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Source: Guizhou Literature Network Author: Founder Date: 2020-07-12    

Meet 2020 poem to write poverty alleviation, long poem to write big hero Jiang Shikun



牧之  著

    作者简介Mu Zhi (real name Wei Guangbang) Buyi nationality, Guizhou Zhenfeng, member of Chinese Writers Association, vice chairman of Guizhou Poets Association, executive vice chairman of Qianxinan Writers Association。Various literary works have been published in newspapers and periodicals all over the country, such as October, Poetry, Ethnic Literature, Beijing Literature, and People's Daily。He has won the first prize of national prose and poetry competitions such as "Shaofeng Cup", "Li He Cup" and "Meiwen World", the 14th China Population Culture Award, and the second Guizhou Professional Literature and Art Award。He is the author of "Mountain Love", "The River of the Soul", "Still as it was", "The fragrance is still", "The Soul of the Plateau", "the remote view of the soul", "The world on paper", "Naxiang Lang Dai", "the wind at the corner", "The poetry of the Herd" and other literary monographs。



主人翁姜仕坤Male, Miao nationality, native of Zhiheng, Guizhou Province, born in December 1969, started to work in August 1990, joined the Communist Party of China in January 1992, former secretary of Qinglong County Committee of Guizhou Province。In the more than 6 years of working in Qinglong County, he has explored the "Qinglong model" of simultaneous and precise poverty alleviation in the three effects of economy, ecology and poverty alleviation with perseverance.。He took the sufferings of the masses to heart, and his footprints were all over the towns and villages of Qinglong County, calculating economic accounts with the common people, seeking poverty alleviation strategies, mobilizing the masses to plant grass and raise sheep, and developing the economy with mountainous characteristics. He was called the "peasant secretary" and "accounting secretary" by the masses.。He was strict with himself and lived a simple life. He never used his power to seek personal gains for himself and his relatives. He never interfered in economic activities such as bidding for construction projects。

On April 12, 2016, Jiang Shikun, who had been fighting poverty alleviation in Qinglong County for six years, died of a sudden heart attack in Guangzhou at the age of 46。  

In June 2016, the Qiannan Prefecture Committee of the Communist Party of China posthumously awarded Comrade Jiang Shikun the title of "Excellent Communist Party Member";

In June 2016, the Organization Department of the CPC Guizhou Provincial Committee posthumously awarded Comrade Jiang Shikun the title of "Excellent Communist Party Member of the Province"。

On November 11, 2016, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and the Poverty Alleviation Office of The State Council posthumously awarded Comrade Jiang Shikun the honorary title of National Poverty Alleviation Model;

On June 30, 2017, the Organization Department and Publicity Department of Guizhou Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China awarded the title of "Year Hero" to ten Guizhou Year Heroes;

On June 27, 2018, the CPC Central Committee posthumously awarded Jiang Shikun as "National Excellent Communist Party Member";

Jiang Shikun used six years of hard work to let more than 80,000 people bid farewell to poverty, and fulfilled the promise made when he was elected county governor。 



第一章  结缘睛隆

The second chapter goes into the grassroots and visits the sufferings

Act 3  popular“羊书记”

第四章  农民情怀

The fifth chapter breaks through the bottleneck of hydropower 

The sixth chapter out a county expansion of the "blood road" to

Chapter Seven: Push out the twenty-four cards

Chapter VIII Issues Concerning People's Livelihood are major issues

Chapter 9 Read the Tea Sutra well

Chapter 10: War on Poverty with Life

Chapter 11: The Dream

Chapter 12 Endless Longing

Chapter 13 Looking forward to Your Return in Spring





There are mountains and rivers think back to call linger






Like the dark swell of the plateau river

Hit the day that makes us worry

This painful day that we cannot redeem




The wind of April still seems the same

And we only choose to choke in time


你用46 years of eternal, short life

He has fulfilled his loyalty to the party and the people

You serve with sincerity and courage

Make life worthy of this great new era




April Qingming rain, soaked the clear long landscape

We can't say goodbye to you again

Only in the fall of the years in profusion





Poverty alleviation, courage of the pace




April, spring bloom



Every time I think of you in the lost time

"Sheep Secretary" "Peasant Secretary" "Accounting secretary..."


The poor families you helped are already crying





No more waiting for us to wave you goodbye




We are familiar with the long hills, winding paths and twists

Rugged karst mountain road

In the course of the time no more you busy figure





Write a life story that will amaze us

Your life burns with the glory of service

Let us feel the deep connotation of dreams and roads

You write the song of life with no regrets

It is like a flag that gives us faith and tenacity



He wrote immortal poems for us

And Qinglong mountains and rivers are as mighty and eternal


第一章  结缘晴隆










Qinglong, this spring and Autumn period Yelang territory

After countless wind and rain and smoke of the baptism

With the cycle of seasons, dynasties change

直到In 1687, it was incorporated as Annan County until 1941

Changed Annan County to Qinglong till now




Qinglong is located in the north of Qianxinan Prefecture

14 townships (towns) 96 administrative villages (communities)

国土面积1,331 square kilometers, population 320,000

Live in Miao, Buyi, Yi and so on13个少数民族

Special human geography, rich ethnic customs

The terrain is strange, typical karst natural landform

"A mountain divided into four seasons, ten miles of different days" climate characteristics

Let Qinglong people out of poverty

The desire to get rid of poverty and become well-off as soon as possible is very strong






 The word "want to fly" is about 500 years ago

Anti-japanese national hero, Ming Dynasty General Deng Zilong book

The strokes are strong and imposing“欲飞”二字

After hundreds of years, it is still left for the Qinglong people

The long-cherished wish of poverty alleviation, the dream of take-off





In 2009, it seems that there is an insoluble destiny with Qinglong

It seems to be the call of Qinglong poverty alleviation

姜仕坤-- You start at the bottom one step at a time

Minority cadres who have grown up

A man with Hmong blood on his bones

Students who grow up deep in the mountains and walk out of the mountains

The son of a farmer with perseverance

Young cadres with heavy responsibilities on their shoulders

Start with Qinglong you will never give up love




You were 40 years old in December 2009

From the Qianxinan construction Bureau Party secretary

Transferred to Qinglong County Party Committee deputy secretary, deputy county head, acting county head

In the same year, he was elected county governor and later promoted to secretary of the county Party Committee

To rise to the challenge and forge ahead is your unchanging original heart

It is decided that you will seek common development with the people of Qinglong County

The decisive battle with poverty and the pace of a well-off society together are sonorous and powerful




Qinglong mountains are high, valleys are deep, and the land is thin

The masses are poor and the stony desertification is serious

Karst area of the whole county land area53%


The poor foundation and narrow path of development are the difficult reality

Facing the eyes of expectation, the desire to get rid of poverty

The original heart does not change and indomitable is your child feelings

The reality of poverty makes your mind run wild and your heart swim

Makes you decide in your heart

With the fire of life that you burn

Against the ancient stone, the foundation of poverty

Sow the seeds of poverty into the cracks of a thousand years


With bright fruit and spring




Comprehensive understanding of the fine rise lag flask

In order to plan the development blueprint of Qinglong after catching up

You begin your intense, methodical research

Grey on sunny days, mud on rainy days

In the countryside, you visit the poor and ask questions




Research and explore Qinglong's path of precise poverty alleviation


"Let planting grass and raising sheep become the main business of Qinglong people" poverty alleviation ideas

We explored ways to adapt to local conditions, cultivate grass and raise sheep

Achieve economic, ecological and poverty alleviation“三效”





Water said: Hold the beginning of the heart, firm direction, so I am unstoppable

The mountain said: no wind and rain, accumulation of green, so I can stand

Facing the rolling landscape painting of Qinglong

The blueprint in your mind is unfolding

Qinglong's leapfrog development is close at hand

Qinglong poor people out of poverty to become well-off





Born in a rural family, you often say affectionately:

"I am a farmer's son, and I want to do what is worthy of the farmer.。”


Always keep the sufferings of the masses in your heart



晴隆县14 townships, 96 administrative villages (social housing)

To the people out of poverty to send industry, send care, send dreams

Send projects, send funds, send warmth……




In your heart, you know deep down

Do real things for the people, do good things, and solve problems wholeheartedly

In your heart of the masses


In the middle of your workday

You always put the interests of the people above all else

In the sentiment of your silent dedication

Clean and honest, set an example, not greedy for fame and gain

Always adhere to the political character of the exemplary vanguard of Communist Party members

Where you started and where you're going

What we always insist on is to seek happiness for the people

In your contribution to the development of Qinglong social economy

Stand the test of history and the people

You are a role model for this new era


The second chapter goes into the grassroots and visits the sufferings


A store of inexhaustible spirit


Flowing like a river,





Vast mountains to clear long set the fetters ahead

Grandparents left bitter and tears in the vast mountains

History also casts the imprint of poverty on this vast mountain


Use your blood and sincerity to lead the poor masses


Let the spring breeze of getting rid of poverty and getting rich blow the brows of the poor people

Let the spring thunder of getting rid of poverty awaken the feelings of the masses unwilling to be poor






Son, husband, father, county magistrate, secretary……


Not as good as you calling yourself a farmer's son





You know the plight and the wishes of the peasants


After you took office, the poverty situation in Qinglong was in front of you

It's a grim reality that keeps you awake


Nearly a third of the population lives below the poverty line



要在Achieve all poverty-stricken townships by 2020

全部"Take off your hat" and all poor villages are listed

All the poor people should be lifted out of poverty and a moderately prosperous society should be achieved simultaneously






Your devotion to the people keeps you up at night

Pondering how to make Qinglong leap forward the development strategy

And when you go down into the townships, you go into the poor families

What you see makes you cry

Often you can't help but say:

"I'm a farmer's son, and I know what they think。”

This is you.砥砺前行的情怀

It's also your dedication to serving the people





Like to run to the most basic towns and villages

You used to say it was the closest thing to the people

最能看清楚贫困群众Where is "poor" and "trapped"

And a better understanding of what the masses want



Wang Qin, deputy secretary of the county Party Committee at the time, recalled

You visited Dongjing Village, an extremely poor village in Datian Township

Into the poor villager Liu Zulun home


Not a decent home as far as the eye can see

A broken pan with only half of its side lay slanted on the stove

Liu Zulun unwilling and helpless eyes


Words of comfort and encouragement come to the lips and stop

You silently reach into your pants pocket

200 yuan passed to the hands of the calloused Liu Zulun


"To buy a new pot, first over the year..."


Liu Zulun murmured to you:

"I don't want to be poor, can you do anything to keep me poor??”

Listen to the heart-wrenching words of poor families

You said to Jiang Hu, secretary of the Party Committee of the Township, who accompanied you on the visit:

"A Party member should be identified as the contact person

Let's help him out of poverty。





You walked into the dark, skinny

Poor family Tao Jincui's home, the same home with four walls


Tao Jincui and her husband, who suffers from intermittent mental illness

Three children, one born mentally disabled

To see this poor family



Like a cold wave to your heart

Tao Jincui's dream of poverty alleviation seems to sway in the distance

You kindly ask thin Tao Jincui:



Finally looking at you with hope


Hearing these words, your heart can not calm for a long time




After returning to the city, you did your best to coordinate poverty alleviation funds for Tao Jincui

Pairs of cadres were arranged to help

And he didn't hesitate to empty his own pockets

Bought a sow and a calf for Tao Jincui's family

Raised sow and cattle, Tao Jincui sad face

I finally had a rare smile with my family


Let Tao Jincui family more pleased

She also asked the village cadres in the city to tell you

“精准扶贫” “结对帮扶

Let her see the dawn of poverty and wealth




Xiao Changqing, who lives in Datian Village, Datian Township, lives in extreme poverty

The wife could not bear poverty and left home, leaving their two children

In July 2015, you visited poor households

Xiao Changqing, looking at the barren walls of his home, asked:“你有什么手艺吗?”

"I can weld, but I don't have the money to buy equipment。”肖长青怯怯地答到

"If you are diligent and willing to do it,

Money I can help you coordinate, you make a list of the equipment you need

I'll buy it for you when I get back to the county, and then I'll help you rent a room by the side of the road。

We will do what we have promised the masses

You then coordinated the purchase of electric welding equipment for Xiao Changqing,

And rent a front on Daejeon Street and help him open an electric welding shop。

Xiao Changqing's life is getting better day by day

Three or four thousand dollars a month。

The wife's back. The kids have a mother again





Stop Qinglong mountain peak, look back Beipanjiang bank

We saw you sitting in the fields with the poor

Pat each other on the shoulder, say a few intimate words

Talk about a blueprint for getting rid of poverty and getting rich

At first glance, they did not look like officials and people, but like a pair of good brothers

Came to the poor family's home, uncovered a pot lid

Ask about food and clothing, that's not like giving birth,


In this case, you are a member of the poor family

In the responsibility to melt the truth of poverty alleviation

With blood and sincerity for the people to support the clear sky of poverty alleviation


When we look back, our hearts are filled with emotion


Guarantee the first line of Qinglong poverty alleviation cadres

I'm honoring you. I'm honoring you

They gave up the hustle and bustle of the county

Running in the fields, fields, greenhouses, orchards……

They are busy everywhere

Everywhere there is their silent sweat




Treat the masses as relatives, and the masses will treat you as relatives


The people are bigger than the sky, higher than the mountains, and deeper than the sea

You have such a feeling for the people

How hard it is to break through the fence of poverty?

How can we not unite the efforts of all for development?


The people of Qinglong said, You came out of the countryside

As the county secretary, you're not just like a farmer

More like a plain, barefoot doctor

By looking, smelling, asking, cutting pulse and diagnosis

You have been for the poor masses of Qinglong

Success drives one side out of poverty

A recipe for poverty alleviation and prosperity


Act 3  popular“羊书记”

Promise to do

Take action without fail








The landscape you look out over Qinglong is picturesque

The poems of the Tang Dynasty poet Liu Yuxi





But there is a lingering scenery


But there is a new era of wind and water

But poverty, poverty, poverty

It's like a big river running through the mountains

Leaving behind the endless sorrow of our ancestors due to poverty




The mountains stretch out as far as you can see

Steep slopes, deep valleys, mountain streams criss-cross

The mountain road of Jincun Tong Group is winding

You know very well that this is the unique geographical environment of Qinglong

The typical karst rocky desertification situation is serious

全县Arable land with a slope of more than 25 degrees accounts for 65% of the land area

Of the 188 villages in 14 townships, 122 are key poverty alleviation and development villages

The basic conditions of production are poor, in the bitter wait and struggle

The idea of the poor and other dependents is deeply rooted

How can we change the minds that the masses depend on

It's an important part of your plan to lift people out of poverty




How to turn the disadvantages that restrict the development of agricultural resources into advantages

Let the poor people out of poverty at an early date

You're often at the office in the dead of night


The original intention of serving the people, in your mind

For a long time, one let the poor masses


In an instant, from the sea of your heart

"Raising grass and sheep" is a viable way out of poverty

这不就是The sustainable development of "Qinglong model"

This is not one that can achieve both green water and green mountains

You can win the gold and silver industry





The "Qinglong mode" was the spring of 2006

Ministry of Agriculture, Poverty Alleviation Office of The State Council, Central rock desertification control delegation

In the Qinglong research, the Qinglong“种草养殖”

Increase farmers' income and achieve stony desertification

"Ecological, economic, social" three benefits of the model of unity

In the southern karst rocky desertification area to promote

"Qinglong mode" also got

Liu Jian, director of the Poverty Alleviation and Development Office of The State Council at that time, fully affirmed

The consensus is that this is a karst rocky desertification area

It is a typical example of ecological industrialization to control mountains and rivers, poverty and wealth




Promise to do,Take action without fail


We should develop our strengths and avoid our weaknesses in the new development

Let the poor people get more economic benefits

This is something you have to think about and make decisions about

Time is not on my side. You take the department heads with you

Go up the mountain, into the village, in-depth investigation and research

Face to face with sheep farmers to discuss the benefits of sheep farming


You have feelings for sheep that you can't part with

You carry a canvas briefcase with you except for papers

There are often books about raising sheep


Bookcase, desk, bedside, coffee table

In your own car, wherever you normally can reach

There will probably be a professional book on sheep farming

Whenever you go to the countryside, you have to ask the situation of sheep raising in the township

When entering a village, one always goes into a farmer's sheep pen first……




If you want people to raise sheep, you must first understand sheep


Continue to study, continue to humbly seek advice from professional technicians

Discuss with them the technical aspects of raising sheep

Over time, Qinglong sheep breeding center technician


"Secretary Jiang is an expert on sheep."


You did it in less than a year




自然,Initiator of "Qinglong mode"

Qinglong County CPPCC vice chairman, county grassland animal husbandry center director Zhang Daquan

It is the object that you often visit and ask for advice in your study of sheep raising

 "There's a question I can't figure out and I can't sleep


How much forage does a sheep and a goat need each day。


Getting calls like yours in the middle of the night is the norm

You've studied the sheep industry to the point of obsession

不会超过I had one phone conversation with him in five days,


Conversation and discussion on grassland animal husbandry




You are no longer a layman when it comes to sheep farming

You go through with farmers, business leaders, government departments



Only by fully delegating property rights to farmers

Only in order to stimulate farmers to raise more enthusiasm

Your decision-making process is mature and feasible

The flame of loyalty, blood and responsibility


"Qinglong model upgrade version" began to emerge

That is to give farmers full ownership

County Lawn Center is a service only


Breeding with independent intellectual property rights“晴隆羊”




You've also abandoned the model of a big sheep farmer who can get things done quickly


- "The development target is around 1 million sheep

发展More than 20,000 basic sheep farmers




Share property and profit

The reform involves the government helping farmers borrow money to buy sheep


Realize that farmers own all property rights

Let sheep farmers raise sheep from the original center of the meadow


At one stroke, we solved the problem of the people's lack of motivation to grow grass and raise sheep



The era of getting rid of poverty and becoming well-off





Zha Shihai, then head of Qinglong County, recalled with emotion:

"In many places in Qinglong, in addition to growing grass and raising sheep


Secretary Jiang Shikun has thought a lot about this issue






To rekindle the passion of the masses for raising sheep

You often hold the pain in your chest


Run on the road of poverty alleviation in Qinglong mountain

"Let the poor people prosper

We need to make growing grass and raising sheep an industry with a strong purpose。

Your mobilizing words speak loud and clear


When you go to the countryside to investigate, you often go straight to the sheep pen first

How many sheep are kept in which village

Which breeding large enterprises have difficulties in development

Which hill grows best

Which season the sheep are most susceptible to disease





It is necessary to build a standard modern animal husbandry park belonging to farmers


Leading Qinglong grass breeding industry to develop comprehensively

Qinglong agricultural industry to create their own brand

You tell me what you think

The director of the county Rangeland livestock center who accompanied you to the countryside

Mr. Zhang voiced his concerns

"The construction of the park requires the state to invest funds in infrastructure construction

Individual sheep farmers are scattered deep in the mountains

They're all used to lazy grazing


The industry that has been developed with great difficulty will not die

"It is impossible, there is no standardization of individual farmers

Where is the standardization of the park, the park construction can not lag behind


Your determination is bold and unquestionable





The construction of modern grassland ecological animal husbandry three-in-one park has been started in an all-round way

From the park planning, site selection to the park construction scheme

You worked hard to get the park built

High-end, efficient and sustainable development

A park that can bring long-term income to farmers




One day, you went to the park to inspect the progress of construction

You see a grass farmer

Digging all over the place is not up to standard

You gesture with your hands and tell him:

"Planting grass must be standardized, it must be vertical and horizontal,


The farmer gave you a dismissive look

"You can, you are good, you dig one to show me.。”

Without a word, you took his hoe and began to dig up the grass

In the blink of an eye, a row of standard grass nest

Appeared in front of him, and saw the standard grass nest that he dug

The farmer brother blushed with guilt and said:

"I never thought you could do farm work so well!"



To start from the foundation, digging grass is the foundation。




In order to build a better park


He presided over nine special studies

Sometimes he often talks with farmers in the park late into the night

Ask farmers about their expectations of raising sheep and grass


When you're out of town, you'll be in and out of the meat markets




Over time, people call you羊书记”




With this spirit, you change the mechanism and build pastures

High disease resistance is cultivated through external cooperation


It has become one of the three major sheep breeds in China with Mongolian sheep and Xinjiang sheep

过去Qinglong County, which has been breeding black goats for 10 years

Increase the proportion of sheep farming that is more popular in northern markets to50%

制约The "bottleneck" of the upgrade and development of the "Qinglong model" has been cracked

使Qinglong mode "really embarked



The villagers of Sanhe village in Sand Town used to grow corn, a traditional crop

In 2015, 310 out of more than 700 households in the village grew grass

当年共收草30.1 million jin, income of more than 6 million yuan

The annual per capita income of grass-growing villagers reaches8000多元

Some people have an annual income of more than one hundred thousand yuan

"It was difficult to mobilize people to plant grass at first, it was only a year

You don't have to mobilize a lot of people to plant it。

Deng Jilong, director of the village committee, said excitedly






You see, the condensation of your dedication of wisdom, blood and sweat

"Qinglong Sheep" has become a well-known brand in Guizhou

One set of data, one change

Let's marvel at the difference that farming grass and sheep can make

Early 2013 to the end of 2015

晴隆羊存栏总量从30万只Run to52.8万只

种肉羊基地由过去的20个Run to88个

The grass and sheep industry has covered the whole county29,000 households in 14 townships


1.680,000 households raised sheep, raising 530,000 sheep and growing 480,000 mu of grass




The per capita disposable income of rural residents reached 6,239 yuan at the end of 2015

This figure has doubled since 2010, and 86 percent of the total has been achieved


You let Qinglong mountain village fields grow out of the hope of green

Your dream of lifting the poor people out of poverty and becoming well-off is rising


第四章  农民情怀











An old jacket, an old heavy canvas bag

Half rolled up pant legs, sometimes gout feet still limp……

The Qinglong people who are familiar with your image are no strangers


"He dresses like a farmer, he talks like a farmer,

There was nothing official about it. It was simple。

This is you.——姜仕坤

Stay in Datian township Dong Qing village village committee deputy director Li Anzhen


Think of here, Li Anzhen is full of warm tears

You know, the hard times and the hard times

It's like a close-up in a movie




时光回到The last century1989年

李安珍嫁到几乎是"Isolated" Dongqing village Mashanqing village group

Here the mountain path is rugged, the mountain is steep and the environment is harsh

Looking out, in addition to the continuous mountains, or mountains

The mountains cut off the villagers from the outside world

The earth is flat without three points, and the people are barren without three points


It's a tough environment we have to face every day

When Lee recalled, her eyes filled with tears

"See how hard it is to grow any crop

In a year, the harvest is only enough to eat for half a year



These days of poverty make people want to cry




Although Li Anzhen in Masan Qing pass is

"Spring ploughing a big slope, autumn harvest a small basket" days

But the ancestors left behind the true feelings of this place

It's about getting out of poverty, fighting poverty

To Jedi every life and indomitable spirit

Infected Li Anzhen, affected Li Anzhen

Whether in the heat of summer, or in the cold of winter

She was thinking about changing the poverty situation

She managed to raise pigs and cattle

But because the breeding cycle is too long, can not make money


In March 2011, this woman who can read books and newspapers


With a daring spirit

Took the poor villagers sheep to raise sheep

Because there is no professional breeding technology support

When the sheep came to the cold winter, they became sick and died

It's a huge loss of confidence



Li Anzhen also discouraged, give up, give up

I've been struggling and fighting in my head

And had people ask around where workers like her were needed

Getting ready to work in town, hearing the news

Villagers who had been encouraged by him to raise sheep flocked to their homes

You told us to follow you and raise sheep, and we did




Listen to the villagers complain with their own reluctance

Li Anzhen struggled to think like a dilemma

"If you take the lead in raising sheep, it is not clear whether you can raise them well.


Her husband's words of dissuasion echoed in her ears

In the face of reality, she is not willing to

At this moment, Li Anzhen, who was frustrated by the sheep

She longed for guidance and help

Let her and her fellow sheep farmers out of trouble

She was afraid that her hopes would be disappointed




One day, is sad Li Anzhen

In the village, I saw a man who looked like a veterinarian walking into Mashanqing

He always goes into the pen and stands among the sheep

You can touch a sheep with your hands

They also asked a series of professional questions about deworming and immunizing sheep

Curiosity and hope brought Lee closer to him



"Is love sick, especially in winter, the loss is very big.。”

Li Anzhen a little helpless and helpless answer


"It's not a man, clanker。”

Chatting, Li Anzhen said want to give up sheep


"You don't give up, what's the problem we can work out together?。”


Let Li Anzhen feel a hint of warmth lingering in the heart




After a while, the veterinarian came to Mashanqing again

Find Li Anzhen and talk with her about the way to get rid of poverty and get rich

Li Anzhen insisted that still want to go out to work the idea

This place is deep in the mountains and development is slow

I don't know when I'll get out of poverty

So the veterinarian snapped his fingers

Item by item to Li Anzhen calculated the economic account of poverty alleviation and wealth

She thought it was better for her to raise sheep than to work in the city



Dong Qing village is the leader of grass and sheep


With you gone, raising sheep out of poverty will fall by the wayside


Any difficulties, any problems we help solve,

You can rest assured to lead everyone to raise sheep and fight for poverty as soon as possible


On the same day, people like veterinarians were still at the dam of Li Anzhen's home

Calculate an economic account for the villagers at the scene:

Buy oneA lamb of 25 catties costs 500 yuan

出栏时不会低于100 jin, according to the market value of 1200 yuan

Compared with raising pigs, raising a sheep requires only one tenth of the grain of pigs

In other words, the cost of raising a pig can be raised10只羊

一头猪养到300 pounds is only worth 3,000 yuan


This financial account has lifted the doubts that have plagued many villagers

Also let Li Anzhen completely abandoned the idea of going to work in the city

Firm determination to lead villagers to raise sheep to get rid of poverty and get rich




At that time let Li Anzhen never expected is

In front of their own encouragement and the villagers cheer





You, the vet-like county secretary, became her mentor

Became a guide for her and her fellow villagers to escape poverty






The bond between a veterinarian and a county secretary



Li Anzhen often sobbed and looked up at the sky

Wait for the excitement to slow down

And continue to tell her and your unforgettable stories




Datian Township is the poorest township in Qinglong

海拔超过1,900 meters of Miao mountain village Lanshepo Village

It is also the poorest village in the poverty of Datian Township

The winding mountain road winds between the mountains

The steep road into the village hovered over the cliff

To the left is a towering cliff

To the right are the towering cliffs that plunge into the valley

Vehicles entering the village were strewn with rubble

The gully road jolted along slowly

15 km of mountain road from the township government to Lanshepo village


With rain and snow, it's even more difficult





"The valley is stony and the water is hard;

If you want to eat rice, you have to be very sick

In the fall of 2011, you came to Lanzepo Village


Generations have lived on corn, and the incidence of poverty exceeds80%

You see rows of thatched huts where people live

None of the industries that underpin the development of Lanzi Village

Villagers are still planting last centuryOld corn from the '80s

You rip up skinny corn hanging in a villager's field by the side of the road

Seeing this situation, you are anxious

In order to let this poor mountain village without any industrial support out of poverty

The first step is to change the minds of the villagers

Guide them to develop a variety of operations, and make the only land alive

You go into the villagers' fields again


Face to face and villagers carefully calculate economic accounts

Guide the villagers to change their ideas

Encourage villagers to plant new varieties of corn, flue-cured tobacco, grass and sheep




In the spring of 2015, you came to Lanshepo Village for the fourth time

The villager Li Guo who went out to work and thought he had seen the world

Was the first villager to question your ability to raise sheep and grass out of poverty

Now he has become the first person to eat crabs in Lanzepo Village

Since 2012, Li Guo has relied on Lanshepo Village

The abundant grass resources raised the goats

More than 80 are stored annually, and 40 to 50 are sold annually

收入About 50,000 yuan, became the rich leader of the village

It has also become a well-known sheep farmer in Datian Township

Makes you smile, makes you excited

In order to let the villagers on the road to poverty development better

You coordinated funds to build a 100-mouth water cellar and a smoke water project

It solved the water problem and industry problem of Lanshepo people

You also personally supervised the scientific growing of tobacco in the village of Orchid Snake

So that the quality of orchid snake tobacco even more than some old tobacco areas

In 2015, the output value of Lansnake flue-cured tobacco reached more than 1 million yuan




Farmers need industries to get rid of poverty and become rich

It's something you never forget


I'm a farmer's son, too. We do business

Be sure to clear your conscience

Be worthy of the common people, not empty AIRS

You don't care about the people

I don't have a strong sense of responsibility


You say it and you do it

这就是你"Do it fast, do it well" style

这就是你"Dare to take on, willing to contribute" Chizi feelings


The fifth chapter breaks through the bottleneck of hydropower





Let the years glow with new vitality




"In Qinglong County, water is cut off during the day and power is cut off at night。”

This is often repeated by the common folk rhyme

Jae Cheong Long家喻户晓

Is the most true portrayal of the lack of water and electricity


Qinglong, southwest Guizhou due to poverty“出名”的小县

Although it is located in the rainy central area of western Guizhou


But the serious geological environment of stony desertification, and then the big pouring rain

When it comes to Qinglong, it is like the rain hitting a point at a post station

It soon disappears along the funnel and river of karst

Water shortage has become a big problem plaguing Qinglong County





Your first day on the job at Qinglong

Facing the two big buckets in the dormitory


Ask Hobog, the county commissioner who dropped you off at the dorm

Hobogo replied with mixed feelings:

 "For water storage, the county is segmented water supply,

Every household in the county has a large bucket for storing water。

什么?It's hard to get water where I live

That, the county people's water is not even more difficult


The moment is like knocked over five bottles of taste, taste is difficult to say

In one's heartThe fire burst into flames

"The people's water problem must be solved

Otherwise, I will be ashamed to see my father

Call the water company. I'll go to the water plant tomorrow。

You say that to Hobogo in no doubt




Qinglong's water is precious, the ancient Beipanjiang River runs here

He generously gave Qinglong a tributary——西泌河

The waters of the Western Secrete River flow in the depths of the canyon



长近Eight kilometers of water pipes are divided into five levels of water lifting stations

加压提升After more than 900 meters to the water plant, water supply in stages

Only the people of Qinglong have access to domestic water





You rushed to the water works and walked through the gates

Sand, steel and other building materials were seen


"What are these for?”

"It was planned to transform the water lifting station in 2007。”

Li Wenchong, manager of the water company, answered timidly

"Then why don't you speed up the transformation?”


"The transformation headquarters is an independent legal entity,


You got it. Turn to Hobogo

"Inform the head of the command, the relevant personnel of the water company

Come to my office this afternoon and work on a solution。


At the pump, you turned to face Li Wenchong asked

"How many tons of water can the water plant supply every day now?”

"Running at full capacity, the five water lifting stations can provide about 2,000 tons per day。”

 "How much water does the county people need every day?”


"The average person needs 1,000 tons of water a day?”

Your rhetorical question made Li Wenchong answer in a hurry“是,是”

It's a huge number. It's testing you

In pursuit of you, the livelihood of water problems must be solved

This is a livelihood project that benefits the people

Always affecting your heart for the good of the people





Sitting around the fire in your office

A meeting on the water supply renovation project was held

"This renovation project was planned and supported in 2007

It's been three years, and he hasn't mounted his horse. Why……”

Your eyes are sharp, scanning the people attending the meeting

"This is...This isOur command did not supervise


The head of the command answered shyly

"Today is not about finding blame, it's about solving the problem

"If there is a lack of supervision, you immediately solve the supervision problem

To reverse the schedule, weekly, monthly according to the progress reported to me

The problem of the water intake of the common people is a major matter and cannot be delayed。

Your words speak loud and clear

"While ensuring quality and safety, we are paying close attention to implementation

请县长放心。The head of the command made a firm statement

Your hanging heart, finally a little calm


"The price of water for the common people must come down。”

You face the water company manager Li Wenchong stressed

"Governor, pump water from the West River to the 946 meter water plant.

In a month, whether you pump or not,

I have to pay the power company for the damage8万多元


Li Wenchong is complaining to you



Constantly thinking of solutions

"What is the recycling rate of your water plant?”你突然反问


Li Wenchong didn't expect your questions to be so professional


“是的。Li Wenchong looks at you in surprise

"You still have a lot of room for recycling, and you have to develop one

Three-year target plan to prevent running, bubbling, leaking and dripping of tap water

Increase the recovery rate to meet the national standard。

"Governor, the water supply lines in the city are aging and leaking seriously,

We strive to reach the national standard in three years。

Li Wenchong replied to you with a worried look

"It is not to strive, but to ensure that national standards are met。”

Say that, you tightly hold Li Wenchong's hand

Give him encouragement and support with your triumphant eyes


Later, you host thematic meetings to cut down on other expenses


The price of residential water is lowered to one ton3.8元

The water company also did a good job in 2010


Tap water renovation project headquarters also full of energy

In February 2011, the renovation of each pumping station was successfully completed

一天就可以抽水4000 tons, county people

The problem of tight draft has been solved




The water problem is alleviated by the government subsidizing the losses of the hydropower companies every year

It's not a solution. The priority is still


It is the key to solving the problem of water consumption and reducing water prices

You arrived at your conclusions through field trips and research

Building the Xijing River power station, absolutely

So that electricity to water, water to electricity

This train of thought keeps running through your mind


Yeah, water to generate electricity, electricity to pump water

Not only can electricity nourish water, but also water nourish electricity

It can also generate revenue for the government

That's a lot of good news


This crucial question is before you

It makes you restless, it makes you restless



You rush to the state, to the Yellow River Conservancy Commission

Liu Jianmin, a member of the Standing Committee of the State Committee and vice governor of Qianxinan Prefecture

Report Qinglong water difficulties

Your ideas and the lieutenant governor's hit it off

Immediately, the lieutenant governor coordinated through multiple parties

Experts from the Pearl River Water Conservancy Committee of the Ministry of Water Resources

Field investigation and research in the western River

"Electricity to nourish water, water to nourish electricity" thinking

It has been highly praised by experts

The opinions and suggestions of the experts will give you an insight

You call a special meeting of the relevant departments immediately

The construction of Xijing River Power Station has been put on the important agenda

You organize relevant departments according to expert opinions and suggestions

Actively apply to the relevant departments of the province and The State Council for help and support

God comes to his heart, after your unremitting efforts

The construction of the Xishihe Hydropower Station was successfully launched

Comprehensive Plan for Controlling Rocky Desertification in Water Conservancy Construction and Ecological Construction in Guizhou Province

And The State Council "Southwest five provinces Key water source project construction planning in the near future" project library

It has become one of the key water source projects in Guizhou Province

并解决了20 million yuan of start-up capital


The big opportunity came, and the worrying financial problem also came

The design department calculates that the construction of the power station needs investment5亿元

For Qinglong, that's an astronomical number

Qinglong's fiscal revenue that year5亿多一点


You push the argument, you move the heart, you know the pros and cons

West River power station completed, will play

Regulating urban water use, agricultural irrigation, hydropower and other functions

For the natural ecology around the power station, social and economic development

Will play a positive role in promoting

To achieve a virtuous cycle of electricity to nourish water and water to nourish electricity

We have no choice but to rise to the challenge. There is no way out


There are always more ways than difficulties, through many hardships

On the morning of November 8, 2013

Qinglong people have long been looking forward to the construction of Xihe power station……

Then you go to the capital and up to the provincial capital to rally support

We will vigorously promote the upgrading of urban power grids

There is no substation in Qinglong County



Comprehensively renovate the power supply of the urban ring network,

In one fell swoop, a power outage all over the city turned off the lights

 "Good Qinglong County, water supply during the day, power outage at night" situation

Finally, in your efforts and the cheers of the people, it was completely solved


Act 6  杀出一条县城扩容的“血路”来




Indelible courage and steadfastness





Know the needs of the people, the wants of the people, the sufferings of the people

This is what you always tell yourself, don't forget the original heart

Must be dedicated to the people's feelings

That's what you say and that's what you do



In December 2009, you just arrived at Qinglong

Seeing the state of the county makes your heart ache

仅有1.7 square kilometers of the county, population of more than 20,000

Street vendors occupied the street, three wheels running all over the street

When it is time to go to the market, the roads in the county are congested

The roads have no zebra crossings, no traffic lights

The environment in the suburban junction is akin to an African refugee camp

Urban construction is basically at a standstill

The only cement road in the county


"Gray on sunny days, mud on rainy days."




To change the face of Qinglong county city

Let the people live in a beautiful and comfortable county

Let the people live and work in peace, your idea

And then the county party secretary Xu Fenglun coincides

Renovate the old city and start the construction of the new city

We will speed up the construction of the Southern Ring Road linking the new and old urban areas

And unanimously decided that the city should be built“高标准规划

High starting point construction, efficient operation”的方针进行

The spark of Qinglong County's urban construction has opened the journey of blooming




Determined to make up your mind, you began the research road of county expansion and transformation

Responsible for the county housing construction, land, planning, urban management and other bureau

Go to every corner of the county, widely solicit social conditions and public opinion

One day, you led the research team to the bus station

When I see my surroundings as a garbage dump


You turn around and look around, the vendors selling flour, noodles, and grocery stores

In one after another Shouting, a chaotic scene

You suppressed your anger at the chaos in the market

"What was this place for?”

You go back to the chief of urban management

"It turned out to be a big pit, and ordinary people filled it with garbage

Then he rammed the earth, put up a shed, and set up a stall……

Urban management director Guo Guoqing nervously answers your questions

You said heavily to the person in charge of the investigation:

"County construction, let's start from here!"

"Build a small square of Anti-Japanese War culture here。”



"War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression, twenty-four turns!"The entourage spoke in unison

"Yes, the name was given so that people would remember it

The Anti-Japanese War is an unforgettable history of the Chinese nation

Remember the important role of the twenty-four road crutches in the War of Resistance against Japan。

"It's too difficult to get the vendors out of here to make a living。”

Such fears abound among those who travel with him

"There are many wicked people now。”一个声音冒出来

"Where do the unruly people come from, only unruly cadres。”

Your face is changing and your voice is so high

"As long as we all stand in the perspective of the common people to think, sincerely

For the sake of the people, for the sake of the development of the city,

We will be able to gain the understanding and support of ordinary people……”

Your words silence the doubters

Looking around the investigation site, you said decisively to Jiang Weixin, director of Housing and construction

"When you go back, you take out the design plan。”

A few days later, Jiang Weixin will report to you with the planning and design plan

"It takes about 10 million to build it。”姜维新担心

"Ten million is worth it, as long as it's not wasted,

Let the common people have a place for leisure and entertainment,

It can also enhance Qinglong's image as a city,

It's a double win。

Your answer fills Jiang Weixin with confidence




Renovate the old city and start the construction of Dongguan new city

It's something you think about every day

In order to do a good job in the transformation of the old city, the construction of Dongguan new city

You and Xu Fenglun, then the county party secretary

Climb to the west of the county Feifeng mountain peak, overlooking the Qinglong mountain city

建设一个"Good to live, good to work, good to do business, good to travel"


Born of your waving and pointing


The county committee has made clear the correct direction of construction

Keep up the pace of your implementation

At the executive meeting on government research

You have explicitly asked the Housing and Construction Bureau and the Planning Bureau to conduct planning and design

Achieve high standard planning, high starting point construction, efficient operation

We must put the interests of the common people first

We need to make sure that displaced residents and farmers who have lost their land get it

Urban renewal and urban construction bring them benefits


Soon after, the Housing Bureau, the Planning Bureau

Organize professional and technical personnel to work overtime

Take out the design plan, you look at the clear point

The design planning should be more detailed housing demolition, land expropriation compensation scheme

Give the maximum benefit to the common people, to do

The government should have an image, enterprises should make profits, and the people should get the maximum benefits

Therefore, the design planning scheme is based on the provincial demolition compensation and land expropriation price

Combined with the actual digestion of Qinglong, around the policy and the greatest interests of the people

Study and improve the scheme over and over again, and finally introduce the design planning scheme

Housing demolition of urban residents shall be arranged in the form of monetary compensation

The land expropriated by farmers is per mu of land26460元

征一亩地给33 square meters of housing, 16 square meters of commercial housing

Farmers don't want to be bought by a government-affiliated company at market prices


County Party Secretary Xu Fenglun saw the plan and heard your report

Happy decision: this program is highly operational,

The interests of the government, enterprises and the people should be fully taken into account






County south ring road reconstruction project

The construction party of the Shanghai-Kunming Expressway was originally responsible for the construction

But the demolition work is endless, has been unable to move

The builders had to give up and walk away

You call in the authorities, you do the math。

County expansion and renovation, if increased2万人

Need input2 billion, the South Ring Road renovation project should be calculated in hundreds of millions of yuan

Figure out the family background, face difficulties and imagined difficulties

Your resolve is still rock solid

We must grasp the hard bone of old city reconstruction, new district construction and south Ring Road

A practical plan has been formulated to ensure the completion of land expropriation and demolition on schedule

And all programs and implementation must be backed by strong funding

Money is scarce now!Lack of money!You pace back and forth in the office

Only after the death, you firmly believe that you will win

In order to get the bank loan support, you lead the relevant departments

Go to Guiyang, run to Xingyi, go to Xingren to find bank loan help

Sincerity, gold and stone, your dedication and responsibility

Moved two banks to agree to a loan13亿

We will support the renovation of Qinglong's old city and the construction of new districts




As the old city reconstruction and new area construction experience

Jiang Weixin, the director of the Housing Bureau, recalled being with you

Scenes of the past, can not help but have mixed feelings


"He was so tired...The norm at work is

Five plus two, white plus black, overtime day and night


Yes, the balance sheet, the level of profits

The work priorities of each functional bureau

The construction progress of each project……


There's no heart you don't care about, there's no blind spot you can't see




In June 2013, Qinglong County proposed "100 days of fighting.

To ensure the realization of Dongguan New District of the countyThe strategy of

So did you, as county mayor

《奋战30 days, to ensure the relocation of Dongguan New District "general mobilization order

这次拆迁工程涉及Over 2,000 acres of land

More than 238 homes, more than 500 cemeteries

The original demolition plan had been made public by the parties“怒掷”

Many people present are persuaded to take down!predraw“钉子户”!

你冷静地说,"Maybe we didn't do our job properly,

The interests of the common people have not been fully considered!


So, you go into the scene, into the homes of the evictees

Face to face with them and do the actuarial math

He came back and worked with the government team to revise the plan dozens of times

Finally formed a perfect set of eviction documents

这项涉及More than 2,000 acres, 238 homes

Demolition of more than 500 cemeteries


你说:"Even though it is extremely difficult, we must fight our way out"。

It is this breakthrough that the development of the new district has become a milestone in the history of Qinglong construction!

晴隆干部The situation of "being stuck in a depressed city" has finally opened up


Today, Qinglong county area expanded to7平方公里,

城镇人口超过100,000 people, the appearance of the county greatly changed

The construction of the new district is in full swing and becoming perfect

People sigh: Qing long caught up with a good time

Finally ushered in earth-shaking big changes!


Chapter Seven: Push out the twenty-four cards


In faith, responsibility and conscience






One autumn day in 2012, you climbed to the top of Qinglong Mountain again

Standing at the top of Qinglong Mountain and gazing at the rolling mountains

Overlooking the magnificent and dangerous twenty-four turns, you are in meditation

The sea of hearts can not help, thoughts myriad, mixed feelings

The 24 crutches in front of us are the lifeline of China's Anti-Japanese War in the last century

蜿蜒Jae Cheong Long海拔1779 meters south slope of Qinglong Mountain

The straight line distance from the foot of the mountain to the top is about350米

垂直高度约250 meters, slope Angle of about 60 degrees

From the first turn at the foot of the mountain to the twenty-fourth turn at the top of the mountain4公里

The road spirals 24 turns, bends sharp road steep, precipitous and magnificent

史称The "Stilwell Highway" was to aid the American troops in the War of Resistance against Japanese aggression

It was named after Warren Stilwell, commander in chief of the China-Burma-India Theater

Be founded inIt was completed in 1935 and 1936

In the fall of 1943, the United States sent to China to assist the design and construction of the Army's 1880 Engineer Battalion

And fight day and night with the Qinglong people

The pavement is widened, the roadbed is reinforced and the retaining wall is built……

It became the rear area of the China-Burma-India Theater and the Chinese War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression

It is the only land transportation line and the main artery of aid supplies to China


When one man is in charge, ten thousand men don't open twenty-four turns

In 2006, it was approved by The State Council as a national key cultural relic protection unit

In 2010, it was listed as "Provincial Patriotic Education Base" by Guizhou Provincial Committee of the CPC.

In 2014, it was announced by The State Council as one of the "81 sites of Anti-Japanese War facilities in China"

In 2015, the Central Propaganda Department named it "National Patriotism Education Base".


That's a lot of glory in the face of 24 to 24 cruises

How to make use of these favorable resources for the development of Qinglong tourism

Turn the 24 Road Turn into a tourist attraction

With tourism industry to promote Qinglong economic development

You begin to have the shape of a plan in your mind




Poverty alleviation is inseparable from the boost of tourism development

Qinglong wants to achieve the goal of poverty alleviation as soon as possible

The twenty-four turns must be pushed out

The tourism industry must be developed

"Tourism in poor counties is very difficult。”

You are well aware of the obstacles and difficulties you face

Some of them are opposed by local cadres


A key section of the Burma Road during World War II,

Qinglong 24 road turn has long been famous all over the world。

But this part"The bend of history," there hasn't been

It has brought substantial benefits to the economic life of local people

You decided that the scenic spot of 24 Turns must be deeply developed

Tourism is the main direction for people to get rid of poverty and get rich

你把你想通过"Twenty-four Turns" this world business card

The Qinglong raise industry stronger and bigger ideas and ideas

Face to face at the same time as the county party secretary Xu Fenglun

Report, exchange and discuss

"The starting point and goal of our work is to let the people

Live a good life, turn Qinglong's tourism industry and sheep industry

Combined development, complement each other, in line with the reality of Qinglong

The pace of people getting rid of poverty will be faster……”

Xu Fenglun spoke highly of your ideas

Using 24 to turn to promote tourism industry

The development of mountain tourism to promote sheep industry

You reached an understanding with Xu Fenglun




决心Jae Cheong Long"Break new ground" in developing tourism

It's another big thing you're going to do in Qinglong


Integrate Qinglong other tourism resources to develop mountain tourism

Many cadres do not say it, but their hearts do not agree

"There are only a few dirt crutches in the mountain corner, there is nothing to see!"

"Here are poor mountains and valleys, where there is tourism resources.?

"Without a decent hotel, who is going to travel?"

"Qinglong has never had the word 'tourism'"


In the face of stress and confusion, you have confidence in yourself

In convening the publicity department of the county Party Committee, the county development and Reform Bureau, and the finance bureau

Culture, Sports and Tourism Bureau, Housing and Construction Bureau, Urban Management Bureau……

一起研究开发"24 turn" tourism resources

You defied the opposition and turned the 24th into a tourist attraction

Let's talk about the bright future:

As we all know, tourism is an industry to enrich the people

Due to traffic constraints, 24 to turn lying in Qinglong for more than half a century

Now that the highway reaches Qinglong, we must seize the opportunity

把晴隆这个书写过"Lifeline of the Anti-Japanese War" brilliant "Historical Curve"

To evoke the memory of the Chinese nation's war of resistance“活化石”

Make Qinglong the most attractive tourist attractions

Turn the 24 turns into a shortcut to the world


You have to draw on Qinglong's blank paper without travel

And to paint a beautiful picture to be desired

The difficulties are like the hills that I drag along along the sunny hills

At that time, Qinglong County Committee standing Committee, deputy county governor Fu Mingyong

In the memory and you together for the development of Qinglong tourism effort

他动情地说:"In the development and cultivation of Qinglong tourism

姜县长真是"Go to great lengths..."


Yes, in order to develop Qinglong 24 turn tourism

You and your colleagues in the relevant departments silently prepare

收集各种关于The "Twenty-four Turns" literature

编撰出版有关The historical and cultural reading of "Twenty-four Turns"

搜集储备Video data of "Twenty-four Turns"

You are quietly building up your strength, waiting for the moment to come

To light 24 turns to the world




To introduce the twenty-four turns to the world


For the day to come soon

You often stand alone at the top of Qinglong Mountain

Silently overlooking the majestic posture of the 24 crutches

Thinking about finding a breakthrough in the development of tourism

One day, Liu Fanlin, a member of the Standing Committee of the County Party Committee and the Minister of publicity of the County Party Committee

Reporting to you said:

"Build an ancient city in the style of the Republic of China period

As the location base for the shooting of the TV series "24 Road Turns"

The scene is finished, the scenery is left, the tourist resources are also available,

This was determined by the previous Party Committee and government, and we should continue to do well。

Liu Fanlin's words have strengthened your confidence in developing tourism

You are full of pride and confidence

"Yes, not only to continue, but to do well

Building ancient cities is not only about filming, but also about housing people

Let people do business in the ancient town to make money and develop tourism……

Also with the TV series "24 Turns" this platform

Let people remember the history of Qinglong's resistance for a longer time

More effectively inherit and spread Qinglong history and culture

Lay a solid foundation for the development of tourism in Qinglong。




"Building the ancient city is very difficult financially。”财政局长向你诉苦

"Financial difficulties, we can attract investment。”你决心下定

"The merchants are not willing to come because they are too poor. We have tried and failed..."

"Then first loan construction, border construction side investment," you firm confidence

After nearly two years of hard work, the construction of the ancient city was successfully completed

In early 2014, the major TV series "24 Crutches"

Qinglong ancient city held a grand boot ceremony

Subsequently, the TV series shooting was completed, and the investors of the TV series

Guizhou bought the ancient city from Qianjin Cultural Media Co., LTD

And around the development of the ancient city, the funds previously borrowed to build the ancient city back

When it comes to the construction of the ancient city, Liu Fanlin, a member of the Standing Committee of the County Party Committee and the Minister of publicity of the County Party Committee

感慨万千:"At that time, there was no unique vision of Jiang County mayor and approved the loan construction

This ancient city may still be on paper。




You've been waiting for your chance to light up the 24 turn

In June 2015, the TV drama "24 Road Turns" was shot in Qinglong

After a hit broadcast on CCTV Channel 8

Local TV broadcast constantly, praise constantly

Set off a rush to Qinglong to see the 24 turns


Tourism used to be almost zero

Jae Cheong Long一下子“火热”了起来

Chinese and foreign tourists are like the tide that has opened the gate

Toward Qinglong, toward the 24th turn rushing


Victory in the world Fascist War

And the 70th anniversary of the victory of the Chinese People's War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression

You seize this, hold up the flag of patriotism, carry forward the spirit of resistance

A great opportunity to promote the 24 road cruises

After careful design of the activity plan, careful arrangement and deployment

The evening of September 4 commemorates the victory of the World Anti-Fascist War

The 70th anniversary of the victory of the Chinese People's War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression

At Qinglong Road 24 turn kicked off,2974名火炬手

组成70 teams, torch aloft, turn first

It winds its way down to the 24th

"Qinglong, Qinglong, the war of resistance is glorious!"The slogan of

In a spectacular procession of torches that ring into the sky


"Tonight, the 24 crutches are lit by the torch"

Pictures and illustrations were released to the outside world, attracting domestic and foreign media to forward

In an instant, 24 crutches became a hot search on the Internet

The torch that you light up Qinglong tourism is also burning brightly




On October 9, Qinglong successfully hosted the first International Mountain Tourism Conference

Large-scale activities such as car climbing races, obstacle races, and forest cross-country races are in full swing

 "The curve of history", 24 turns

Qinglong has brought mountain tourism this emerging industry

It also lights up the cultural confidence in Qinglong's heart

You need 24 turns to make it“国际化”旅游品牌

把二十四道拐打造为The "World War II Heritage Park" is being realized step by step

这年的国庆黄金周,100,000 self-driving tourists flooded into Qinglong

数千辆车把各条通往The "twenty-four turns" road was clogged with traffic

Let the cadres and masses of Qinglong straight look silly

And your heart is filled with excitement, and your eyes are filled with tears


Five small long holidays in 2015

晴隆24 road turn scenic area receives 16 tourists.7万人次

During the National Day holiday, the 24 Road Guai scenic area receives tourists22万人次

Facing the scene of traffic weaving and full of visitors on the 24th street

Deputy county Governor Fu Mingyong sent you the photos he took at the scene

Seeing the magnificent tourist scene, you are relieved to reply to:

"As long as the Qinglong tourism up, no matter how hard and tired is also worth it.。”


Peak Group responsible for the development and operation of the 24 Road Turn scenic area

Vice President Chen Yongyi recalls that you once told him

All the problems in the development of the 24 Road Turn scenic area,

We can do it in front of the county clerk

Your words filled Chen Yongyi with confidence and kept it in his heart

"Qinglong's tourism, without the efforts of Secretary Jiang Shikun

不可能‘一夜成名’。” 陈永益动情地说


Today, countless tourists are at the observation deck on the top of Qinglong Mountain

At a glance of the picturesque landscape and beautiful scenery

Immersed in the past, present and future of the 24 Turns

You want to go through 24 turns

Let people remember the history of Qinglong's resistance for a longer time

Effectively inherit and spread Qinglong history and culture

The wish to lay a solid foundation for the development of tourism has been realized

Qinglong tourism industry will become a sunrise industry to boost economic development

It has become an emerging industry for people to get rid of poverty and get rich


Chapter VIII Issues Concerning People's Livelihood are major issues


Spread the soil of hope on the plateau


The expectation of the poor people to get rid of poverty and get rich





The mountain is high and rocky, so climb it when you go out

Qinglong special karst landform

Let the sunny hills roll along one after another

The township roads zigzag through the mountains

From the bottom of a deep mountain to the top


The narrow, steep, potholed road moved slowly

To the towns and villages on the cliffs or mountainsides

In case of stormy weather, rain and snow

The driver's heart is in his mouth and he's on high alert

I often think of ordinary people on the road

A traffic accident involving a motorcycle falling off a cliff is terrifying




Qinglong township road difficult scene constantly flashed in your eyes

You non-stop to Changliu, Zhongying, Huagong, Datian and other townships research

Highway, narrow, bumpy road, potholes, frequent traffic accidents

Let your heart often pull tight, sleep and eat restlessness, sleepless night

 "Qinglong township road transformation, road safety measures

It must be solved to ensure the safety of ordinary people

We can no longer allow such traffic conditions to restrict the development of Qinglong

Blocking the people's way out of poverty and getting rich。

You made up your mind at the executive council

Face the difficulties, forge ahead, is your consistent work style

You're the one who cares about the people


It's the convergence of your ideals and beliefs


Your day to day work is proceeding smoothly

The reconstruction project of township road has fallen on the agenda

The tragedy of a traffic accident strikes your heart unexpectedly

December 15, 2010, you've just returned from a trip to the countryside

Your cell phone is ringing urgently, Party secretary of Huagong Town

Car went off a cliff on the way back to Qinglong……

This is the second town cadres who have overturned and died on this road

The news left you in agony and speechless for a long time

This traffic situation must be changed

Your steady gaze casts out the window to the vast mountains




"Qinglong is to smash the pot and sell iron, but also to transform and repair.

The people's road to poverty and prosperity, and ensure the safety of the people's travel。

It's your vow to stay true to who you were

You act quickly, take the transportation bureau and other relevant department heads

Report, coordinate and communicate with Xingyi Highway Bureau and state Transportation Bureau

Strive for projects and funds to support the reconstruction and construction of Qinglong township road



Your hard work and dedication to the people have been rewarded with sincere support

Finally, by the highway bureau to loan, Qinglong County as a guarantee

保证了More than 60 million yuan of highway construction funds were promptly allocated

All roads connecting the countryside will be oilized and safety guardrail built

Through communication and coordination, you have integrated various types of funds such as new rural construction

It is used for the new repair and transformation of the village road, the construction of the group road and the household road


Since 2011, Qinglong County township road reconstruction construction kicked off

Flower gong to Shizhaiping, Liao Ji to Dachang and so onMore than 10 highways have been started

The Red Rock tunnel of Datian Township built in the 1970s

It is the main channel of coal resources transportation in Zhongying town and Changliu Township

At present, both the height and width of Hongyan tunnel can not meet the development requirements

After the construction of Zhifu Road, the reconstruction and expansion of Hongyan Tunnel is imminent

You and Executive deputy county governor Li Zeyun, deputy director of the county People's Congress Tang Fei

Call the transportation Bureau, the Finance Bureau, the Development and Reform Bureau, the highway management office and other departments

In Datian Township held a meeting, launch let everyone

Analyze, discuss, come up with ideas, and try to find a way forward

"Each project county has to match certain funds, and the pressure is great.。”

"At this time, the financial support can not be maintained, but also affect the payment of wages.。”

"Tunnel construction must be closed, traffic interrupted, affecting the travel of towns and people..."

Everyone's worry, anxiety is also a reality you must face


What to do, how to do, what means to do it

The heads of departments attending the meeting are looking forward to your ideas

"This is a major economic artery, and coal resources need to be shipped out

Sheep raised by ordinary people should also be transported out。The current tunnel can't handle it

Without money, the loan has to renovate and expand the tunnel so that it becomes

The road to poverty and prosperity for the common people。”你的话语铿锵有力

 "During the construction of the tunnel closure, it is necessary to find a way for the people to travel easily.。”

Your eyes look directly at Jiang Hu, Party secretary of Datian Township

"There is still a road on the hill, no one has used it for decades, and it is covered with thorns.

上下坡大约有About 4 kilometers, repairs can be passed。”

Jiang Hu's words let you see the convenience of bringing travel to the people


In Shanyakou, traces of the old road can be seen

It seems that the problem in your heart that people are difficult to travel has been solved

"In this way, your township and village organize people to rush to repair pedestrian roads.

The money comes from the Treasury, you guys budget, you work on it,

To provide favorable conditions for the closure construction of Hongyan tunnel at an early date。

You turn to Jiang Hu and Liu Yuanhui, Party secretary of Xinzhai Village

"After the construction of the Hongyan Tunnel, the highway around Datian Township,

这次要不要一起修建?If the Red Rock tunnel is ready for traffic,

When there are many carts, the streets of Daejeon will be clogged,

Now there is no big car, encountered the day of the drive, traffic jams have become commonplace。

Nie Yujiang, head of Datian Township, worried about confiding in you

You have seen the scene of traffic jams on the streets of Datian Township

The scenes keep coming back to you

"It must be repaired, sooner rather than later, and the project will be initiated by the Development and Reform Bureau and the Transportation Bureau.

We will strive to incorporate projects funded with financial awards and promptly implement them.

There should be no problem if the finance department pays the money in advance?

You spoke to Yang Liming, Director of the Bureau of Development and Reform, and Jin Lingjiang, Director of the Bureau of Transport

“县长,没有问题。Yang Liming and Jin Lingjiang spoke with one voice


"The drinking water problems of the Datian Township government, schools and the masses should also be thoroughly solved,

The water bureau shall make plans and organize their implementation。"You said to the director of the Water Bureau, Li Rongjun

"Ok, we will hurry up with the plan and implement it as soon as possible, please rest assured.。”

Li Rongjun's answer makes you feel that the scene will be fruitful




The renovation and expansion of Hongyan Tunnel has always touched your heart

For the tunnel renovation and expansion project to start as soon as possible

You've presided over thematic meetings

Project design, capital budget, project approval……

You have to go over it, study it, consult it……


Upon receiving your telephone call, the director of the Transportation Bureau Jin Lingjiang hurried to your office

 "The reconstruction of the Red Rock tunnel has been discussed many times with professional and technical personnel

You can apply for national project funding2000万元

投入20 million funds can be used to complete the renovation and expansion of the three-level roads

However, it is far from meeting the needs of current development

This is an economic road, there are many big cars pulling coal, and it is difficult for big cars to meet in both directions

It is best to rebuild and expand according to the secondary road standards, so that it is in place in one step。

Jin Lingjiang put all his ideas to you

You looked at Jin Lingjiang and silently thought about what he said just now

This economic road that can lift people out of poverty and get rich must be repaired

You make up your mind in silence

"Great idea. We can't just reinvent and then upgrade.

Your transportation bureau will then come up with a specific plan to transform and expand according to the secondary road standards。

To ask a professional team to do a good job of design, budget, so that the project as soon as possible,

Renovate and expand this road to prosperity for the people at an early date。

Your firm words are full of the spirit of never stopping




With your firm trust and high expectations

Transportation Bureau Director Jin Lingjiang, highway management institute director Wu Dianxin

Working overtime with the design team, repeatedly designing and accounting the required funds

After confirming the error, the two people held the design and construction drawings and the project budget table

Excited to go to your office

You look intently at the design and construction drawings they send, the project budget table

"50 million, this design is 30 million more than the original design budget.。”

You frown, looking at Jin Lingjiang said

"Magistrate, this is the best plan that has been repeatedly designed and calculated by a professional team.。”

"Well, let's go and report to Secretary Xu Fenglun and see what he thinks.。”

The three of you rushed to Xu Fenglun's office

After listening to the report carefully, Xu Fenglun asked you:


"After the renovation and expansion of this tunnel, the five towns in the north of Qinglong

Economic development will play a pivotal role and must be done。

Your answer made Xu Fenglun confident

"For the sake of economic development, spending 30 million more is feasible and worthwhile,

Then organize the bidding according to the bidding procedure,

The funding, we'll figure it out together。

You and Xu Fenglun are on the same page


The reconstruction and expansion of Hongyan Tunnel began as scheduled




After the reconstruction and expansion project of Hongyan Tunnel started

瘸着严重痛风的腿To the construction site every now and then

协调推进工程进度Solve the problems encountered in the project

历经After 450 days of fighting, the tunnel renovation and expansion project has ended

At this point, as long as nearly six years of Qinglong traffic construction battle fruitful

全县All 14 townships are paved with asphalt

The village group has Tongcun (Group) Road and Tanguhu Road

Qinglong County poverty alleviation and rich transportation network began to take shape

Coal and other mineral resources continue to be shipped out of Qinglong to create wealth

People's goats, mountain goods, fruit smoothly out of the mountain, bringing a rolling fortune

Whenever you go to the countryside, you see this exciting picture

You are proud and happy that ordinary people can get out of poverty and get rich through transportation




"Secretary Jiang knows the plight of our farmers best。”

He Ting Help, the branch secretary of Shizhu village, Zima Township, choked up whenever he recalled you

"I am a farmer's son, and I want to do what is worthy of the farmer.。”

You always say that, and you always do that

From a cattle boy to the county party secretary

You have deep feelings and sincere concern for the masses in your bones


紫马乡栗树村纳坝组Sixty-four Buyi villagers have been living in the mountains for generations

In August 2012, the villagers reported to you, who was then the county chief

The cracks in the dangerous rock at the back peak of the Naba Formation are several meters wide

If the rainy season, the mountain may collapse at any time, the consequences are unimaginable

要求政府把"The rock that hangs over the skull.

To give the villagers a safe and peaceful working and living environment


The sufferings of the common people are your sufferings

The hope of the people is your concern

You immediately led the relevant departments straight to Zima Township Lishu village Naba Group

Has been waiting for the township Party secretary He Boguo, township head Xu Chunhong

Know you don't like useless reports, as soon as you arrive straight up the mountain

Take the cattle road from the thorny stone corner to the dangerous rock at the top

You follow the muddy road to see the big ditch between the dangerous rock and the mountain

You see a dangerous hidden danger that must be eliminated as soon as possible

Give the villagers a good environment to live and work in peace and contentment

You squat on a big rock and look down the hill into the big ditch

The housing condition of Naba formation is clear at a glance

Chestnut tree village branch secretary He Ting help worry again and again

"Magistrate, come down quickly, it's too dangerous.。”

你笑了,"I was born a cowhide, and I stand firm。”


Hobogo will report to you on the way down

Many years ago, villagers discovered this dangerous rock mass and reported it to their superiors

In 2004, the government invested in the construction of dozens of relocation houses for villagers in Maocaofao

The new site is far from arable land, and most people have moved out and returned

The growing cracks in the dangerous rock of the Naba Formation make villagers restless

You listened carefully to Herbergo's report and said,

"The villagers of Naba Formation are right to ask for the blasting of dangerous rocks,

Pay a professional blasting company to blow up the dangerous rock,

Only by eliminating safety hazards can villagers live a safe life。

Then you pointed to the stockade below the mountain and said to Hobogo

"The fields are all around the stockade, and it is difficult to find another piece of land to work.

The villagers' request is reasonable, and blowing up the rock eliminates the hidden danger,

It's also convenient for farming, so why not。

The implementation is up to your township government, and you need to hire a professional blasting company,

Do a good job of accounting how much money is needed and report the plan

You have decisively made the decision to Hobog and Xu Chunhong


Back to the county seat, you invite Liu Zhou, the deputy county governor in charge of land, to the office

Discuss together how to blow up the dangerous rock program, and Liu Zhou is specifically responsible for the implementation

Received the task, Liu Zhou also rushed to purple horse township

The detailed blasting scheme was studied with Heboguo and Xu Chunhong

To examine and compare the implementation plans and capital budgets reported by three professional blasting companies

选定报价1.92 million Guizhou Equation Construction Engineering Co., LTD

As the implementation of dangerous rock burst construction unit

After months of preparations for the blasting, the villagers were safely evacuated


At 10 o 'clock, commander Liu Zhou gave the order, "Detonate!"

The dangerous rock turned white and filled the sky with smoke

The slag rubble of the dangerous rock follows the track designed by the technician

Entering the planned protection ditch, the villagers' lives and property were not lost

Amid the cheers, the dangerous rock successfully exploded

Since then, the villagers have finally put down their anxiety

I'm happy to sleep well

Chapter 9 Read the Tea Sutra well



Overflowing with yearning, hope, dream, happiness……





Open the book of China's 5,000 years of civilization development

You can smell the aroma of tea on every page

Tea is a drink, but it contains a broad and profound culture

Tea culture is an important part of Chinese traditional culture

It is also a shining pearl in the long river of Chinese civilization


Into the Qinglong, tea fragrance filled, years ups and downs

The last centuryIn the late 1970s, Yuntian Mountain at the border of Qinglong Puan

The discovery of a rare tea seed fossil in the world

The history of tea in China can be traced back to ancient times200万年前

This finding, strongly corroborated

China has the longest history of tea plants in the world


Qinglong, low latitude high altitude, winter without cold, summer without heat

The ancient Xii River, Daqiao River and Azabu River pass through the border

The valley's special heat evaporates

Qinglong's year-round cloudy climate

Let the tea of Qinglong, the spirit of heaven and earth, and the essence of the sun and moon

让晴隆的山地成了"High mountains and clouds produce good tea" beautiful place




Qinglong tea culture has a long history, tomorrow year

Deng Zi Longxi, general soldier stationed in Annan (now Qinglong), drinks tea

The wild tea trees in the depths of Qinglong Mountain are highly respected by him

In his spare time, he ordered people to build an ancient post road on the outskirts of Annan city莫忙亭”

For business travelers to drink tea and talk about the road, to comfort the saddle horse

并为"Mo busy Pavilion" made up the couplets

Busy for fame, busy for profit, busy to take a break, and have a cup of tea

Hard work, hard work, pleasure in pain, pour a glass of wine


The dead are like that. The general is gone400年

"Mo busy Pavilion" also disappeared in the smoke of the war

The story of general and tea has become the heritage of Qinglong tea culture

And time has awakened the past like smoke

Transformed into Qinglong tea containing cultural charm

"Will army green, Green Phoenix, Mo busy tea, Guilong Green tea" series brands



Suddenly, as if you can understand the world




A cup of fragrant tea, drink drunk through the ages

A cup of fragrant tea, the achievement of the soul of Qinglong

 Tea and time hand in hand, interpreting the charm of Qinglong tea

Read the tea classics, the development of tea into Qinglong people out of poverty and rich industry

This is you.-- The subject that Jiang Shikun thought about day and night

 "South Asia tropical crop tea famous production base"

"National pollution-free tea Production Base"

Guizhou Province"Key agricultural Leading Enterprises" "Tea Export Base"

These brands, make you happy, but also make you worried


Let Qinglong tea, incense mist, tea line the world

On the first day of work after the Spring Festival holiday in 2010, you went to the county tea company to investigate

"A few years ago, Qinglong green tea had a great influence on the outside, was highly evaluated and sold well

Now the outlook is gloomy. Sales are down. Why?

A seat, your doubts to ask the company manager Luo Lingjie joy in relief

"Now, the brand of Qinglong tea is messy, and tea merchants are selling off each other

The interests of the common people are not protected, leading some tea farmers to dig up tea trees to grow crops。

Luo Lingjie's confession is exactly what you were worried about

"To make Qinglong tea revitalize and reproduce its glory, how do you say??”

"We should introduce preferential policies to encourage the development of tea, just as we developed sheep farming.

我们现在缺少核心品牌80% of Mingqian tea was purchased by Jiangsu and Zhejiang tea merchants

Through their advanced technology processing, affixing domestic famous brand trademarks,

Prices soar, selling well at home and abroad……”

Luo Lingjie's answer leaves you nodding your head in deep thought




In the Qing long, brush away the years of dust

Look for the footprints of tea, everything will precipitate

Everything will make you think

Tea should be developed into a big industry to get rid of poverty and get rich

Let the common people get rich at a faster pace


You put the NDRC, the Finance bureau, the agricultural support Bureau, the tea bureau, the tea company in charge

Convened, a series of measures related to the development of the tea industry


"With the introduction of preferential policies in the county, can the tea industry develop 30,000 mu a year?”

You expressed your concern to Luo Lingjie, manager of the county tea company

"With the preferential policies of the county, we are not worried, we can set up a tea association,

The tea company develops together and adopts the operation mode of company + base + farmer

Let the people who grow tea get benefits and achieve poverty alleviation。


"Foreign merchants to Qinglong tea garden to raise prices grab tea green。”

Luo Lingjie said his helplessness and difficulties

"Foreign merchants to raise the price of tea is good for the common people。”

Your confusion and incomprehension blurted out

"The purchase of tea green steals the time, and the tea green picked by tea farmers must be sold on the same day,

No overnight. Overnight, it's worthless the next day。

The green tea picked by tea farmers are eager to sell, and foreign tea merchants are also rushing to buy,

But they keep the price flat. They can't raise it。

“你们也可以提价嘛。"You smiled and gave Luo Lingjie confidence

"We raised our prices, and Qinglong's tea plantations are widely spread,

We can't handle it, and we're strapped for cash,

There's no money to print tea boxes……”

Luo Lingjie all out his heart of bitter water


Facing the leading role of the county tea company

Facing the difficulties encountered in the development of tea industry


"In this way, the county government will help you solve 200,000, and you will have Qinglong.

The packaging box of characteristics and cultural heritage is printed, and the Qinglong tea is pushed out。

Listen to your words, Luo Lingjie firmly nodded his head, full of confidence




Tea was left to Qinglong people by their ancestors“摇钱树”


To develop the tea industry, the price chain of the market must be grasped in hand

The common people who grow tea can really benefit

Let the tea industry become an industry for people to get rid of poverty and get rich

It cannot be a slogan or an empty phrase


"Integrate old tea areas and develop new tea gardens

Achieve industrial scale, specialization and standardization

Develop green and pollution-free organic tea production bases。

Your ideas for developing tea are completely open

Qinglong tea to take off again injected the hope of resurrection


晴隆花贡是The last centuryA state-run tea farm built in the 1950s

Run toIn the 1970s, the area of tea farms was nearly 200 square kilometers

Tens of thousands of employees, tea farm red tea"Qian Hong 2" series products

Once very popular, is the country's export of inspection free products

It is a big exporter of foreign exchange in Guizhou Province

However, time has passed and the market has changed

Its former glory has been washed away by the market economy

Until the tea farm moved to Anshun, the tea farm deserted




Revitalize the tea garden and give it a new lease of life

In the spring of 2010, you went to Huagong for research

Standing on the hill of Puna, once a tea farm

You said to Fu Mingyong, then Party secretary of Huagong Town

"To restore the old tea garden of Puna Mountain, drive

Surrounding people on the road to poverty and wealth, have confidence?

"Have confidence!"Fu Mingyong did not hesitate


The task took, pay Mingyong eyes

Fixed frame in the town of Huagong entrepreneur Huzhou Ju

The boss who has a passion for tea

Under the sincere persuasion of Fu Mingyong

He contracted to restore the old tea garden in Puna Mountain

Began to lead the surrounding people to plant tea

After getting a promise from the town government to buy tea seedlings

He got up early in the morning and led the tea growers in the dark448 acres of tea trees dug

As soon as the tea seedlings arrived, planting was completed before the Spring Festival





In May 2011, you visited Puna Mountain again

放眼眺望,More than 1,500 mu of tea garden has been lush

A vibrant scene that makes you overjoyed

We can see that the road for people to get rid of poverty and get rich is getting wider and wider

You happily say to Fu Mingyong beside you

"Entrepreneurs like Hu Zhouju who combine their own enterprises with poverty alleviation and prosperity

We must give strong support and mobilize the local people who raise sheep

Sell sheep dung to Hu Zhou Ju, so that his tea farms can be guaranteed organic fertilizer

In this way, the price of organic tea will rise, and ordinary people can increase their income。

"Yes, Hu Zhou Ju has done a good job in leading the people out of poverty

仅风口头组的22 families, all working in the tea farm

Incomes rose and families rebuilt new houses

存款多的人家有More than 200,000, as few as 60,000...

Close to Puna Mountain tea garden, Longyin, Zhongying, Zhutang and other village groups have tea

多的有More than 400 acres, Huzhou giant led the establishment of agricultural cooperatives to achieve group development

Fu Mingyong delighted to tell you

But you think of what you see to Fu Mingyong's heart

"The tea garden is well developed and the environment is beautiful, but the 7km road into the tea garden is not good.。”

"We have applied to the state transportation Bureau for the project, and we also ask the county governor to help coordinate.。”

Pay Mingyong the heart of the uneasiness to say

"The tea plantations will continue to expand, and more people will come to work,

There will be more supplies coming in and out. The road has to be fixed。

Your words gave Fu Mingyong some reassurance

Lou, with your best coordination

进出茶园的路It was completed by the end of 2011




In the development of Qinglong tea, you often say

"To develop the tea industry, policy support is a catalyst and a base

Expanding scale, creating brand and increasing efficiency is the purpose。

You've worked so hard to make this happen

Qinglong is growing more and more tea

The road to poverty alleviation and prosperity for ordinary people relying on tea growing is getting wider and wider


Qinglong tea industry development and brand creation

The blueprint in your mind is unfolding


You investigate the new tea area in Dachang Town and ask the price of tea green you know

There are already tea merchants in Fujian, Zhejiang and other places will press50元一斤收购茶青

Back to the county, you think of Liang Jianxiang, the Zhejiang boss who went to Qinglong to do tea processing

Now is the time, you and Liang Jianxiang for Qinglong tea to increase the efficiency of the prelude


"Dachang is a new tea area, with more than 4,000 mu of tea entering the picking period

You can't not build a tea processing plant there,

Give the tea growers a boost?

You test Liang Jianxiang without being explicit

"The county governor offered me this opportunity, of course。”


"After the processing plant is built, the price of tea green should be raised to 120 yuan per catty.。”

"You are not mistaken, now the tea is only 50 yuan a catty, let me buy 120 yuan.


"The county tea green about 100 tons a year, you 2.5吨多付出30万,

100 tons can increase the income of tea farmers 12 million, and now Mingqian tea 1 jin

vendibilityAbout 1000 yuan, 5 pounds of tea green can be processed to 1 pound of tea

You still have a profit margin。

You fingered Liang Jianxiang's tea bill

"As long as it helps people get rid of poverty and get rich, I do it!"

Liang Jianxiang is excited to hold your hand

 "As long as the interests of the common people are put first

To develop Qinglong tea industry favorable enterprises, county government

It must be tilted and supported in the project funds, you can rest assured。

你没有食言At the end of 2011, Liang Jianxiang received a notice

County money for his project220,000, please go through the relevant procedures as soon as possible...




Your unremitting efforts and preferential policies catalyzed

In 2013, Qinglong's tea plantation area reached 130,000 mu

Squeezed into the province's key tea county industry

From 2010 to 2013, it was listed as the central finance for four consecutive years

Modern agricultural production development fund (tea industry) project county

获得4 million yuan project awards and subsidies


Push the tea to the whole country and revive the vigor of Qinglong tea in the brand

In the spring of 2015, you took on the responsibility of brand promotion

Handed it over to Tian Lianqi, the new general manager of the county Tea Company

要求他把"Qinglong Green Tea" "GUI Long" "Lu Xiang" "Gong Feng" "Feng wants to fly"......

The brand tea created by Qinglong has entered the Hengxian tea trading market in Guangxi

As you know, Hengxian is the world center of jasmine and jasmine tea production

If Qinglong tea can occupy a place in Hengxian tea market

It means that the prospect of Qinglong tea is inestimable


 "Please support 1 million yuan Qinglong tea brand promotion start-up funds,


Tian Lianqi with the first push will win the confidence to ask you for instructions

"You go to the county magistrate Zha Shihai report, the county government supports the development of the tea industry.

There's a high degree of unanimity. I'll tell him what you think。

You gave Tian Lianqi a reassurance

You have obtainedOne million yuan of financial loans, Tian Lianqi immediately organized tea merchants

To Hengxian rental shops, careful preparation and unremitting efforts

"Qinglong Green Tea" "GUI Long" "Lu Xiang" "Gong Feng" "Feng wants to fly"......

Qinglong tea and other brands are favored in Hengxian

Tian Lianqi excited to call you good news

"Secretary Jiang, Qinglong Tea has made a good start in Hengxian County,

我们接到了20 tons of Qinglong tea order!"

"Well done, beautiful, this is a good start, the market needs to expand.


Your joyful mood has a purpose, a strong hope……


Use the provincial subsidy tea project funds to reward Qinglong tea merchants

Open Qinglong tea stores, sales points and agency stores all over the country

You and county Governor Cha Shihai have reached an agreement

The reward policy was issued in Chuxiong, Yunnan, Jinan, Shandong, Chengdu, Sichuan and Suzhou, Jiangsu

And the province Xingyi, Guiyang, Anshun, Liupanshui……

Have opened Qinglong tea stores, points of sale, agency stores


Your desire to lead the people out of poverty and get rich through the tea industry is gradually being realized

In 2015, the area of tea gardens in the county reached 150,000 mu

70,000 mu began to produce, the total amount of tea reached more than 3,000 tons, the output value of nearly 1.6亿元


Looking at this set of data in front of you, your tight frown is relieved

She had a smile on her face


Chapter 10: War on Poverty with Life




Soothe the unyielding cry of Cangshan Mountain





The word "poverty" that pulls our love dearly

In the rolling fields and the rolling mountains

And the vicissitudes of our ancestors hang in the years

The green and yellow of the plateau, prosperity and blight, poverty and suffering


And the winding mountain road


Soothe Cangshan under our unyielding cry


Poverty alleviation!War on poverty!

The unprecedented initiative calls for our responsibility

The pain of poverty awakens our struggle

No matter the heat, winter, storm, thunder……

In Guizhou vast land of mountains and rivers

The battle against poverty is under way


One touching story after another

Overflowing with persistence, endeavour, joy, hope……




The date is February 26, 2016


You led nearly 1,000 cadres at all levels in the county to raise their right fist


"Poverty alleviation, I am a party member,

Look at me!Charge with me!



The deafening sound of the oath shook the valley

Qinglong County in the mountain city reverberated for a long time

This is your determination to rise to the occasion and forge ahead


Immediately, you led the county party leadership to take the lead

Go to the line of poverty alleviation, poverty alleviation help pair

全县2,878 officials quickly went to poor households to fight poverty


同时承担The pairing of 15 poor families

Each cadre at section level and below will help6至18户贫困户

Form contact pairs with precise poor households

We will provide assistance to all poor villages and households


The people will not get rid of poverty, help and support will not be decoupled, and responsibilities will not be relieved




Rural areas in deep poverty and farmers in urgent need of poverty alleviation

Let you often feel the burden on your shoulders is not light

Whenever you go down to the township, you often say to the cadres on the frontline of poverty alleviation

"As long as there is still one poor household in poverty,

I can't rest as a county party secretary。

这就是你-- The clank promise of Jiang Shikun

"With the determination to break even, we must unite to promote poverty alleviation,

We must keep pace with a moderately prosperous society and never let a poor town or a poor people fall behind。

This is the mission of your passionate Communist


How to get farmers out of poverty and get rich quickly

It's something you face and think about every day


The gears of your work turn round and round

Time and years witness your hurried and busy figure

From 2010 to 2014, he became the county party secretary

Your position has changed, the same is that you have been unable to stop the pace

Your driver, Jules, ran it by the odometer

In six years, miles driven80万公里

On average, I travel in a car every day200公里

As for the climb over the slope, the road through the field is impossible to calculate


Qinglong farthest township distance from the county has100多公里山路

The mountain road is so rough that it takes eight hours to drive back and forth

He walked two towns a day and was busy until midnight before he could return to his dormitory

Trying to sleep in the morning leaves no time for a proper breakfast

 "During the years I drove for the secretary, I often went to the countryside

Or to Guiyang, Xingyi meeting, running projects, looking for funds, very hard

我今年At 35 years old, he is 11 years younger than Secretary Jiang

How does he hold up?

I've never seen a secretary work so hard。

The Zhulis are brimming with tears when they remember being around you


After a trip to the countryside, you are exhausted

Unhesitatingly lifted one of his legs to rest on a stool

Colleagues around to see this scene can not help but laugh

There's a big hole in the soles of your shoes

The soles of your feet show a big chunk, and you don't even know it

You're the sole-worn county secretary

Who can tell how many times you have been to the countryside, how many mountains you have climbed……



As the executive deputy director of the county commission office He Boguo

Know best how you spent your six years in Qinglong

Five plus two, white plus black, overtime day and night, meetings……

Whether rain or shine, going to the countryside to investigate and solve problems is your normal work

Qing long development of big things, no you do not worry about the heart

There's nothing you don't care about, there's no blind spot you can't see


Poverty alleviation contact points on the poverty-stricken households, you have to go to each

Large-scale themed activities will be held to promote mountain tourism

You're gonna have to go through every detail

Infrastructure construction, urban improvement

You have to think carefully at every step

Towns and villages develop characteristic agricultural industries

You have to participate in discussions on every project……



You can tell when the people are growing good seeds

Provincial and state leaders to Qinglong field visits

You can blurt out the number of people living in poverty and the incidence of poverty in each town

Assets and liabilities, profit level of major enterprises

The work priorities of each functional bureau

The construction progress of each project……


你身为"Monitor", as the "leader" of Qinglong

You have the spirit of daring and doing well

You have been promoting the social and economic development of Qinglong……

You have been pushing the poor people to get out of poverty and become well-off……





You went into shock on a business trip to Xingren County

Preliminary tests at county hospital suspect a heart attack,

I need you to go to a major hospital as soon as possible

而你-- Jiang Shikun, but understated

Smiling to the worried colleagues around him

"It's going to be okay now, my body, I know

It's not too late to do a thorough inspection after this。

What you don't know is the constant workload

The limits of life have given you the alarm again and again


Severe gout and a herniated disc also make you miserable

No time to see a doctor, you always go to the Chinese medicine to deal with

Over time, your dormitory, always filled with the smell of Chinese medicine

The table is often crowded with Chinese medicine

For a while, you were so happy you thought you'd found a cure

It works as soon as you eat it. Your colleagues keep reminding you

There were hormones in them, and they had bad side effects, so you stopped taking them

Magistrate Zha Shihai has tried to persuade you many times

Let you go to the big hospital as soon as possible for a full physical examination

And you're always busy, busy, busy

After that, you still work day and night 宵衣旰食

Let your body load reached the limit, and again and again the red light


But for the sake of the masses, for the sake of development, you never let up for a moment


You led Qinglong to hand over such a report card——

Early 2012 to the end of 2015







But a different set of numbers you can't worry about——


贫困人口9,020 people, poverty rate 32.8%


贫困人口11,752 people, poverty rate 48%


贫困人口6,865 people, poverty rate 41.8%


贫困人口2,900 people, poverty rate 51.7%




增加到2015年的55.1.3 billion yuan, an average annual increase of 17.5%

财政总收入从3.4亿元增加到7.6.3 billion yuan, an average annual increase of 17.4%


增加到79.2.8 billion yuan, an annual increase of 48 percent.04%

The annual per capita net income of farmers was reached6329元

We will invest in urban infrastructure construction9亿多元

城镇化率达33% completed afforestation area 44.34万

全县森林面积达830,000 mu, the forest coverage rate of 42.24%

All this,It embodies the blood and sweat of you and the cadres and masses of Qinglong County





You don't know that your life has entered the countdown



 "As long as there is still one poor household in poverty,

I can't rest as a county party secretary。

The promise you made was to fight poverty with your life



You are having a meeting in Xingyi and you feel unwell again

In the wife Wang Zuoyan anxious urge and pray

You rushed to the hospital for a check-up

But I haven't waited for the doctor to give you the final results

I quickly pulled out a bottle of intravenous drip that I had just finished


Overnight team meeting to deploy the next phase of work

"It doesn't matter now, I'll go after this.。”

On the way back to Qinglong, you said to your anxious wife on the phone……



Once again returned to Xingyi to participate in the state's rural development doubling plan and poverty alleviation and relocation of the special meeting

Back to Qinglong at noon, presided over the meeting to study the resettlement of poverty alleviation



During the day, with the province's project observation group, Xingyi, Anlong, Xingren poverty alleviation projects

Night after night back to Qinglong to check the preparation of the observation point



At the observation point to report Qinglong poverty alleviation work

In the afternoon, visit Zhenfeng Project with the group

晚上At more than 9 o 'clock, the relevant person in charge of Qinglong County rushed to Zhenfeng for a meeting

To study and plan matters related to poverty alleviation



With the group to observe the Zhenfeng project rushed to Guiyang to participate in the summary meeting

That night, listen to Wang Zhigang studio in Guiyang

Report on the planning of Qinglong County tourism development plan




Participated in the mobilization meeting for poverty alleviation and relocation in Xingyi

At the meeting, you said on behalf of Qinglong County:

"To move, stable, can develop as the goal of work,

To win a battle we can't afford to lose……”


That afternoon, a business trip to Guangzhou

-- Here's your schedule for the last week

Over the course of six days, you experienced several instances of physical exhaustion

Got through the worst of it a few times with a quick fix

Every time a colleague tells you to hurry to the hospital

Your answer is always the same:“等忙完这阵再去。”



You were taken to hospital when you were on a business trip in Guangzhou

That afternoon, his wife Wang Zuoyan went to Guangzhou to accompany him



You haven't finished all the tests and you close your eyes forever in your sleep



Chapter 11: The Dream









When the light of your life is blooming with passion

You say goodbye to colleagues, family and friends too quickly

Farewell to your deeply loved Qinglong landscape, the old folks

You use the ideals and beliefs of Communists, loyalty and selflessness, and persistent pursuit

With the pure heart of the party, the feelings of public servant to the people

To fulfill the mission and responsibility of the new era,

In the vast plateau of Guizhou composed touching





Ask the vast cangshan, look up at the vast sky

Wang Zuoyan, your caring wife

To this day, I still can't let go of you

As a husband and father, you owe your wife and daughter so much companionship

As a son and a brother, you owe your family so much care

As the county secretary you give yourself everything

They are dedicated to the cause of poverty alleviation and to the landscape of Qinglong

Dedicated to the Qinglong people, you have no shame

But you left too soon, your parents, brothers, wife and daughter

The promise made, the care left has not been fulfilled


Life is a kind of fate, and you meet your wife Wang Zuoyan

It is as if keeping the agreement of the past life, you meet

In the silent vastness of time is accompanied by silence

Is silent waiting and understand you, hidden in the corner of time

Like the blue sky and the white clouds, rivers and streams

The contrast between green leaves and red flowers is still the eternal first sight



You and your wife Wang Zuoyan were simultaneously assigned to Pomei Town, Ceheng County

You work as a secretary in town, she works as a kindergarten teacher

The true nature of the two of you makes the spark of love

直至You got married hand in hand in 1994

Because of your hard work, fromSince 1997 the work has been continuously moved

Wife Wang Zuoyan also keep following you change jobs

You were transferred from Shiheng to Anlong as deputy county governor, and she was transferred to Anlong after several twists and turns

Not long after, you were transferred from Anlong to Xingyi as secretary of the Party Group of the State Construction Bureau

Your wife Wang Zuoyan chased you to Xingyi without stopping.

Just familiar with the job, the organization gave an order, you and Qinglong

Faced with frequent work transfers, you don't want your wife to run around with you

In order to take better care of her daughter who is studying in Xingyi No. 8 Middle School

You decided to make your home in Xingyi

妻子"Chasing" your footsteps have finally stopped




Talking to colleagues about family, talking about wives

You always say with guilt and tenderness:

"I owe my wife so much, so much!


As you spoke, tears filled your eyes


结婚22 years, wife for your work

Living a life on the move13年


You haven't taken her on a single trip in 22 years


Your daughter's high school entrance examination, college entrance examination, you are not around


Give up a job you love to support your career


But quietly bear everything in the family

His wife, Wang Zuoyan, says you are a very competent husband

Travel to Xingyi on business, as long as you can squeeze time

You spend time with her, even for a limited hour or two


When it comes to you, your wife understands your concerns with deep feeling

She said: Qinglong is connected to the highway


I can spend the weekend visiting you in Qinglong


It's all about the countryside

You know, rushing into meetings at night, watching your wife visit

You always say apologetically:

"When I retire, I will accompany you every day and make up for what I owe you..."




Your hobby is reading books. There are books everywhere in your dorm

Every time I come home, I bring a lot of books with me


"I read fewer books than others, so I had to hurry

Read more books and study more to do a better job。

Every time you make progress, Wang Zuoyan will be very happy as a wife

She said that as a county party secretary you should be selfless at all times

Practicing the responsibility and responsibility of a communist

As a wife must silently understand you, support you


The book "Everything Works Out for the Best" is always on your dorm couch

Colleagues who know you well say it was your favorite book

The page on which you have drawn a red pen has this sentence:

"Regret, but don't regret。

We never had to stay here。

I chose to experience life here。

In the face of extreme poverty and poor natural environment in Qinglong

You can't run away. You have no choice

You have chosen a difficult experience for your life

That is to use your responsibility and responsibility

换来晴隆More quality and dignity for 320,000 people

On the road to poverty alleviation, he burned the fire of his life

Daughter Tian Shanling also found another sentence from this book

She said, this is the true picture of your life

"Those little stars will eventually become the burning light of life.。”




According to the custom of her hometown, her daughter Tian Shan Ling was named Tian with her ancestors



Said her 20-year-old daughter, Tian Shanling

Qinglong, where you've worked for six years, is a familiar but unfamiliar place

She's only been there twice in six years

Don't know what you are busy doing every day as a father

Just on my way to the country with my daughter

You would proudly tell her like a child:

"Daughter, this road was built by Dad..."

With that, your face smiled and your daughter laughed

In the open road interwoven, overflowing, reverberating


After you left forever, your daughter Tian Shanling came back to sort out your belongings

Your phone rang at 10:15 p.m


From the beginning of junior high school, her daughter Tian Shanling went to boarding school

I'll see you in a month or so

Ten fifteen in the evening is the time of Tian Shan Ling Middle School

Time to go back to the dormitory after evening study

You call every night at this time

从初中到高中的Six years, long or short, without a break

"Dad still has the alarm clock, which means he has been thinking about me.。”

Tian Shanling holding the mobile phone in tears

Before I went to college, I could only see my father once a month

But now I feel like he's with me every day

Like he could open the door at any moment


When my daughter talks about you, tears can't help but flow





你很 "Love parents", "love the countryside"...

In the memory of her daughter Tian Shanling

You take your family back to Shehang every year

她说:"My father is full of affection for the countryside and farmers

Every time I returned to my hometown, I rolled up my trousers and went to the ground to help my grandparents。

Your daughter's memories of you are filled with happiness


You are Shanriwa, the countryside is your life can not give up the care

Where you have your folks and your motivation to move forward in life

You came out of the rural mountains until the county Party secretary was appointed

His parents have been living in their hometown in the countryside

Living the ordinary life of ordinary people

When you go home, the most common words on your father's lips

"You are from the countryside, do good things for the common people

We must be honest with the people and honest with our own conscience。

Your father's ordinary words leave you in awe

It often reminds you of the lyrics in the song "River and Mountain"


All for the people's joys and sorrows


Day and night do not forget the people healthy reunion


The people are the sky, the people are the earth

The common people are the Communist Party's eternal concern

The people are the mountains and the people are the sea

The people are the lifeblood of the Communist Party




Filial piety first, you work again busy,

I always care about my parents and try my best to be filial

Once, back home, you asked your mother with a smile

What is your greatest wish, Mom?

My mother joked that she had never flown before and wanted to try it once

In order to fulfill your mother's wishes, you take a limited time

He brought his mother from her hometown to Xingyi

Let his wife accompany his mother to Guiyang by plane

But on the way, my mother got carsick and kept vomiting

You feel so guilty, ever since your wife took out a loan to buy the car

Every time mother gets in a car, you have to adjust the seat for her

No matter how strong the wind is, the window will be opened a little to make the mother comfortable


你很"Love home", always say that home food is the most delicious

Even the leftovers taste good

Wife Wang Zuoyan said, you no matter how busy and tired and bitter

Are a person in silently insist on bearing

But I try to spend as much time as I can with my family


In 2006, his wife Wang Zuoyan was hospitalized with appendicitis

At that time, you were a member of the Standing Committee of the Anlong County Party Committee and deputy county chief

Can only come to the ward at noon to accompany his wife, really tired

Just lay down on the camp bed for a while

Even the patient next to his wife couldn't help but say

"I heard that you are the county magistrate, and I think you are too tired。”



Heavy love, love, selfless, ordinary, ordinary

This is a microcosm of the life you left your brother Jiang Shixue

"My brother is actually a very ordinary person


There is no sign of a county chief or party secretary


What he did, it was so ordinary

The Party and the people have given him such high praise


Talking about his brother, brother Jiang Shixue could not help but burst into tears


You're the second of four brothers



He was a worker at the water works in Zhixiang County, a neighboring county

One year, a unit in Shixiang County recruited workers

The deputy sheriff in charge happens to have worked with you

Big brother Jiang Shiqian found you and wants your help

可你却说这"Not in line with the policy" rejected the big brother


The fourth brother Jiang Shixue is Xingyi City Public Security Bureau criminal investigation battalion leader


Jiang Shixue, who has qualifications and ability, was not promoted

"I know Brother No. 2 is not going to say hello.

Blacksmithing also needs its own hard, is my ability is not enough。


Before you transfer Qinglong to work, call your brother Jiang Shixue

The brothers are having dinner together at home and you say:

"Do you know why I called you to dinner?

Jiang Shixue understood what his brother meant

I told him to be a brother and keep his mind normal

Don't get any ideas because of your brother's job change

Don't get discouraged if you don't get a promotion, either

This meal, let Jiang Shixue remember

You have that air of discipline in your bones

All the time is deeply infected brother Jiang Shixue


Qingshan thousand peak Cui, Pan river, ancient flow

You come all the way, walk hard, walk calmly

But, God jealous of talent, you still left us

Leaving behind a daughter in college


He left behind his elderly parents, who still live deep in the mountains

Qinglong industry has left a decisive battle against poverty

Leave a topic that we often keep thinking about:

How should a Communist Party member maintain the true nature of party loyalty forever

How should a party cadre preserve the feelings of the people's children forever

How should a county Party secretary make good use of the power given by the Party and people

-- Jiang Shikun, a Communist who declared war on poverty with his life

The light of youth flashes like a meteor, dazzling so that we will never forget!


Chapter 12 Endless Longing


Never forget the way we came







In the vast space and time, in the four seasons of reincarnation

We feel that you put the people's original heart

And spread it on the hopeful soil of Qinglong

It has sown the hopes of the poor people to get rid of poverty and get rich

Your incorruptibility, as clear and transparent as the river, strikes the heart

Your strong character, like a majestic mountain stands tall

Flashing the light of the spirit of courage, encouraging people to forge ahead

Your love is like the warm sun sprinkled among the sunny mountains and rivers

Frozen frame has become a landscape that we will always miss


Since ancient times, public opinion is like a scale, which is more important in the people

You are the doer of the Fuze side, Qinglong people bear in mind

Hardworking, simple, easygoing, no AIRS, like a peasant……

This is your constant image in the hearts of Qinglong people


Tall, slightly hunchbacked, two outfits a year

It's always a white short-sleeved shirt in hot weather, and an extra jacket in cold weather

He carried a canvas briefcase he had used for years

Step on a pair of faded white sneakers


County Party secretary Jiang Shikun left an impression on everyone


If it is said that tears are endless overflow of nostalgia

You are an unforgettable person

Colleagues are in tears because of your departure……

If grief is a scale

You are as heavy as Mount Tai's weight hitting the heart of heaven and earth

The people weep because of your fall……




The sad news came that you passed away in Guangzhou

Shandong man Xu Fenglun tears several times

"Simple, sincere, meticulous, hard work!

Very straightforward, very careful, dare to take on, the execution is very strong!

这是In 2011, he was the Party secretary of Qinglong County

Xu Fenglun, the current member of the Standing Committee of the Guizhou Provincial Party Committee and the secretary of the Xingyi Municipal Party Committee, comments on you

He said that you were the person who had the most influence on him after he worked in Guizhou

In your body, he saw the tenacity and perseverance of cadres in a poor area


Your sudden fall, let your other good partner

Qinglong County Party Committee deputy secretary, county magistrate Zha Shihai regret

His emotion is full of you to part with and miss

"Comrade Shikun is doing his work completely in desperation

He is a person who works very hard and strives for perfection

He couldn't sleep at night if anything wasn't perfect and he was a true public-minded, self-absorbed man。

He is both the monitor, but also the elder brother, the development of Qing long

Every little bit of his heart。


Cui Zhanpeng, a member of the Standing Committee of Qinglong County Committee and political commissar of the county's Ministry of Human Resources and Armed Forces, recalled

Qinglong County has no militia training base

他想找一块30 acres of land to build this base

2016 county "two sessions" after the end

He asked you for leave to visit his family, and you readily agreed


Let's check out the field at the militia training base. I've got it covered。

Wait until Cui Zhanpeng's vacation is almost over



He took the secret with him

我们失去一位Good secretary, good monitor, good brother。”





You have a bad case of gout, and you can't walk easily in pain

Wang Shili, general manager of Qinglong Salt Vegetable Factory, remembers it clearly

One time she came to talk to you about an preferential loan

Noticed you were limping and asked:


你若无其事地说:"Well, it's gout, I can't help it。”




Makes Shili Wang respect you even more

When Wang Shili's factory was just being built

You look at the construction site and ask:“王世莉,你很有钱啊?”


"Then why did you build it?”

You just transferred from Qianxinan Construction Bureau to Qinglong

At a glance, it can be seen that Wang Shili factory plant from design to construction


You think in business, money should still be put to good use

You don't just talk about it, you quickly bring in two experts

Redesigning the construction plan for Wang Shili's factory

This alone will save costs for Wang Shili's business300多万元

"As a grassroots enterprise, we don't have much money to invest, and government support is very important.

Secretary Jiang has put a lot of effort into my factory。"Wang Shili memories full of gratitude

You once told Wang Shili very seriously:

"You have to break into the market, the market is up, my people have hope of poverty.。”


It's not you I'm nurturing. It's the people behind you

Now, Wang Shili's salt vegetable factory has drivenMore than 400 poor households increased their employment





Says Zhu Li, who's been driving your car for six years

Secretary Jiang Shikun has lumbar disc herniation

经常坐车是歪着坐,Sit recumbent。为了让你在车上休息

He never plays music to annoy you while driving,以前开车你睡得着

后来睡不着了,Often make phone calls to work from the car

"The secretary is very hard, but he always cares about me and my family

我爸患癌症He also made time to visit and comfort my dad

"The secretary has left, my heart is sad, I have been unable to sleep

My eight-year-old son suggested that I develop a picture of the secretary and hang it on the wall

I can always see what I get out of him

就是对老人要孝Be loyal to the party and close to friends。”



The driver, Zhu Li, is familiar with your frugality

Sometimes they go on business trips, and Zhu Li's family is really tired

I told you we could get something nice together

你总是笑着说,"Let's make a bowl of flour instead

Save time. Got to get back to the meeting。


From a farmer's son to a county party secretary

You always do not forget your roots, and you can save one point for the public money

Once, Zhu Li's family went to Guiyang with you on business

From the provincial government. There's a nearby180元一晚的宾馆

You shake your head and walk around the south side of town looking for one$100 for a night in a hostel

You said to the Zhu Li family, "Qinglong is very poor and has a lot of places to spend money.

Can save must save, I am the secretary, is the example!


Li Anzhen, a Communist Party member commended by the province and state

Datian Township Dong Qing village is the leader of grass and sheep

To lead the villagers out of poverty suffered a lot of grievances, several degrees want to move the family to the county

It was your thoughtful encouragement that kept her going

Upon hearing the news of your death, Anzhen Lee made a vow:

"As long as there are still people in Dongqing Village who are not out of poverty

I would never leave this corner!




You left, the bad news reached Qinglong County,干部群众哭泣流泪

On April 18, your body farewell ceremony was held at Xingyi Funeral Home

Qinglong County many cadres and masses spontaneously rushed to see off

Zhao Shanping, a 94-year-old retired deputy director-level official

Li Changqi, the 84-year-old former governor of Qianxinan Prefecture, also went in person

To Qinglong County people recognized the good secretary of the last trip

The fire that burns in your life releases a great light

You have the noble, loyal and selfless dedication of a Communist Party member



Qinglong people said: Qinglong has two pieces“活化石”

One is a million-year-old tea seed fossil found in Qinglong

One is the lifeline of the last century“晴隆二十四道拐”

Now we can proudly say: we have a third piece“活化石”

它就是我们的"Good Secretary" Comrade Jiang Shikun

He will be inspiring the Qinglong people on the road to poverty alleviation

Brave spirit of light!


And now, we are always immersed in the real story of your poverty alleviation

To the theme song of the movie "Dad Love Me Again"

With your daughter in the movie choking in remembrance

Sing the theme song, the endless memory of you

撒Jae Cheong Long的山川大地


















Now the distant you are silent






Could you sing one of my childhood songs with me again







Now the distant you are silent






Could you sing one of my childhood songs with me again。


Chapter 13 Looking forward to Your Return in Spring









Read your story from the cycle of time


Watch one season after another go far

We have no words choked, sad context

In the spring, in the meadow of memory

In the joy of poverty alleviation


And we march in the Qinglong winding mountain road

Write poems to the mountains and rivers of Qinglong

Send blessings to the villagers who get rid of poverty and get rich in Qinglong







Qinglong spring the earth is colorful

Brim with太阳的温暖

In the spring when you leave, and you

Missing relatives, concerned about the poor households

Feel the great changes together

Compose a magnificent movement of the new era




In the roar of the Beipanjiang River rushing to the sea

We have seen the heroic passion of Qinglong going forward

In the eyes of the 24 turns that amazed the world

We see Qinglong's never-ending footsteps

Took bold steps into a new era



We see the beauty of your dreams

The trumpet of poverty alleviation has been sounded

The passion to get rid of poverty and get rich is vibrating

Waging war on poverty is a major policy for strengthening the country and enriching the people

To declare war on poverty is an inevitable part of socialist construction

To declare war on poverty is the sacred mission of the Party for the public

The war on poverty is the vow of government for the people




You see, fighting poverty in Qinglong


Go from village to village, focus on doing it


Fill out forms, file, and perfect the books

They are seriously aware of the people's feelings, to help the crisis and difficult to do real work

They are using poverty alleviation to kick out the darkness of poverty

Use poverty alleviation to move away the mountain of ignorance

Spread the wings of wealth with poverty alleviation

Lift the fetters of progress through poverty alleviation

With painstaking efforts to wake up the sleeping mountain

With sweat in exchange for the people's expectations


Look, in the mountains and fields of Lian Town

Poverty alleviation cadres and staff are busy everywhere


Echoed by the eager voice of the First Secretary

Illuminati town, villages and stockades laid out the battlefield of poverty alleviation and prosperity

Changliu Township has gathered the strong sound of poverty alleviation




真扶贫, Help the poor!Do more, do practical things!

In this land full of passion

This is a responsibility to melt the truth

The harvest is not only food and clothing, but wealth and civilization

This is a sincerity tempered by a mission


It's a glorious chapter that changed history and destiny


放眼晴隆的山巅, 驻足北盘江畔

We are full of emotions on the road to poverty alleviation







Look, in the fields and fields of the mountain village……

In the mountain village greenhouses, orchards, pastures……

The sweat of our poverty alleviation team is everywhere

With their efforts and help

Poor households raised tea, grass and sheep……


The empty-nesters raise cows and chickens……

A rich smile on his face




Build a moderately prosperous society in all respects by 2020




Composing a new glorious movement of the Chinese nation







Every note is a thrilling spring thunder

Let us fill with tears of excitement

Let the bonds of our blood continue





Accelerate development, accelerate transformation and promote leapfrog

New beltway, new industrial park

New tourist facilities, new city landmarks……



In the sunny land to flourish upward



The planners' blueprint unfolds slowly


The reformers are brimming with enthusiasm

The figure of the builder goes through trials and hardships



That is the wisdom of successive generations

It is the pride of generations




Jae Cheong Long

For the construction and development of the city

We understand the weight of responsibility on our shoulders


We know the importance of planning

Maybe you're on a hot construction site

We can't be found working

Maybe, you're at the grand completion celebration

Can't see our beautiful faces


In the city's construction plans

It's all your sweat and blood

The beautiful scenery of the city

All the sacrifices and sacrifices you've made……


For a better tomorrow for Qinglong


We have the ideal of greening our home

We have a great ambition to benefit future generations

We have the idea of heaven and earth

We have a talent for the work of heaven



Look at what we've got






Open your heart to the world


Let the wings of ideal and future soar



Qinglong's development in romance new legend


Qinglong's leap is showing a new style


Qinglong's catching up in the expression of new brilliance




By 2020, we will lift the poor out of poverty as scheduled

The war on poverty is the goal of poverty alleviation

It is also our historical mission




Do not break Loulan will not return