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孝 子

Source: Guizhou Literature Network Author: Founder Date: 2020-07-12    


                                   Huang Qingquan

Paternal featuresMore and more like his grandfather when he was still alive, his lean face showed the same angular shape。If there is区别,那Only Grandpa had a beardAnd father didn't stay.。Looking at my old father, I can't remember what he looked like when he was young想起Yes, oftenMy father took care of my grandfather。

Grandpa's diseaseStroke, because of the half不遂,They were all called"Half the wind"In the beginningFather everywhereFor grandpaSeek medical treatment, take medicine, infusion, acupuncture, fumigation, massageEven pray to GodHave all triedBut Grandpa's condition has not improved, and in the course of treatmentAnd bring pain to GrandpaThink of grandpa old age, no longer disorderly medical treatmentGrandpa's been in the recliner ever since,度Live the rest of his life for almost four years。这Bitter grandpaAlso bitter fatherHis father was an only child, and there was no one to share the supportAnd in front of meThree sisters, less than 10,000 in the countrysideYou don't call them nursing。只有I'm a boy,It is incumbent upon us,Always helping my father。

Half-paralyzed grandfather can not take care of himself, father from the villageFind a broken wooden recliner。然后He's a carpenter根据chaise尺寸For grandpaMade a copy of itIn order to make Grandpa sit comfortably,父亲A hole for pulling a rope up and down a chairMake it more dense一些。同时I went to the Buyi stockadeBuy thin brown rope to weave the backingSpread it on top。From then on, my father carried my grandfather to the recliner every morning, and at night, he carried my grandfather back to the bed from the reclinerIt just lasted.A thousand mornings and nights。

Without chamber POTS, Father used cans and glass bottlesPicking up pee for grandpa。To ease our burden,Grandpa himselfPractice slowlyOne hand,自己完成小便。When no one was home, Grandpa collected the urine and put it under the chair. When we came back, we poured it into the toilet。My father made a toilet trough out of wood and put it on top of the wooden dung bucket. He took off the dung bucket and laid a layer of firewood ash on the bottom of the bucket. Grandpa sat on the dung bucket to relieve himself。At firstEach time, my father held my grandfather on the bucket, and later my grandfather was able to move from the chair to the bucket with our help这样,当I am at home.It's easier for father to work outside。

In order to support the family, my father has to do farm workWhile taking care of GrandpaDoing heavy farm work during the day, and talking with grandpa at night, washing feet for grandpaThree or five days to scrub for grandpa once the body, more than three years grandpa has never long lying people prone to bedsores。Although the family is hard, but after grandpa's illness, he never cut meat and eggs in his dishesEvery three days because there's no refrigeratorBoth parents want to buy some pork for GrandpaEvery time I buy meat, I hear the neighbors"Rare", "not easy" and so on。

一九In 1995, I was in grade three, and the school required me to live on campus and study by myself at nightI can't help my father take care of my grandfatherFather is even busier and more tired, often sitting on the stool瞌睡。Grandpa more distressed father, see father so, do not want to drag the father drag the family, the mental state of depression, the more eat less。Our persuasionIt's no use, Grandpa反而Also comforts us by saying: He is worth it in this life, from the land承包After his father did not let him go to the fields to do a living, usually play around, only to help a little help when busy farmingNo one can get this disease, even 80 years old is enough, and all are gone together。

Have winter vacationI just got home from school, and Grandpa left us。

Grandpa's deathFather has been guilty, although the village of the old and young praised his father is a rare filial son, but he knew grandpa because he did not want to drag him and left。In grandpa's second burialIn the evening, father is grandfather“送火”never回。My mother and I went to the cemetery to look for, the weak candlelight saw my father sitting in front of my grandfather's grave, telling my grandfather what, but also wiping tears with his sleeve……