yan village is the most remote village of cell Yan town, and I am going to the flower group, millennium group, Dandong group, is the most remote three village groups of Red Yan village。

The speed of the car on the ridge is only per hourAbout 20 kilometers, although the road is hardened, it is very narrow, some sections are not much wider than the car, and if you do not pay attention to falling into the deep valley, you must be crushed。

Our car in the continuous mountains, like a leaf floating in the sea, up and down, up and down, left and right turn。Outside the window, the cangshan mountains are like the sea, white clouds wreathed among them, a good picture of the earth with so many beautiful scenery。

The car came to a large ridge, apparently the watershed of a mountain range。To the right look at the small mountains, a grand canyon at the foot, to the left look at the mountains, ravines。

The beauty of this ridge, with the majestic, still can not say its beauty。In this poignant moment,There are two different feelings intertwined,One is the emotion of regret tangled in the heart,This tangle is the road in front of us,It's like a scratch,Carved into the skin of the mountain;One is a feeling of admiration and relief,This relief is also the highway in front of us,It's like a heavenly path,Send the warmth of the party into the mountains。

According to reports, the middle line of the ridge is the county boundary, the right side is Tongzi County, the left side is Zheng 'an County。When the weather is good, standing on the ridge, you can see the main peak of Loushanguan far away。Today is a rare sunny day, someone suggested getting out of the car to take a look。I said forget it, I have stood on the main peak of Loushan Pass countless times。

Seeing the car to cross the hill in front of us, we will drive out of the ridge, do not want to suddenly turn left under a sharp bend, the flower group has been in front of us。

This time, I did not immediately enter the home, but stood on a small platform to observe the terrain。The original flower group is backed by the big ridge, down is the Grand Canyon。Such a place is characterized by beauty and poverty。In my interviews throughout Guizhou, I often saw such small villages, some with more than 10 households, and many with dozens of households, with a population of about 100 people。

The sun is warm, just stand and talk more。

According to Zheng Xingtao, there are villagers in Huahua GroupThere were 269 people in 58 households, including 88 people in 20 poor households。Before poverty alleviation, the traffic in Huahua Group was blocked, and people's travel only relied on a rugged muddy mountain road, which led to extremely difficult production and life for villagers, and it was very inconvenient to see a doctor。Due to the long-term closure, most people can only live in the old wooden houses with serious wind and rain leakage, and now 14 households have been relocated through poverty alleviation in easy areas, 16 households have been demolished and rebuilt, 9 households have been renovated, and 19 households have been dismantled, and the housing security has been fully covered。It turns out that people and animals rely on an ancient well to supply drinking water. When the weather is dry, drinking water becomes a big problem, and they must go to the canyon to get water, which takes half a day。In response to this situation, we built a pool to ensure safe water to eat during the dry season。The road has only been open for a little over three months, and you used to have to walk here。

I have seen what he said and believe it, and it is unnecessary to say it again。Look up, flower group back against the mountain Qifeng stand up。I asked Huang Chengjiang, the leader of the village group, what the name of the mountain was?The old man said, Wutai Mountain。

I said Mount Wutai, just now we came up from the back of Mount Wutai!I have been to Wutai Mountain in Shanxi, Wutai Mountain in our flower formation is much more beautiful than that。

Everyone laughed happily。The smile even infected a man on the other side of the hill, who smiled and looked our way。

I said to old man Huang Chengjiang, I want to meet this person, OK?

Huang Chengjiang waved and shouted at the man without hesitation。The man did not hesitate, and walked quickly towards us。Judging by the strength of his feet, he's the least likely to reach us40 minutes!That's pretty fast. Even if I get back to the level of the geological team, that's it。It would take me at least 80 minutes on my feet。That's why I wanted to see him, but I couldn't, so I invited him over。In the mountains of Guizhou, it is common to see one person Shouting to the other: "Come and have a drink!"The other replies, "Get it!"They're gonna drink it. An hour fast, two hours slow。These two people also have to be a village, is a village group, is a good friend who grew up together。Otherwise, what to eat, what to drink wine!When you go to someone else's house, you have eaten and drunk enough, and you will be hungry again when you walk home。Some people say, in that case you go what?In this mountain, there is nothing more pleasing to them than such an invitation and meeting, such is their joy and happiness。

In such ravines, high mountains and steep mountains, do not think that Shouting should be near, it looks close, no matter how strong your foot is, to cross this ditch Kankan will not be fast。

Since there is plenty of time, we can talk more。Huahua Group is obviously not a place name, but an administrative village's title to the various village groups under its jurisdiction。Huang Chengjiang old man said, they call here"Flower Nips", also known as "flower nips"。

I said, that's right!When I get out of the car, I look around and screamThere are no flowers in the "blooming" place。This flower (I pointed to a nearby field with purple bletilla striata flowers) does not count。How long has the bletilla been here?A few years at most!

Zheng said that the plant only started last year, and it is the foundation of industrial poverty alleviation projects。The common people, the government overall guarantee purchase。

我说,"Flowers" did not see flowers, called flowers are not right, the meaning of this means bamboo forest green, it is not what year before the bamboo forest blooming, called flowers?

The old man Huang Chengjiang laughed, and after repeatedly shaking his hand, he could not help but talk: It is not the bamboo flowering。It depends on...More than 200 years ago, our ancestors migrated from Meitan. When they came here, they loved it so much that they settled down。It is foggy here all the year round, from October to Qingming this half year, the fog can not see the sky, the ground can not see far, a day is wet。

I said, here are the Grand Canyon, and the forest vegetation is so dense, forming a unique microclimate here, this fog is a natural phenomenon。See you said so much fog, is not the name of this flower related to fog!

"Yes," said the old man。When my ancestors looked up and down here, they saw the mist everywhere, and sometimes they could not see the sky for months。The old man did not believe that heaven was gone, and one day he kept climbing high to see how God was doing。When he climbed to the ridge, he chose the biggest and tallest tree to climb up, and climbed to the top of the tree, he saw the sky, saw the sun, and the sky was full of colorful clouds。Yoohoy!The sky here is a flower。When the ancestors came back, they would say to everyone, the sky is here“花天”。Anyway, the ancestors authority, he is whatever he says。

I said your ancestor was a folk artist!Interesting to watch, interesting to say。Don't talk about the blue sky, only say flower day, smallpox, this is very interesting。On the face of it, whatever it's called"Flower" or called "flower Qing" or, who will want to bloom。In fact, it seems that your ancestors are smothered by the fog bad mood, he named "flowers", not from here there are flowers all over the hillside, but from the fog here。In this way, it is more accurate to say "heaven opens" rather than "flowers bloom"。Heaven open, for your ancestors, this is the most important thing, but also his long hope。However, your natural conditions here are such that the front is the Grand canyon, and the back is still the Grand Canyon, and water vapor comes up from the deep valley, and in the period of weak monsoon, water vapor becomes fog and it is difficult to disperse。So the desire for the clouds to clear is your normal condition and one of the factors of your poverty。It is impossible to change such natural conditions, (I pointed to the Panshan highway) can have this "heaven road", your ancestors look forward to "heaven open" is "Open Day"。As soon as the day opens, you'll be fine!

Huang Chengjiang raised a smile and said yes, we are OK now, OK。Thanks to the Party Central Committee!

The people present were infected by the old man Huang Chengjiang's smile, and everyone looked red under the sunshine。The old man said, home to sit and drink water, we are not polite, all walked to his home。

Sit down, not only tea, but also egg soup。Everyone sat on the dam in front of the old man's house, a small table full of cups, to drink, egg soup in the kitchen pot, want to eat, from the bowl。

We talked over tea。Huang Chengjiang old man said that in order to repair their houses, help cadres do not know how much effort, at that time the road is blocked, in order to haul sand to repair the road to change the house, the cadres found10 horses to transport supplies here, this into the mountain road is too steep too dangerous, people are difficult to walk, really heartache those horses!Then I tired a horse to death, fell a horse to death...

Looking at the old man and crying, I also felt sorry for those horses。

Cell Yan town Party secretary Luo Guoyong pointed to a dark face, eyes but especially shiny cadres said, he is the combat players here, here for one hundred days。

One hundred days!One hundred days in a row in a place like this!!

Looking at the person called Liang Dacai in front of me, admiration arises spontaneously。I've been here a long time, and he's been there, but he hasn't said a word。Who else could have worked so hard for a hundred days under such harsh working conditions, without a word of credit or even a word of complaint。他就是中共党员,Forty-nine years old, glandyan town agricultural service center director, dispatched to red rock village combat players。

This time to Zheng 'an County, we learned that the county and town set up poverty alleviation headquarters, the county Party secretary, the county head is the commander, the county leader is the township commander, the township secretary is the deputy commander, and the township team members are the village combat captain。Such a strong and powerful team enabled Zheng 'an County to fully exit poverty at the beginning of this year。

I asked Liang Dacai, the combat team member, Red Rock village has withdrawn from poverty, how you are still here?

他说:"Now is the period to consolidate the achievements of poverty alleviation, and the combat team will continue to fight.。His voice was not loud, but it seemed to me that it was loud and powerful。Speaking here, it seems that it can't go on, I don't know how to follow the words, comfort words?Words of encouragement?I think it is superfluous for a person like him, his behavior has told us that he is an invincible soldier, and the Communist soldier has always been regardless of personal gains and losses, as long as the horn of attack sounded, he will go forward without hesitation。

At the critical moment, the person I wanted to see just now came over。The man was lean and lean, but with a tangled beard。I hurried to meet, rare people across the ravine uphill ran to see me。Of course we shake hands. We exchange pleasantries。Later, I learned that his name was Luo Fuchun, who raised ten cows and one hundred sheep and was a hard-working leader in getting rich。He has three children, one college student and two graduate students。

I mean, you're a big deal!

He smiled and said, thank the party's policy is good!I held his hand full of double calluses and shook it straight, saying that if you love labor, you will get rich。He was a little embarrassed, he said, "Leader, my hands are dirty.。

I said, "What leader? You know me, brother?。

The midday sun was beating down, and everyone stood talking happily, and no one left。

Ma Lianhong, chairman of the county Federation of Arts and Culture, said that in the past, the three groups of villagers in Hongyan village, the flower group, the millennium group, and the Dandong group, were linked together by the people"Big drip thousand years do not bloom";After poverty alleviation, the people who got out of poverty rearranged the names of these three groups, and it became "a thousand years of flowers"。

I tell you who's talking about the Millennium Group。Everyone began to talk。

Millennium Group is next to Huahua Group, there are villagers27 households 103 people, before the millennium group of poverty alleviation only a cliff cut out of less than 3 meters wide dirt road, due to the steep slope, but also the cliff road, vehicles can not pass, has been hindering people's production and life。For many years has been living on the back of the original ecological life, living in the old wooden house left by the grandparents has been dilapidated;Drinking water from small dry Wells, cloudy in rainy days and dry in dry seasons;It is very difficult for children to go to school and for people to see a doctor because of the blocked transportation。A former dirt road more than 2 meters wide has now been widened and hardened for traffic。The whole group of 27 households relocated 2 households through poverty alleviation in easy areas, and 25 households were newly built through demolition linked to increase and decrease, and housing security was fully covered.In the past, drinking water safety was impossible to talk about, and now a new pool has been built to solve the safety of drinking water。

Why is the Millennium group called Millennium?Zheng Xingtao said that according to the old man, this place was called the millennium grave in ancient times, and the ancestors of the Li family came here a long time ago to slash and burn, which may be the earliest when the family died and was buried on a hillside, a large grave was built, called the millennium grave。后来,The word "grave" was slowly called away。This is also the good wish of everyone。

Although the millennium is small, before there was no demolition of small villages to build big villages, it was not called a thousand years village group, it should be called a millennium village or a millennium village。This call, there is a connotation, a history, but also quite mysterious color。Because of this, I prefer the folk name-- Millennium Village, flower Qing Village。

The millennium Formation, like the Huahua Formation, is backed by a mountain, called Guangshan Daping, which is also a deep poverty group in Hongyan Village。In 2014, there were 83 people in 27 households in the millennium group, of which 58 people in 14 households were precise poor households, and the incidence of poverty exceeded 50%。From the data point of view, this deep poverty group, the extreme poverty group is also accurate。

Cell Yan town Party secretary Luo Guoyong, mayor Chen Xuzhong continuous in flowers and millennium after a few trips, almost sleepless night。Only heard before"A thousand years of no flowering", when their pants legs wrapped in mud, the first time into the flowers, everything in front of them can be said to be shocking, let them heartache: the house is broken, as if a push will collapse;The path from house to house was so muddy that even dogs could barely bark。

First we have to find someone!Follow the barking of the dog。In a square bamboo forest, first some dogs ran out, and then some children ran out。The child, with a dirty face, looked at the strangers with curious eyes。

Flowers, how imaginative, how poetic place, is it like this?That's true!Right here in front of you"The flower of the motherland" does not have the appearance of innocence。When they found a few old people with no clothes, Luo Guoyong and Chen Xuzhong decided in their hearts that no matter how difficult it was, no matter how hard the bones were to chew, this last fortress of poverty must be changed, and the time is 100 days。

Almost all of the young people in Huaqing have gone out to work, and those who have the ability to take away children and the elderly have also tried to take away, leaving almost all of them absolute poor households。Only the Spring Festival, here only have some popularity, but after all, have to go, flowers and leps have no livelihood, can not raise a living family!

The same is true of the Millennium Group,12 of the 14 poor households are Grade A dangerous house, easy to relocate poverty alleviation is the best way to once and for all, but the mouth is worn out, only two households moved to Ruihao immigration settlement。A family of five people, the head of the household is called Cheng Yunkang, there are old people, the son is disabled, can not plant the land, can not work, simply a move, in the end of the Hao immigration settlement there is a way to live;A family of three people, the head of the family named Wei Jicai, a single family living in a place called Suanzao tree Ping。It is almost impossible for him to get out of poverty without moving under such circumstances。I'll talk him out of it。Even though it was hard to leave, he moved away。

The rest of this12 poor households, tired of talking and unwilling to leave。Poverty alleviation cadres are a little confused, what is worth remembering here?Later, poverty alleviation officials also understood their difficulties, they could not put down the ancestral graves on the hillside, reluctant to give up the village's centuries-old trees and millennium old Wells。Let the people who are used to the barking of the dogs, the barking of the cows, the baa of the sheep, the people who are used to the wind whistling bamboo, the green flowers of the grass, go to the places they are unfamiliar with, then, it is inevitable that they will panic, not taste。

All relocation work must be carried out on the voluntary basis of the common people。

In the history of our country, there are countless relocation, refused to leave their homes one by one tied to go, leaving a word that is still commonly used today called“解手”。

The two words "relieving hands", the way of the feudal dynasty to our Chinese nation left a painful memory。

Today, only Guizhou province within the scope of the relocationPopulation 1.88 million。We firmly believe that the memory of history will also leave two words, that is, a "moderately prosperous society" in which the people benefited from all.。

To finish building a moderately prosperous society in all respects is the CPC's first centenary goal and a landmark achievement。相约In 2020, we have the determination and ability to fight the final battle well and win a comprehensive victory in the battle against poverty。

习近平总书记视察贵州时明确指示,要"Promote the adjustment of agricultural structure, focus on the development of modern mountain characteristics and efficient agriculture"。Guizhou Provincial Party Committee and provincial people's Government earnestly implement the spirit of the important instructions of the General Secretary, and combine industrial poverty alleviation with the structural reform of the agricultural supply side and the revitalization of rural industries。At the beginning of 2018, it was proposed to carry out a profound industrial revolution to revitalize the rural economy in the province, accelerate the development of modern mountain characteristics and efficient agriculture, and achieved remarkable results。

Industrial poverty alleviation is the top priority in poverty alleviation, and the development of rural industries is not only related to GuizhouThe elimination of 2.8 million poor farmers from poverty will have a bearing on whether 20 million farmers will be able to embark on a path of moderately prosperous sustainable development. This is a major measure to lay the foundation for long-term management。

Sun Zhigang, Secretary of Guizhou Provincial Party Committee and director of the Standing Committee of the Provincial People's Congress, profoundly pointed out that to revitalize the rural economy of a profound industrial revolution, promote industrial poverty alleviation and rural industrial structure adjustment to make major breakthroughs, we must grasp the rural industrial revolution in Guizhou"Eight elements"。

Rural industrial revolution"Eight elements",That is, selecting industries, training farmers, technical services, raising funds, organizational methods, matching production and marketing, linking interests, and grassroots party building,These eight aspects are indispensable,It is a necessary link and an important method of the agricultural industrial revolution in full swing throughout the province,It is the concrete practical process and realization form of promoting the in-depth development of industrial revolution。It is not only the target task, but also the method measure。

"Eight Elements" and "Three Revolutions",A revolution in changing ideas,A revolution in transforming the mode of industrial development,A revolution in the change of style,Five-step method,That is, policy design, work deployment, cadre training, supervision and inspection, and accountability,Formed a complete system to guide the province to promote the agricultural industrial revolution。

With such a system, Guizhou's deep poverty county Zhengan, Zhengan county's deep poverty township Glandyan, Glandyan town's deep poverty village Hongyan, Hongyan village three deep poverty groups- Flower group, millennium group, Dacheng group such last fortress, also can not withstand this "infatuation" siege。

Flowers, great mobility, the millennium of poverty alleviation results are there for all to see。Well, from the ordinary people spontaneous contrast: from the originalWhat do we see from "Big drip thousand years without flowering" to now "big drip one thousand years"?I think it must be a smile!As long as the people laugh, our efforts are right。

Luo Guoyong, Chen Xuzhong recall that100 days after the battle to take the fortress, still scared。The five-level secretary responsibility system of provinces, cities, counties, towns and villages has strengthened the "double team leader" responsibility system in which the party and government leaders at all levels bear the overall responsibility, and the general attack responsibility letter has been signed at all levels。This layer of compacting responsibility, strict evaluation, strict rewards and punishments for the implementation of responsibility, is not just talk, because the promotion of poverty alleviation and reform ineffective people have been dealt with early cases, Party committees at all levels to deal with such situations without tolerance, only severe punishment。

The pressure is large, there is no way out, only the pressure is the most effective way to change power。

This last fortress is the short board in the short board, is the hard bone in the hard bone。The "hundred-day attack" is a military order, which requires action and does not allow any hesitation。

Therefore, widening the roadbed, hardening the road, changing the living environment, adjusting the industrial structure, and optimizing the industrial layout have become powerful weapons to attack the fortress。

Luo Guoyong said that poverty alleviation industry support is the key, combined with rural revitalization, flowers, millennium, Dandong these three deep poverty village industrial layout, is a combination of long, medium and short, long-term industry is Fang Zhu, now hasMore than 16000 mu of old and new square bamboo forest, so that the people tomorrow, the day after tomorrow's money have landed, and the short and medium term industry is Chinese herbal medicine and chili, the order is responsible for the government, the seeds are provided by the government, technology we have "new era young farmers school", so that today and tomorrow's money also have a place to grasp。There are flue-cured tobacco, there used to be flue-cured tobacco, but due to traffic constraints, tofu tray into meat prices to give up;Now that the road is open and more people are coming back, we will optimize the layout of land and speed up the adjustment of industrial structure。Do we direct the development of the land to whatever is suitable for it。

Flowers, Dafa, millennium is located in the hinterland of Dalou Mountain, such a place, extreme beauty is its characteristics, extreme poverty is its characteristics。Today, the characteristics are the same, the characteristics have changed。

习近平总书记清楚地表达过对生态环境优先的态度:"We want both clear waters and green mountains, as well as gold and silver mountains。When there is a contradiction between "clear water and green mountains" and "Jinshan and silver mountains", we must put "clear water and green mountains" in the first place, and cannot take the old road of "clear water and green mountains" in exchange for "Jinshan and silver mountains"。This statement draws a red line of ecological protection for economic development and shows China's determination to develop green。习近平总书记In Guizhou调研时强调,要守住发展和生态两条底线。This is not only a clear requirement for the economic and social development of Guizhou, but also an ardent hope for the rest of the country。

Flowers, big drip, millennium unchanged is: keep the basic characteristics of green mountains, ecological environment continues to improve, forest coverage rate63.4 percent, well above the national average of 22 percent.The average level of 96% is also higher than Guizhou's 58.An average of 5%;The big change is: vigorously develop the green economy with mountain characteristics, and successfully practice the development path of clear water and green mountains is Jinshan and silver mountains。

Early past the time to eat, there is no sense of hunger, think is Qingquan resettlement point Wu Zhongyou sweet to the heart of the mouthful of honey is still working。Flowers as warmly invite us to eat before leaving。I can't do that. We don't have time。I hurried to shake hands with Luo Fuchun and bid farewell to Huang Chengjiang, a veteran who had been wounded in the glorious defense of the motherland's frontier。Huang Chengjiang's return is more standard than mine,At 72, he is sprightly and still has the poise of a good warrior。

At this time, just a few neatly dressed children ran over, obviously they are to see the lively。The little boy looks innocent and lively in the crowd, and the little girl smiles and looks innocent。

I felt my face suddenly bright, the arrival of the children, no doubt diluted the sadness of parting。

I could not help waving at the children happily, and did not put down when I turned around, I said to the veteran Huang Chengjiang: Goodbye!Bye!!Salute the old hero again!!You defended me when you were young"Flowers of the motherland" (I point to the smiling children), when you are old, you take care of these "flowers of the motherland"。

Farewell to the old hero, we to the big drip group has been two o 'clock in the afternoon, some people say that there is not enough time, in the car to look at it, anyway, flowers, big drip, millennium are almost。I said that the car is too big and don't get off to see, don't count too much。

Dada villagers group leader Luo Bin came over。According to him, there are villagers in Dandong Group38户166人,Among them, 84 people live in 17 poor households,The villagers dug a mud road more than 2 meters wide by hand,Due to the flood washed away,Multiple collapses,It blocked people's travel,Barricade the people in the mountains,Living a primal life of shoulder to shoulder,People live in dilapidated tiled houses left by their predecessors,Walking on stinking, muddy tracks,Pig and cow manure everywhere is disgusting,Drinking water from small Wells,Unhygienic and unsafe,In particular, it is extremely inconvenient for children to go to school and for people to see a doctor。Before there was no road, now the road is expanded and hardened.3 km, covering all farmers。Through poverty alleviation in inhospitable areas, eight households have been relocated, nine dilapidated houses have been renovated, and 21 households have been renovated, and housing security has been fully covered。There was no safe drinking water before, and now the safety of drinking water has been completely solved by building a new pool。

Luobin's home has already moved to the county seat of the Ruihao immigration settlement, since the Dacheng group was included in the goal of poverty alleviation 100 days battle, the villagers invited him back to sit the old villager leader, they trust the old leader, poverty alleviation team also trust him。His brother went away to work, so he lived in his brother's house。We were just sitting in the yard, drinking tea and talking。Heard that I am a writer, he pointed to the little girl next to him, said, we also have a small writer here, like to write compositions。

I said to the little girl, bring me your composition to look at。She said yes, and ran home as fast as she could。

The little girl is called Luo Huanhuan, her parents have gone out to work, her grandfather took her two sisters, she is the eldest, this year to read the fifth grade of primary school。People in the village say that this child is particularly sensible, in addition to going to school, but also to help grandpa work, take care of his sister。

I was surprised when I read her composition。This composition is not long, but the lines all reveal her simple gratitude。She concluded her essay: When I grow up, I will repay you。

这个"You", of course, refers to the members of the poverty alleviation team。It can be imagined that since poverty alleviation, she has witnessed all the changes that have taken place here, and this earth-shaking change will have an indelible impact on her young mind。Such an influence will undoubtedly accompany her life。In her long life on the road, may meet this or that bumpy, and these bumpy will never become her insurmountable obstacles, she will be like a good soldier, indomitable, go forward。From her tender and sincere composition, I realized the innocence of a child from the bottom of his heart。At her age, I had such innocence。The oath of innocence is still the driving force that I cannot forget and practice today。Like her, the heroes I saw in our youth gave us a sense of idealism and perseverance。

This is an era of heroes. Countless heroes who are unknown and have no regrets on the frontline of poverty alleviation have built a spiritual monument of this great era and great project。Such monuments shine in the smiling faces of the common people and shine in the image of the Communists。

On March 6, 2020, the General Secretary stressed at the forum on poverty alleviation, "By 2020, all rural poor people under the current standard are lifted out of poverty, which is a solemn commitment made by the Party Central Committee to the people of the whole country, and must be realized as scheduled, without any retreat or flexibility."。The important instructions of the General Secretary fully reflect the firm determination and tenacious will to remain true to our original aspiration and carry out our mission like a mission, and have issued a general mobilization order for us to win the battle against poverty on time and with high quality and finish building a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way in tandem with the whole country。

Countless facts warn us that the closest approach to the goal is often the most difficult, the highest risk, the most challenges, a little slack or response to the confusion, it may fall short or even cause defeat。We must always keep in mind,We will win the battle against poverty on time and with high quality,Build a moderately prosperous society in all respects in step with the rest of the country,It is our solemn commitment to the Party Central Committee and the people of the province,It is a major political responsibility,It is a glorious historical mission,Can't be swayed no matter what happens,No discount!We have made great efforts,We must continue to make efforts,We must not give up until we win!

In GuizhouThere are 66 poor counties in 88 counties and urban areas, and at present, there are 9 deeply poor counties that have not removed the label of absolute poverty, which is the last bastion of poverty alleviation in Guizhou, and will usher in the final third-party evaluation and acceptance in October this year。

Sun Zhigang, Secretary of Guizhou Provincial Party Committee, said at the first plenary meeting of the seventh session of the 12th Provincial Party Committee this year:"We deeply feel that now we are closer and more capable than at any time in history to completely tear away the label of absolute poverty in Guizhou for thousands of years.。The weight and confidence of this sentence infected all the people present, which undoubtedly highlights the 40 million Guizhou people feel the party's kindness, praise the party's sentiment, unswervingly listen to the Party's words, and go with the Party, and plays the strongest voice of Guizhou in the new era of the main battlefield of poverty alleviation, "keep in mind the exhortations and be grateful and forging ahead"。

On the land of Guizhou, we are in full swing to make decisive achievements in poverty alleviation and launch a final offensive against absolute poverty。Rural poor populationWe have generally solved the prominent problems of "two guarantees and three guarantees" and drinking water safety, relocated 1.88 million people from ineasy areas and moved out of mountains, and promoted profound changes in the urban-rural pattern and the distribution of productive forces。In 2019, 1.24 million poor people in rural areas were reduced, 24 poor counties withdrew from poverty, and the number of poor people in the province was reduced from 9.23 million in 2012 to 30 million.830,000 people, poverty rate from 26.8%降至0.After the sprint in the first half of this year, the remaining poor population reached the poverty alleviation standard, the poor villages reached the exit standard, and the uncapped counties reached the conditions for poverty alleviation and cap lifting。In the national poverty alleviation effectiveness assessment, it has been in the "good" square for four consecutive years。Guizhou used to be the province with the largest number of poor people in China, and now it is the province with the largest number of poverty reduction, writing a wonderful chapter of Guizhou's poverty reduction miracle in China!


The year 2020 is the historic intersection of the "two centenary goals", and the goal of poverty alleviation and a moderately prosperous society in all respects, which the Chinese people have been striving for for many years, will soon be achieved. This is an exciting and important historic moment with landmark significance。

If you say,1985年习仲勋书记对乌蒙山区海雀村事件的批示,It promoted and opened the prelude to the country's organized and large-scale poverty alleviation and development,那么,Targeted poverty alleviation was implemented and carried out in an all-round way,In 2020, the people of the whole country will not be left behind to achieve a synchronous well-off society,It is to put a complete exclamation point on the greatest battle against poverty in human history。This will undoubtedly win the respect and admiration of the people of the world。

Look at any grand battle in human history that has transformed and altered the course of history,Can not be compared with this great battle against the crux of poverty that has accumulated for thousands of years,Victory in this great battle,Will shine for thousands of years!When the Chinese people stood on the historic vantage point of achieving the first centenary goal, they looked down on the earth,眼前-- There are so many beautiful rivers and mountains!



                                   Reproduced in (People's Literature 2020-10)