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Let the writing of local Chronicles become the self-consciousness of creation

Source: Guizhou Literature Network Author: Founder Date: 2020-07-12    

         Let the local chronicle writing becomecreative自觉

                    -----Wujiang series novel creation talk


           Zhao Zhaolong


My creation is a way of writing local ChroniclesThis local chronicle is Wujiang,The Wujiang River is the mother river of GuizhouFor decades, her beach, a bay, a wall and a gorge have been the material of my novels。My Wujiang series novels,Whether it's a novelOr a novella, I thinkrepresentationalIt's just a stretch of grass on this riverAs well as the boatmen walking the river and the mountain people on both sides。

The reason why this kind of local chronicle writing is important is that the composition of the literary map cannot be accomplished through a unified grand narrative, but must be accomplished through a loud and noisy"Small narrative" to complete。Creation is an individual affair, and writers devote themselves to it as specific individuals。His feelings, thoughts and even language are all connected with the specific region and nation in which he grew up。Ignoring this unique regional and national character to talk about the writer's literary creation is obviously ignoring the most vital and warm part of literary creation, and eventually losing the most fresh vitality of literature。This is the reason why I have been insisting on and guarding local Chronicles for all these years。

On this road,我In addition to the attention to the local personality of the characters, it also pays attention to an important topic, that is, the problem of folk belief。In the concept of local knowledge,Folk belief and local knowledge are often linked,Folk belief as local knowledge,People depend on it for their daily survival,It is also an important source of strength for integrating and stabilizing civil society,Its rich connotation and value are not only reflected in the ritual behavior of faith,It also exists in the overall social and cultural vision that includes local customs, taboos and even language arts。The formation of folk belief in Wujiang region cannot be separated from the influence of environmental factors,It also exists in Wujiang culture as a part of local knowledge,The Wujiang culture I express includes the complex folk belief system in Wujiang area,This folk belief, which has maintained long-term stability and continuity without the transformation of modern civilization, plays a very important normative role in the value standard of Wujiang people,It's the hidden soul of my novel,It controls the fate of all of us。This folk belief is the forest law and nature worship。

The law of the jungle has always been cruel, natural selection, survival of the fittest, and the way of performance on both sides of the Wujiang River is once there is a struggle, they take the way of shooting in pairs to obtain the winner。然后,Victors survive。

In the primitive living environment, the mountain people worship the nature,It is essentially a reflection of external forces in the mind in everyday life,So the power of nature can become a spiritual belief,This force of nature transcends the power of low primitive man,It's unexplainable to people with low productivity,Once this kind of power takes over people,And become an almighty God。于是And appearedNature worship。

Wujiang River from the Wumeng Mountain open mountains, cut through the gorge wall, surging, along the formation of a strange terrain canyon area, both sides of the Bifeng Zhi, there are many strange mountains, peaks, rocks, cliffs。Such severe natural conditions have caused certain closed characteristics on both sides of the Wujiang River, so that the local survival of the primitive mountain people can only draw from the survival of the primitive jungle to adapt to the law of survival, and this is the law of the jungle。This set of conventional jungle law is the basis for the value evaluation of the whole survival group, and enters the spiritual world of the group, and becomes a stable folk belief in the minds of the primitive mountain people for generations。

This folk beliefIs the focus of my work, IMost of the people in the novel are traditional mountain people living in the deep mountains of the Wujiang River basin. Due to the constraints of the environment, most of these mountain people are in a primitive state of existence and have a strong and universal worship psychology for the powerful force of nature。The objects they worship are too many to count, and the natural things related to their lives are gods to worship, such as: mountain god, tree, God of heaven, God of the earth, and so on。These gods are closely related to the production and life of the local mountain people and social customs, and often exist as the gods of protection for the mountain people。

然而In this kind of local chronicle creation, no matter how thrilling we write the marginal Wujiang, no matter how wonderful we tell the story of the novel, no matter how fresh our fictional characters are shaped, in terms of aesthetic significance, there is a lack of improvement in the aesthetic significance of Wujiang。The reason is that it marginalizes Wujiang, the story and characters of the novel,

其实,The Wujiang River as a natural object and the Wujiang people living on the land of Wujiang are for me in the aesthetic sensenovel-writingWhat is provided isThe character of "nature made"。Both sides of the Wujiang River are cliffsWall, rushing water,Many reefs and beaches are dangerous,It has been called natural danger since ancient times。Dangerous nature has also become the most prominent natural attribute of Wujiang River。For thousands of years, Wujiang people and Wujiang River have been living together. Under the nourishment of Wujiang River, they have formed tenacity and persistenceCharacter traits of。The natural Wujiang River, including the Wujiang River water aesthetic pleasure and has a certain aesthetic significance。In creationOnly aThis is based on natural natural propertiesWujiang RiverOnly by organically combining with the major revolutionary events that took place on the Wujiang River and integrating the natural attributes and historical character of the Wujiang River as a natural formation can we complete the Wujiang RiverAesthetic significanceA real boost on top,将Wujiang's rich and colorful regional culture, national culture and cultural landscape are integrated with the perseverance, faith and wisdom of Wujiang people,Through this perfect combination of Wujiang's natural attributes and historical character,才能Complete Wujiang geographical records, Wujiang people records, Wujiang spirit records complete Wujiang records writing。

Find your own writing areaLet local Chronicles writing become their own creative consciousness, combined"Natural"The geographical attributes and regionalHistorical characterAnd finally finishedGeography,Biography,The writing of the spiritIt is the only way to write local Chronicles。