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"The Secret Battle of the Brave Wujiang" shooting highlights (3)

Source: Guizhou Literature Network Author: Founder Date: 2020-09-11    

"The Secret Battle of the Brave Wujiang" shooting highlights (3)

Pei Jiangtong "The Secret Battle of the Brave Wujiang" to do a "soul" villain

Directed by the famous director Yang Ying, Cao Zheng, Chen Jie, Pei Jiangtong and other starring large-scale spy war theme TV series "The Secret Battle of the Brave Wujiang" is being filmed in Hengdian。Powerful actor Pei Jiangtong plays the role of the villain Wang Jintang in the drama。

It is worth noting that Pei Jiangtong challenged the villain for the first time in "The Secret Battle of the Brave Wujiang"。In the past film and television works, Pei Jiangtong has created a generous and kind-hearted screen image. In the performance of Li Ershun in My mother's Field Little Grass, he will be cowardly and bear the character of a vivid portrayal, and with the filial piety and simple good man image "Li Ershun" is known and recognized by the national audience。The role of "The Secret Battle of the Brave Wujiang" challenges the role of the main villain "Wang Jintang" in the drama, breaking the previous kind and simple screen image, which is also a breakthrough in his acting career。

In the face of this challenge, Pei Jiangtong himself revealed that since getting the script, he has been trying to figure out the character image, and strive to make the role of "Wang Jintang" integrate into the era and the background of the story, and the performance is more vivid and fresh。

The Brave OneThe secret battle Wujiang RiverThere are too many villains in ", but in order to make the character image outstanding, it is necessary to deeply analyze the role and then interpret it。Pei Jiangtong said: "I strive to make this character not stay in the surface of the bad, but put into the character's behavior, give the character soul.。He thinks the greatest joy of being an actor is that it canTo interpret and complete the psychological world of one character after another through oneself and creation。"To be an actor is not only to be worthy of the audience, but also to be worthy of the profession of actors。”

Pei Jiangtong has his own views on the role of Wang Jintang, the villain played in "The Secret Battle of the Brave Wujiang" : Wang Jintang is a full "fan of government", in order to achieve his dream of being an official by all means, and do all bad things。

After graduating from Shanghai Theatre Academy, Pei Jiangtong is a solid academic. For a long time after graduation, he was active on the stage of drama. He said that it was this experience that cultivated his delicate and steady acting style。Today, in the nearly ten years since the film, he still does not forget his original intention, concentrates on polishing the role, and shapes every character with solid acting skills。

The day of "The Secret Battle of the Brave Wujiang" is getting closer and closer, and the time to meet the audience is getting closer and closer, so I think it is reallyA little excited

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