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Empty house

Source: Guizhou Literature Network Author: Founder Date: 2020-08-24    

Empty house

毛 文


Walking into a strange stockade, he took his books and began to go from house to house“访谈”。From house to house, from village to village。During the epidemic is also the busy farming season, the work is not very smooth, after a long time to find the villagers home, but there is no one at home。Came to the second group, every family closed the door, Han Han kept asking "is it the wrong way.?In fact, I have no bottom in my heart, want to find someone to ask about the road, but I have not seen anyone for a long time。I was muttering in my mind, vaguely aware that from some window came an ancient and distant music accompanied by the noise of the machine salsa。It feels like neither the songs nor the machines that play them belong to this era。

We walked in the direction of the music, the sound became clearer and clearer, and we both smiled at each other。I mean, in this day and age, you hear something like this"Folk song" tune is rare, I don't know what Han Han is thinking, but my first feeling is that the person listening to this tune must be an old man!

Knock on the door. It's unlocked. It's unopened。Knocked again, but no one answered。The old tune slowly escaped from the room。Still knocking, still no answer。So we opened the door and there was no one in the room。Only a bed lying alone against the wall, the bed is cold covered with a mattress sheet, no quilt, no pillow, but the bed is new, the cushion is so old that people do not want to guess its age, it has experienced what and witnessed what?There was a hen tied to a two-meter-long string at the foot of the bed, and some rice was scattered on the ground. The hen seemed to hate the rope on her feet, and she always lifted her feet and struggled not very hard, trying to escape, but accepting her fate。Go inside, black!Only the feeling of black, unprecedented ignorance, this black is composed of tens of thousands of long hands of black ions, in the invisible pull my hair, my hair, pull away from my tough perseverance, afraid!Right here"Afraid" when the head attack。I saw a white casket without a lid lying across the door, and there was something in it, and who cared what it was。I wanted to run, but my legs were stuck in place, unable to move。I broke into an empty room。

No, the room is covered with an old, long, desolateThe "tune" filled the air, and an old man came out of another room, which was equally dark。Black national dress, a black turban pulled down from my head and wrapped around my face, and a black repeat reader of the kind I used to listen to English when I was in middle school。That's where the tune comes from。

The old man's not surprised to see us。Look at our eyes like the moonlight in the snow, scattered, cold。

"Old man, do you know where so-and-so lives?"As long as someone is not afraid, I am a little embarrassed but not afraid.。

"The man you are looking for...How old?The old man thought for a moment and said, "If you are old, you only have this family name by the stockade...I don't know if it's small。The old man said intermittently, like the kind of insufficient qi mentioned in traditional Chinese medicine。After all, she seems really old。

"And what's your name?"Han Han asked。Our group of six people is responsible for interviewing this stockade, although divided work, living in the farmer uphill work is difficult to find people, so about the visit to ask the name of the household, if in the interview list will do the work together。The old man gave us her name, and we pulled out the roster, which was not on the interview list。

"What is your son's name, old man?”

Normally, such elderly people should share a household registration with their sons。It could be her son。

"My oldest son's name is XXX。The second son is named xxx。The third son's name is xxx。”

"Which son do you live with?Han Han took a step closer to the old man, raising his voice so that the old man could hear some。

 "I live with my little son。The old man's voice seemed to come from ancient times, heavy and tired。

'What's your little boy's name?I leaned forward to interject, "Where is he??"From the perspective of the living environment, the elderly did not even get basic care, and I was indignant.。

"My youngest son's name is xxx, but my youngest son is dead。"The old man's voice was infinitely sad。

"And the other two sons, they're supposed to take care of you。"Han Han added。

"The other two sons are dead, all three sons are dead。"The old man's voice resounded with great sadness and helplessness。

Meet such an old man, I do not know what I should ask, to understand what, a burst of chest tightness, out of breath。

Into her room, I saw her bed, I do not know what to use, a feed bag with a bundle of papyrus on the head of the bed, it should be a pillow, papyrus was leaned wrinkled。A dirty, old, white soldier was dragged from his bed on straw to the ground, where a small fire was burning。

"Old man, you must pay attention to safety, do not burn the quilt。"I was choking。I have to go. I have to go now。

"I am 83 years old, but I will live well...I used to think that I could not live, but who can think that the national policy is so good, buy me rice, give me medical treatment, and give me meat...I thank my country and I want to live well and keep my home for my sons。The old man said to himself, as if convinced that her children would come back, or else how could there be such a saying as "a place with a mother is home"?

"I heard that this year, the village secretary told me several times not to go on the street, every time I came to care about me, bring me food.。I'm afraid to go on the street...I'm afraid I might get sick and infect the folks。People should have a conscience, do things to be worthy of others, others are good to you, you should be good to others。"The bearer seemed very talkative。

"Old man, the national policy is good, will take good care of you, you do not worry.。Han Han comforted: "You are old, I see you also raise chickens, do not raise, you go to wait for fear that you will fall.。”

"I did not want to raise, at my age, even the rice to eat is sent by the secretary, only enough for me to eat..."But I feed it a handful of rice every meal so I can have company。”

I saw Han Han's eyes red, and I saw my eyes red from the way she looked at me。

"My son is dead, all three of my sons are dead, and I have lived alone for so long...I don't want to live with anyone. I want to live here。The house must always be lived in, people live in the smoke, or it will rot, there is nothing。I'm guarding the house, keeping a home for them。”

I think there must be something hot coming out of those red eyes and falling on my chest, otherwise how could it hurt so much?The burning sensation!

"Old man, it's too shabby for you to live here, it's not safe。"I thought I had to do something for her。

"I have a new house, good national policy!Reconstruction of the dangerous house, built a new house for me, but also bought a table, stool, bed, quilt, even POTS and pans have bought me a new, I did not expect ah, the policy will be so good ah!Thank the country。"Said the old man excitedly。

"Yes, our country is helping the poor out of poverty to get rich, you have to be healthy, since you have a new house to live in the new house, it is not safe to live here.。"I tried to persuade。

"The branch secretary and the grid staff, as well as the teacher of my family said so, I just come and sit down every day, burn a fire, let the house have some fireworks, for my sons to guard"。The old man's voice was weak but stubborn。

I told the old man we were leaving, and the old man took us to the door, where the courtyard was clean and paved with stone slabs。

"The family you are looking for is by the stockade。"Asked the old man curiously。

"We are teachers, and we are here to do poverty alleviation work。”

"Oh, teacher!Hello, teacher!I was wondering if you could go see my grandson。”

Hearing the old man's words, my first reaction was"Out of school children", this must be clear。

So he asked:"Where is your grandson?Have you gone to school??”

"In his family, his father died before he was born, and he lived with his mother and his stepfather。The old man broke down in tears and could not speak again。

"How old is he?Have not read?Han Han patted the old man on the shoulder to comfort her。

“16。The old man thought again, "There are 18.。Book, do not read, eyes can not see, his mother honest, do not speak Chinese, I want you to go to see him, teach him, I have a hard time!The body hurts everywhere, bones and flesh are very old, I feel that I have lived enough, but I dare not die, my grandson can not see。I want him to learn some skills to live, and not become a poor family like me, dragging the country back。The image of the old man stood tall in my heart, as if her stooped back were straight, and her weak voice was loud。

We promised the old man to see his grandson。She reiterated that the family we were looking for was on the edge of the village。After leaving the old man's home, we immediately called the grid operator and asked about the situation of the old man's grandson. What is not optimistic is that the old man's grandson not only has poor eyesight, but also his spirit is not normal. The village has sent him to a special school, but he has passed the best period of treatment。We all hung up the phone sadly。

At lunch, Han Han told the six members of the group about the matter, and everyone unanimously decided to pay some money to buy something to visit the old man。In fact, what we want to comfort is nothing but our powerless heart。After the interview, we went to visit the old man with the things we bought at the village commissary。

On the way back, everyone was quiet and the air was heavy。We all know that the elderly do not have to worry about food, clothing and medical care, and the Government's poverty alleviation work has been fully implemented。

'Alas!Teacher Ma, who will retire next year, sighed: "The bitterness of old age is very bitter!"I also echoed and said: "The old sweet, also very different!"

The air seemed to have sharp horns, stinging Each of our hearts。

But that voice has always encouraged me and strengthened my steps on the road to poverty alleviation。

"The national policy is good, thanks to the country, I want to live well and guard the home for my sons..."

Not only who led the head, we couldn't help but hum a song, and slowly everyone began to sing:"The country is the perseverance of honor, the home is the overflow of happiness, every inch of the country, every footprint of the home, the country and the home are connected together to create the miracle of the earth.。The next time I visit the old man, I want to take this song "Country" to her, to reassure her that there is a great motherland, to live a good life。




About the author:毛文,原名毛文红,女,Born in Qinglong County, Guizhou Province in June 1985, he graduated from the primary education liberal arts class of the Academy of Education, Kaili University, Guizhou in July 2009。He started to work in March 2010 and officially joined Guizhou Writers Association in May 2015。Essays, poems, and novels are scattered in Yunnan Daily, Guizhou Writers, Mountain Flowers, and Qianxinan Daily。