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"The Secret Battle of the Brave Wujiang" shooting highlights (9)

Source: Guizhou Literature Network Author: Founder Date: 2020-08-27    

"The Secret Battle of the Brave Wujiang" Cao Zheng led the counterattack on the revolutionary road

   By Beijing October day Culture Media Co., LTD. To create a large-scale spy warIdol legendThe drama "The Secret Battle of the Brave Wujiang" has been successfully finished after more than 100 days of intense filming。

   Since the start of the drama has been highly concerned by all parties, as Guizhou Province's 13th Five-Year key film and television drama, "The Secret Battle of the Brave Wujiang" is a good work to carry forward the main theme and spread positive energy。The powerful actors Cao Zheng, Shen Junyi, Liu Chang, Liu Hui, Li Xiaohong, after enduring the test of the hot sun, blasting night drama and heavy rain, finally ushered in a successful conclusion。

The picture shows the battle scene of "Jumanji" ↑

   It is understood,Large-scale spy idol legendary TV series "The Secret Battle of the Brave Wujiang" with a new and open concept,For the first time for the audience to reveal the Red Army Long March to Guizhou period,Guizhou underground party people in the bloody, dangerous situation,Fully cooperate with and support the Red Army to successfully achieve the strategic shift to the north and from then on to victory of the revolutionary hero legend。The great love, great benevolence and great justice of the Chinese nation were cleverly integrated into that earth-shaking, iron-and-blood interwoven history, and the power of human nature was demonstrated in the grand historical events。


   The Secret Battle of the Brave WujiangThe main roles are almost all performed by the "veteran actors", because the dramaThere are not only exquisite three-dimensional little people, but also grand historical chapters。

   It is understood,October Day Media spent a lot of money,Sent the crew deep into the "force across the Wujiang River, the fierce battle in East Guizhou, Wumeng Roundabout, Loushan showdown.,Four crossing Chishui "and other local sites where the Red Army fought in Guizhou were shot on the spot,A more authentic representation of history,Enhance the historical weight of the play,Try to make a perfect connection between the vicissitudes in the big historical background and the ups and downs of the small people's fate合。



   The whole play goes on100Many days of shooting, during the heat of the sun and continuous explosion night scene and so on the test, and even off the ground50More than meters of high altitude shooting and intensive hanging wiya, shooting difficult, the process is very dangerous。These are also rare experiences for actors, Cao Zheng is also very emotional:Very bitter and very enjoyable, this drama condensed the wisdom and effort of all personnel。

   With the completion of the shooting, "The Secret War of the Brave Wujiang" has also come to the post-production stage, director Yang Ying revealed that "the Secret War of the Brave Wujiang" in the production will also choose the most shocking visual effects and the most realistic war scenes, to maximize the restoration of the real history of the original appearance。"Let the audience see that turbulent era, the Chinese sons and daughters with sincerity and faith cast the Chinese military soul.。It is reported that the long-awaited "Secret Battle of the Brave Wujiang" will meet with the audience at the end of 2020, which is expected。