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Home Town (outside Song)

Source: Guizhou Literature Network Author: Founder Date: 2020-07-23    

Township (foreign song)



Late summer morning

I said goodbye quietly

Like to stick to me

Still sleeping in my hometown

Too late to see

The tears she secretly wiped away under the covers

Because she knows

Tears are a bottle of super glue

Can let me stay this summer


The sky that has not yet opened its eyes

I still have your smile

My tears are as many as sand

Can't hide how sorry I am for you


Close eyes

I can still see your blurry eyes

It's like a veil that can't be pierced

Blocking your face

So I can't see your eyes

I don't think anyone doesn't know

Eye to eye is for heart to heart meeting


A city with all its limbs

Can't wait to take care of my feelings

He ran forward

My heart has been abandoned

Spring fertility

Has long since become a winter blight


Roll down that window that's been locked for a long time

Finally, clearly see the strange hometown

Push open the sleeping door

The house is still living


Wait for the promise to realize your dream



Jaejin A In the hallway on the sixth floor

Slippers with no socks on

He kept whipping the floor

Talking about your fucking winter

The floor complains of cold slippers

The beating has not stopped since the start of winter


The floor is covered with my body

Grievance: winter again cold

It has nothing to do with me

Slippers grinned

Laughing at the floor of the simple mind


Slippers looked at the cold red eyes of the water dispenser not far away

Start blaming him.

All he does is stare

No help


Aggressive drool

From the beginning of winter

The splatter has stopped


The water cooler responded: Entrance to the alley

Winter called the nose clogged the car

I can't get in

You can't get out

Then let each other save some gas


(College of Agriculture and Forestry Engineering and Planning, Tongren University Class 2018 Forestry)