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The boy selling vegetables

Source: Guizhou Literature Network Author: Founder Date: 2020-07-12    

                 The boy selling vegetables

                            Zhang Enlong


Perhaps, I have a special vegetable complex。

Every time I go to the market to buy vegetables, I see both sides of the alley, crowded with farmers selling vegetables, and hear"Look!Planted by oneself, guaranteed fresh, cheap - "The voice of the guest, I will think of my childhood, accompanied by my mother in our small county market, selling vegetables。

I am a rural child, primary school graduation to the county junior high school, parents are happy and worried。Happily, the child of the family was able to get into the middle school in the city。The worry is that the tuition fees of our three sisters, it is like a mountain, pressing on the shoulders of parents。The main source of life and economy in my family is to rely on the few acres of land, lay food and plant vegetables to maintain。Growing crops and cooking vegetables is a heavy and boring job。In the morning, before dawn, I went to the field, picked vegetables while the dew was not dry, and then sold them in the county market five kilometers away from home。After returning home, people did not take a breath, they plunged into the fields, weeding and fertilizing the vegetables。For fear of getting sick and long insects, not selling samples, can not be sold for money, for our brother and sister to go to school。

When I saw my mother come back from the market, counting a handful of crumpled change and sighing, I proposed to my mother that I also learn to sell vegetables。Mother always said no,"Doll, you are still growing, and you cannot bear this suffering.。But many times, my mother reluctantly agreed to let me try。At that time, I saw her eyes red, tears swirling in her eyes, she was afraid I saw, then embarrassed to say: "The wind is really strong, accidentally blowing sand in the eyes."。

The next day, it was not light, while the dew, my parents picked the vegetables to be sold today in the vegetable field。Mother picked up a full load, heavy, on her shoulder。Because of my small size, small strength, can only carry a small back。Then, our mother and son hurried to the county market, want to grab a better stall, can sell dishes as soon as possible。

After the market, the day has been bright, quickly find a stall to set up the dishes。Before taking a breath, the morning market people have been walking in the market。Mother wiped off a sweat and began to shout and sell。

And I, squatting behind the basket, saw many feet wearing different styles of shoes in front of my eyes。See countless leather shoes, high heels, slippers, cloth shoes passed by, is to stay。Occasionally, a pair of feet paused in front of the mother's stall, asked the price, and hurried away。After most of the day, I finally looked forward to a pair of fat hands wearing gold rings, picking up the dishes。

The vegetables were picked in the dew, and all the way over, there was no moisture。But to keep the leaves fresh, they must be sprinkled with water。The middle-aged woman, holding a good dish, tossed up, turned over and over, the critical eye, and two slightly older leaves were cut down。Mother with distressed eyes, looking at what the woman did, it is not easy to stop。After it was not easy to weigh, she stood on tiptoe, leaned over her head, opened her mouth, and stared at the star of the pole, for fear that her mother would say less and report more。Until the pole tail high stilts, will put the food into the basket, mouth accounts, dredge the corner of the coat slowly took out money……

Our mother and son day did not light up, eat the point of the meal was not hungry, carrying vegetables to walk ten miles of mountain road, eat things have long been digested, the stomach began"Cooing"。Not far away, there is a stall selling steamed bread, hot steamed bread smell, tempting my appetite, I could not help but swallow water。But looking at the mother's hands, holding only a few tickets, I bowed my head and did not dare to say a word。

Half a day passed, most of the vegetables were sold, and the people on the vegetable market gradually thinned out。Mother took a breath, pulled out a fifty cents of money from the ticket and handed it to me, asking me to buy two steamed buns and cushion my stomach first。I took the money happy, even run and jump to buy two steamed buns back, handed a mother, then Wolf up。I choked because I ate so fast。"Baby, slow down!"Mother thumped my back and said, "Here, take a drink of water and eat slowly.。Before he spoke, a person buying food stood in front of the stall again。

This summer, I insisted on selling vegetables with my mother, and my little back Lou also earned that tuition money for himself。

Now, I graduated from the normal school, to the ark company to work, thirteen years of time flew by。When I sit in the spacious and bright office, walk on the tree-lined sidewalk, and drink a few cups with friends and colleagues in my spare time, the feeling of happiness will overflow my whole body。Recalling this period of the past selling vegetables, I will be filled with emotion: the sky will not fall pie, only pay, there will be harvest, without the original bitter and tired, there is no comfort and happiness today。

But sometimes, I really want to eat the steamed bread of the childhood vegetable market again, so delicious。