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Brief introduction of Ouyang Qiansen

Source: Guizhou Literature Network Author: Founder Date: 2020-07-13    


          Brief introduction of Ouyang Qiansen

Ouyang Qiansen,男,Born in October 1965 in Longhui, Hunan Province。He started to work in June 1984 and joined the China Association for the Promotion of Democracy in January 2014. He has a postgraduate degree from the Party School of Guizhou Provincial Committee. He is a first-level literary writer, a first-level scriptwriter, a core expert of Guizhou Province and a special allowance expert of The State Council 。He was awarded the title of "literary and artistic Worker" in China。He has published more than 5 million words of long, medium and short stories in Chinese core journals。

He is currently the chairman of Guizhou Literary Federation He is the chairman of Guizhou Writers Association, the president of Guizhou College of Literature, and the deputy chairman of Guizhou Provincial Party Committee。

               Creation process

Ouyang Qiansen CongHe began his literary creation in 1977 and has worked hard for more than 20 years with fruitful results. In recent years, he has become an outstanding young writer active in the Chinese literary world. With his excellent achievements, he has made exciting achievements, which also shows his endless literary creation potential。Just open up the last few yearsPeople's literature"Contemporary", "October", "Chinese Writer", "Xinhua Digest", "Selected Journal of Chinese Literature", "Prose" and other national first-class core journals, down to "Red Rock", "Mountain flower", "Hundred flowers", "Youth", "Great Wall" and other provincial literary publications, we can see Ouyang Qiansen's name injected into our eyes。从他In the four years since his short story "Eighteen Plots" was published in Contemporary in 1999, he has written two million words of short stories, novellas, novels, essays, poems, and commentaries。This can not be said to be Tongren literature, Guizhou literature or evenContemporary literary circleA miracle of。This is a voice of Guizhou in the country, this voice is long lost, Guizhou writers have not had a voice in the country for many years。His representative collection "Taste"(China Literary Federation Publishing House2003 edition) with popular Chinese writers,Liu Qingbang、东西、荆歌The works are famous in literaturecriticA surname"China Short Story King" series of books, the book is listed in the country that Luoyang paper expensive, just three months "Taste" even printed three editions。Meng said that the introduction of "Taste" at the same time as the works of leading figures in the current national short story creation is to see Ouyang Qiansen's future strength and trust in his strength。The reason why Ouyang Qiansen can be welcomed by readers and attract the attention of the Chinese literary circle is not only because of the number of his high output, but the fundamental reason is that these works of his can constantly hit our reading nerves and let us get some aesthetic shock。

                Representative works

Works of fiction:novelNon-love time(Guizhou People's Publishing House2004 edition) can be regarded as a thorough expression of contemporary people's mental state, the work responds to contemporary concerns about idealism and the fate of value。"Non-love Time" tells about the works related to feelings, written sentimental and helpless, silent mountains are unchanged, short life is fickle, youth season romantic but barren, the current life is rich but pale, emotion and marriage replacement only left a sigh of regret。Famous critic,Peking UniversityDoctoral supervisorMr. Chen Xiaoming thinks that "Non-Love Time""It can be regarded as a thorough expression of contemporary people's mental state, the work responds to contemporary concerns about idealism and the fate of value。"The story is clear, the characters are distinct, the language is concise and smooth, and the details are very vivid. On the level of traditional realism, this novel can be said to be quite wonderful。"This novel is quite cleverly conceived, in the story of two men, wrapped in the story of several women, the really moving is the story of those women。The psychological character of each of these women is not much, but they are unusually distinct。Their beauty, their innocence,Romantic passion in revolutionary times,Have been ruthlessly destroyed by life,They are beautiful and innocent images,And to complete the history with death and misfortune as the end,It represents the past in opposition to the present,Both as a memory,More as a question,The novel's description on this level is deeply moving。

Screenwriter's work:In recent years, Ouyang Qiansen has been involved in film and television, creating"Guizhou Daily Newspaper Group · Qiansen Film and Television Culture Studio", in 2006, Ouyang Qiansen led the creation of a 20-episode TV series"Xiong Guan overpass RoadTo commemorate the victory of the Red Army's Long MarchThe 70th anniversary tribute film, after the central golden time broadcast, caused a great response across the country, was hailed by experts as a sister film of the TV series "Long March", and won the Central Propaganda Department "five projects" award, "Golden Eagle Award", "Flying Sky Award", "Golden Star Award".。2009年,His 20-episode TV series "Jedi Sewn" was aired in prime time on CCTV 1 during the national "Two Sessions",Got the first prize of film and television promotion Guizhou,This TV series reflects the scientific development of Guizhou in the past 30 years of reform and opening up,It has won the "Five Projects" award of the Central Propaganda Department, the "Golden Eagle Award" and the first prize of National minority drama Series Outstanding works。In 2011, two films with Ouyang as the chief producer and screenwriter, Surviving Day, Kuang Jixun Peng Sui Uprising and Life Under the Clouds, were released in cinemas across China。Written or produced by Ouyang Qiansen, the 30-episode TV series Wind and Rain Fanjing Mountain and the 30-episode TV series Lady of Luxury Incense were also broadcast in the prime time of Central One。 The TV drama "24 Crutches" revolves around the defense battle of "24 Crutches"。The chief screenwriter is Ouyang Qiansen。In order to write this work as a tribute to the 70th anniversary of the victory of the Anti-Japanese War, I walked on this transportation artery for a long time and collected materials from museums around the country, obtaining many precious writing materials。In creating this work, he adhered to the principle of "big things are not empty, small things are not", because "only by respecting history can we create good plays".。


His works won the first and second Government Literature Awards of Guizhou Province。He was awarded the title of literary artist twice by the provincial Personnel Department and the Provincial Federation of Literature and Art。Has also been awarded national"Five to one project Award",Chinese television"Flying Prize",Chinese television"Golden Eagle Award", the whole Army TV "Golden Star Award" and the first prize of Guizhou Provincial Government Literature Prize have been awarded more than ten times。